Do allergic purpura have to eat hormones? Can you recover at the development stage?

Questions from local allergic purpura patients in Hunan-I heard that the disease is more and more difficult to treat, and it will definitely develop into purpuric nephritis later. Is this true? In addition, there are two additional questions-do you have to eat hormones for allergic purpura? Is it possible to recover at the stage of disease development? Does purpura relapse every time, will it further aggravate the condition? For the questions mentioned above, do related answers. Hormonal treatment of allergic purpura in most cases is relatively straightforward, but the cure rate is not impressive. In addition, the recurrence of purpura is not only cured by hormones, nor does it require long-term and massive consumption of hormones, and excessive treatment will not promote the recovery of the disease. The most worrying problem of recurrent purpura is affecting the kidneys, otherwise simple skin purpura will generally not have serious complications (except for some cases of local ulcers in the early stage). It is recommended to follow up urine routine and pay attention to the situation of purpura To adjust the treatment ideas, Chinese medicine who simply adjusts the body and does not aim at the problem of the disease is not recommended to eat, as this will only delay the duration of the disease. In addition, taboo is just a measure. In the long run, there are also unbalanced nutritional intakes. It is recommended to gradually add basic protein diets, including the control of activity, and the key is to treat, adjust the mental state and rest the body state. For every purpura, it will be worse than that, there is a certain basis, and most medical practitioners also agree with this statement. Purpura is a recurring process in the early days. Within this natural course, purpura may not necessarily be very heavy, that is, there are two phenomena: one is very serious before, and then gradually becomes lighter and lighter; the other The species is relatively mild before, and the number of repetitions is more than one, but the condition is getting more and more serious, which eventually affects the complications of organ damage. Once this part of the patient affects the kidney, the condition is also more stubborn. If targeted treatment is not done as soon as possible, continuous aggravation is possible. It is recommended to pay attention to treatment-whether it is early or the subsequent development stage of the disease, targeted treatment can achieve a complete cure. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and find out more: gmxzd1