Shi Shurong’s medical words: Can aplastic anemia be cured? How to prevent recurrence?

Aplastic anemia is caused by multiple causes (physical, chemical, biological, or unexplained) and multiple pathogenesiss that cause serious damage to bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells and microenvironment, leading to the failure of bone marrow hematopoietic function and the main manifestation of the reduction of whole blood cells. The clinical manifestations are progressive anemia, bleeding, and infection, the severity of which is related to the degree of blood cell reduction and the speed of development. Can Director Shi Shurong consult with WeChat zkxk9999 to treat chronic aplastic anemia? At present, the overall treatment efficiency of chronic aplastic anemia can reach 80%-85%, and the remission rate is mostly around 50%. Its occurrence obviously affects the quality of life of patients, making it difficult for some patients to avoid repeated attacks of the disease, even The possibility of turning into a serious aplastic anemia. Difficulties in treatment: how to further improve the efficacy and prevent relapse? First of all, insisting on treatment to achieve this step requires the patient’s understanding and active cooperation. Persistently insisting on long-term treatment can receive better clinical treatment results. In the treatment of chronic aplastic anemia, patients often fail to adhere to treatment: First, due to the use of androgen, cyclosporine and other immunosuppressive drugs during treatment, patients with aplastic anemia have a longer course and long-term recurrence With the use of medicines, side effects gradually appeared, increasing the patient’s pain, and some patients could not persist to cause the recurrence of the disease to aggravate; Second, because of the long treatment cycle of chronic aplastic anemia patients, some patients require long-term blood transfusion to improve the condition, and after long-term treatment, the patient’s family economy The ability to withstand is limited, making treatment unsustainable and giving up treatment. In this way, there are many factors that cause the patient with aplastic anemia to repeat the condition and fail to improve the condition. Whether or not to continue the treatment can play a decisive role in the recovery of the patient’s condition. Secondly, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine can improve the efficacy. For patients with aplastic anomalies, abnormal autoimmune mechanisms often become the root cause of the disease. Whether it is pure Chinese medicine or Western medicine treatment, most of them will only temporarily control the symptoms and cannot avoid the disease. Repeated or aggravated, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, “the symptoms are urgent, the symptoms will be cured”, can improve the efficacy of aplastic anemia and prevent repeated attacks. In summary, integrated Chinese and Western medicine has more advantages in the treatment of aplastic anemia, and targeted Chinese medicine can improve the bone marrow hematopoietic microenvironment of patients with aplastic anemia, improve the immunity of patients, and thus improve the quality of life of patients. For more aplastic disease knowledge or patient help, you can follow the WeChat public account: skg120