Whitening a summer|Repair after sunburn This is no longer afraid of sunburn!

In summer, what is the most important point about skin care? Sunscreen is definitely in the top three! But some babies are curious: why I obviously have enough sunscreen “three-piece suit” (sunscreen, sun umbrella, sun protection clothing), but after a summer, geese still have unavoidable rough skin, uneven skin tone, not easy to put on makeup, dark Shen’s “Fate”? Many babies think that sun protection can “not tan”, but in fact, UV damage to the skin is far greater than we thought. Even if the hin of daily sun protection is in place, the little goblin of ultraviolet rays will still be invincible. The tanning that babies usually worry about is because of the long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, our skin will be self-preventive. The melanin in the skin will increase. Over time, the melanin will be deposited in the skin epidermis, and the skin color will start to darken. Will subside easily. In addition to the precipitation of melanin, the moisture of the skin after exposure will be significantly reduced, and the loss of collagen will make the skin more dry and wrinkled, destroy the elastic fibers, and appear aging. Over time, these problems will slowly “find the door.” Babies with poor skin resistance will become more sensitive after the “damage” of ultraviolet rays, causing skin damage and tingling and itching. In severe cases, there may even be peeling, folliculitis, and skin diseases. Therefore, post-sun repair is as important as sun protection. Doing this step well can greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to our skin. Not only avoid tanning, but also prevent various skin sequelae! Repair after sun exposure should not be blind. These two misunderstandings should avoid washing your face with hot water. The skin after sun exposure is sensitive and fragile. If you wash your face with hot water, the capillaries will be dilated and congested, causing erythema and sunburn. Therefore, you must wash your face until the skin is at room temperature, and clean the face with warm water to calm and reduce redness and heat. Don’t rush to whiten after sun exposure. After the sun baptism, in fact, the skin needs to be soothed and calm. At this time, you can use lotion or pure water cold and wet compress or choose some moisturizing cream, which can relieve the skin sun. The post-stress response can calm, soothe and soothe the skin, allowing the skin to recover from the burning sensation after sun exposure to a calm state. Remedy: supplement dimension C and dimension E. Since post-sun repairs should not be underestimated, how should post-sun repairs be performed? Get these several after-sun repair whitening solutions and shake hands with the sun! Fruit acid peels can be operated immediately after sun exposure, once a month, 2-3 times; inhibit melanin and reduce pigmentation. The molecular weight of fruit acid is very small, it can effectively penetrate into the pores of the skin, separate and soften the cuticle cells of the epidermis to make it naturally fall off, promote the skin cells to accelerate the renewal, increase the skin elasticity and gloss, fruit acid beauty shrinks the large pores, strengthens the whitening ingredients Penetration. Half a month after photorejuvenation, you can start photoelectric projects, such as photorejuvenation. Once a month, 3 times in a row; photorejuvenation is mainly caused by strong pulsed light acting on skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical effects. On the one hand, it can rearrange collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part and restore elasticity, and at the same time make blood vessels Increased tissue function and improved circulation, eliminating or reducing facial skin wrinkles and shrinking pores. On the other hand, strong pulsed light can penetrate the skin and be preferentially absorbed by pigment groups and blood vessels in the tissue, without destroying normal skin. Under the premise, the blood is coagulated, and the pigment clusters and pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, thereby achieving the effect of treating capillary dilation and pigment spots. Whitening water needle can stimulate skin metabolism, accelerate skin metabolism while hydrating, improve skin texture, improve dark yellow dry skin, brighten complexion, brighten skin, brighten skin, and improve face and eyes The role of small wrinkles around the week. Adding appropriate glutathione or tranexamic acid to the water light needle can nourish the secretion of pigments, improve the dull skin color, lighten the effect of spots, and have a certain whitening effect on the back of multiple injections. Can be used in conjunction with various sunscreen products. Apply sunscreen daily, regularly use after sunburn to do post-sun repair, brighten for longer!