Black fungus is a hair matter, can’t patients with high uric acid gout eat it? It’s more important to understand these 4 dietary recommendations

If there is a problem of high uric acid, we really should pay more attention to diet, but we must learn to distinguish by ourselves whether some dietary claims are scientific and reasonable or just nonsense rumors. For example, some people say that people with high uric acid cannot eat fungus because fungus is a “hair thing”. This argument is a common rumor about a high-uric acid diet. Are fungus “fat” in the end? In our daily life, we often hear the word “fawu”, but if we are asked to accurately define the meaning of this word, many people can’t say it clearly. Regarding the term “fat”, we might as well define it like this: Generally, it is a food that is particularly rich in nutrients, and it is easy to induce a certain reaction or disease attack in the body after eating, or aggravate a certain existing disease. From this perspective, can black fungus be regarded as a kind of “fat”? In fact, it’s not seen. If it is rich in nutrients, the nutrients contained in black fungus are still very good. Black fungus is rich in a variety of amino acids, as well as B vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients. Fungus is also rich in gum and dietary fiber. Black fungus is a good food material for supplementing body nutrition and improving intestinal health. In terms of the content of various nutrients, if calculated by dry black fungus, many of the nutrients in black fungus are much higher than other ingredients, but in fact, the black fungus we eat is all black fungus that has been soaked. After the black fungus absorbs water, the weight will increase by nearly 10 times. Therefore, for the soaked black fungus, although the black fungus is rich in various nutrients, it does not have too prominent advantages. Therefore, from this point of view, black fungus does not meet the standard of particularly rich hair nutrition. Can black fungus induce disease or aggravate disease problems? At present, there is no scientific evidence that eating black fungus can induce certain diseases, including acute gout caused by high uric acid. Eating black fungus will not aggravate certain diseases. Therefore, from two perspectives , Black fungus is not a kind of hair. Can patients with high uric acid eat black fungus? Of course it is edible. The saying that black fungus cannot be eaten comes from the fact that we often say that patients with high uric acid should pay attention to a low-purine diet. Mushrooms, as a vegetarian food with rich purine content, are often recommended to limit their consumption. Yes, because black fungus also belongs to a kind of fungus, it is often classified into it. But it still needs to be pointed out that the purine content in dry black fungus is slightly higher, but for the soaked black fungus, it is completely a low-purine diet containing no more than 50mg/100g of purines. Therefore, patients with high uric acid You don’t need to limit your intake deliberately when you eat soaked black fungus. Usually eat in moderation and a little often. For high uric acid problems, there will be no exogenous intake of excessive purines, which will lead to the risk of elevated uric acid. , Don’t worry too much. How should patients with high uric acid eat? In fact, for patients with high uric acid, diet control should indeed be paid attention to. But it must also be understood that the dietary control of patients with hyperuricemia is not just to strictly control the intake of purines in exogenous food. There are two main sources for the production of uric acid in the human body. 80% of uric acid comes from the nucleotides produced by cell metabolism in our body. After further oxidative metabolism, it evolves into uric acid, and the remaining 20% ​​uric acid is Purines ingested from external foods are further metabolized into uric acid. Therefore, in many cases, it is important to control the purines ingested in the diet, because it is easier for us to control and is a means to reduce the production of uric acid from the source. , This kind of method has no more than 20% effect on the regulation of uric acid. From the perspective of the mechanism of hyperuric acid, excessive production of uric acid is one aspect, and poor excretion of uric acid is also another important aspect. The combination of these two aspects will lead to the disorder of uric acid metabolism and make the blood The concentration of urate in the glutamate gradually increases until it exceeds the limit. If the effect of uric acid excretion is added, therefore, simple control of the intake of purine in the diet has a regulating effect on high uric acid. Of course, saying so much is not advocating that everyone does not control their diet. In fact, for patients with high uric acid, the true meaning of diet control is not to stare at the purine content table of food every day. They dare not eat, then dare not eat, but Should pay attention to maintaining a low-purine diet, but also to maintain a healthy diet, try to