The number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the world exceeds 10 million. Is it a “natural disaster” or a “human disaster”? Listener

The new crown epidemic situation currently exceeds the 10 million mark in the world, and the number of confirmed cases in the United States accounts for about a quarter of the total, ranking first in the world. More than half a year has passed since the discovery of the new crown epidemic. Although my country has achieved periodic results in epidemic prevention and control, other countries abroad are in full swing, and many countries have heard the news of the epidemic rebound! People cannot help but ask, is the New Coronavirus epidemic so severe, is it a “natural disaster” or a “human disaster”? Is the new crown virus epidemic “natural disaster” or “human disaster”? “Natural disasters” often refer to natural disasters, while man-made disasters refer to “human disasters”. The author believes that the Xinguan epidemic is so fierce that there are both “natural disasters” and “human disasters”. (1) The source of the natural disaster virus has not yet been found. As far as the investigation and research of current scientists are concerned, it may be related to bats, or it is more likely to consider natural sources. The early stage of the new crown was caused by “natural disasters” in our country. At first, everyone didn’t understand the virus, how to prevent it, how to kill the virus, how to treat it, it was a black eye. And during the Spring Festival, the world’s largest population migration period, spread quickly. But it was only after the Chinese government and people paid a huge price to control this “natural disaster” to a manageable level. The complexity and cunning of the virus is what we gradually learned in the fight against the virus. This is not controlled by man. This is the “natural disaster” aspect of this epidemic. (2) Although the characteristics of the human disaster virus cannot be controlled, the spread of the new crown epidemic also has “human disaster” factors. China has accumulated rich experience in SARS and this epidemic, and it has been shared with countries all over the world before the global outbreak. However, many countries, especially those in Europe and the United States, have not learned our experience and lessons. Neither government policy nor national mobilization has paid attention to the epidemic like ours, giving the virus an opportunity to break out, so that some countries have already Give up resistance and intend to achieve “natural immunity” at the expense of the lives of the people. Therefore, some people said that they would not copy the homework. As Professor Zeng Guang, the former Chief Scientist of Epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said: Western countries have neither learned experience nor learned lessons, which has caused Western countries to make mistakes in response to the epidemic. They have neither early warning nor control, nor have they done Good epidemiological survey! Many countries have begun to pay attention only to the treatment of diseases but not to the spread of diseases, and have not taken effective control measures like China. This is undoubtedly a factor of human disaster. Conclusion The outbreak of the new crown has now reached 10 million, and it has not reached its peak. From the current data, it will continue to grow. This epidemic has given humanity a hard lesson. This is a fierce battle between viruses and humans. Only by minimizing man-made disasters and working together to fight the virus together is the fastest and most effective way to solve the virus epidemic. Countries are currently developing vaccines, hoping to develop effective vaccines as soon as possible, which is an effective weapon against viruses. (Some of the pictures in the article are sourced from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Thank you for the picture author. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)