What is the cause of adolescent children suffering from vitiligo?

  The incidence of vitiligo does not have a specific population, regardless of age or gender. The elderly will suffer from vitiligo, and adolescent children may also suffer from vitiligo. However, these people have more or less long-term endocrine disorders and immune problems. As the number of people with vitiligo continues to increase, more and more people begin to pay attention to vitiligo. So, what is the reason why adolescent children have vitiligo?    First, trauma causes children in adolescence to be active and active, for example, they like to fight Playing basketball or playing football, etc., is more likely to cause trauma than people of other ages. If the wound is not treated in time, leaving scars, it is easy to cause vitiligo after the wound is infected. 2. Children who are exposed to the sun for a long time in adolescence will not get sunscreen. If they are not careful, they will be easily exposed to the sun, and the skin will be stimulated by strong ultraviolet rays for a long time, which will make the melanocytes hyperfunction, causing melanocytes to cause excessive skin white spots Problem, therefore, if patients with vitiligo want to prevent the occurrence of vitiligo, they must avoid long-term exposure. 3. Children with unreasonable diets in adolescence, because the body is in the stage of growth and development, they must ingest enough nutrients every day to make melanocytes normally synthesize the necessary nutrients and trace elements in the body, but some children always It’s upside down, and snacks are often regarded as staple food, so the constitution is too poor, the immunity is too low, increasing the chance of vitiligo.  If you suffer from vitiligo during puberty and the leukoplakia appears on the skin exposed area, it will be very harmful to the patient, not only affecting the appearance of the patient, but also affecting the academic and mental health of the patient. Therefore, after finding white spots on the skin, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible to restore skin health as soon as possible.