Children’s Day, please pay attention to these unhappy children!

Today is Children’s Day on Children’s Day. I wish the children of the world a happy holiday! It should have been a carefree age, but some children are different by nature, making them difficult to be happy. Their hands are often cold and wet, and they may drip in winter. The toys they play are cold and wet. Sticky hands make other children unwilling to play together! The toys or other things they touched are all wet and sticky. In hand-in-hand games, they always evade quietly and hide on the side, enviously watching others dare not participate, and it will be even worse in the summer. When writing homework, the homework book is always sticky, crumpled and dirty. Think about writing clean homework. These simple things are harder for them than climbing the sky. This is hand sweating! Hand sweating, the incidence of children in China is more than 3%, and the severity is more than 1%, especially in the southern region. Most people start to get sick in childhood, which is very troublesome, especially for those who are just beginning to understand Children, they do n’t know why they are different, but they have to endure such pain. After a long time, they become inferior and introverted, unwilling to learn and unwilling to contact society! Fortunately, with our hand sweating specialist and minimally invasive surgery, 15 minutes can solve hand sweats and let children have no regrets in life! Lifting the chest and raising the head is our basic requirement for a child, but there are some children who are difficult to do this, including funnel chest, chicken breast children, funnel chest children, sunken chest, like a funnel, a big chest pressure Stone, when he lifts his chest and raises his head, he will oppress the heart and lungs, making the child feel difficult to breathe and chest tightness! The front breast of a child with a chicken breast is very prominent, like a rooster. When he lifts his chest, it will appear more protruding and stranger! So these children naturally developed the habit of humpback! These children affect breathing at the slightest and cannot exercise at all, and often have chest tightness and difficulty breathing! There have also been sudden deaths of children with funnel chest during vigorous exercise, and children like to strip their shirts in the summer, but their chest deformity is often received by other children’s strange eyes! Such a difference will make the child feel very inferior! At the age of growing up, others can wear beautiful clothes, and the congenital deformity of the chest limits their choice of clothes! Fortunately, we also have our current outpatient clinic for breastless breasts and minimally invasive surgery, which makes the treatment of funnel breasts possible! Happy Children’s Day, we should not forget these unhappy children, minimally invasive surgery allows the unique children to regain happiness! & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.

Classical Moment-Lingshu Inflation Theory-Doctor Haishu’s Rereading of Internal Classic

[Original] Qi Bo said: Husbands are all outside of the viscera, and the viscera is entrenched and Guo Xiuwei swells the skin, so he is said to swell. Yellow Emperor said: The viscera is inside the chest and the flank, and if the imprisonment device of the zangkui is also named, it has the same name, the same name and the same place. (Annotation of “Medical Records of Medical Department”: There must be something Qi Bo answered here.) Huang Di said: If you haven’t understood its meaning, ask again. Qi Bo said: Husband’s chest and abdomen, guts of Guo also. Those who are in the middle, the palace of the heart is also. Stomach, Taicang also. Throat and small intestine are also transmitted. For those who know the stomach, there is also a Luli portal. Lianquan, Yuying, the way of fluid. Therefore, the five internal organs and the six internal organs have their own borders, each with its own shape. Qi-qi circulation and Weiqi reversal are pulse swelling; Weiqi and pulse circulation are divided into skin swelling. Three miles away, the nearest one, the farthest three times. No matter what the truth is, the work is diarrhoea. [Translation] Huang Di said: I want to listen to the onset of swelling. Qi Bo said: Any bloating disease occurs outside the organs. It presses the organs inward, squeezes the chest outwards, and makes the skin swell, so it is called “swelling”. Huang Di said: The organs are stored in the abdominal cavity of the thorax, just like the secret objects collected in the chest. They have certain positions and different names in the body cavity. They are all in the chest and abdominal cavity, and they are also in the body cavity. The viscera has different functions, and I would like to hear about it. (The original text here missed Qi Bo ’s answer.) Huang Di said: What you said could not be understood, please explain again. Qi Bo said: The chest and abdomen are the outlines of organs. Fuzhong is the Miyagi of the heart. The stomach holds food like a warehouse. The throat and small intestine are the pathways for food and drink. The five tips of the stomach (referring to the pharynx, cardia, pylorus, phylum, porphyra) are like the gates that guard the streets. Lianquan and Yuying are the channels through which fluid leaks out. The five internal organs have their own borders, and they also have different symptoms after the onset. When the qi is going forward in the vein and the qi is retrograde outside the vein, the bloating will occur; if the qi is merging into the vein, following the split between the flesh, the skin will swell. The Zusanli point can be taken during treatment to apply the Xiefa method. If it is a new swell disease, the needle can be cured once, if it is a swell disease that has been suffering for a long time, acupuncture needs three times. Regardless of whether the syndrome is false or empirical, the key to swelling at the beginning is the urgent use of diarrhea to get rid of its evil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 【Haishu Press】 Bloating disease first remove evil spirits, diarrhea method, it is easy to get immediate results, and ineffective ones are often accompanied by obvious deficiency. Lianquan Yuying is effective, and you need to pay attention to the collocation [rose]

What is the cause of vitiligo? How to treat vitiligo?

& nbsp. Vitiligo is a dermatological stubborn disease and a common disease. The number of patients encountered clinically has an increasing trend. There are differences in the incidence of different races and different regions. The prevalence rate in China is 0.1%-2%. Clinically, about 1% of the population suffers from vitiligo, and there is no difference between men and women. About 62% of patients suffer from disease during the age of 10-30 , Seriously affecting the physical and mental health of young people. & nbsp. Chinese ancient medical books called vitiligo as “vitiligo”, “white barge”, “white barge wind”, the definition of modern medicine is “primary, localized or generalized skin and mucous membrane depigmentation” . The etiology of vitiligo is very complicated. It is considered to be a multi-cause disease. The etiology varies from person to person. Some causes are single, and many factors are mutually causal. Some cannot find any incentives. The current medical research summarizes the pathogenic factors of vitiligo in several aspects: 1. Genetic factors. The incidence of vitiligo has a certain relationship with heredity, accompanied by a highly positive family history and family aggregation. Foreign reports are between 18.75% and 40%, and domestic reports are between 3% and 17.2%. & nbsp. & nbsp. 2. Abnormal autoimmune system. There are three situations that can explain the relationship between autoimmune diseases and vitiligo. & nbsp.1) Patients with vitiligo have a high probability of autoimmune diseases. Foreign reports account for 20% -30%, and domestic statistics are relatively low, only 4.76% -6.69%. & nbsp. 2) The rate of vitiligo in patients with autoimmune diseases is 10-15 times higher than that of the average person. & nbsp.3) The incidence of autoimmune diseases among family members of patients with vitiligo is higher than that of the general population. The autoimmune diseases often associated with vitiligo include thyroid disease, diabetes, chronic adrenal insufficiency, pernicious anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and malignant melanoma. The serum can also detect antibodies specific to various organs, such as anti-thyroid antibodies, anti-gastric parietal cell antibodies, anti-adrenal antibodies, anti-parathyroid antibodies, anti-smooth muscle antibodies, anti-melanocyte antibodies, etc. In addition, patients with vitiligo have a high incidence of isomorphic reactions. Earlier we talked about patients with flat warts who would induce a homogenous reaction during trauma treatment such as scratching stimulation or laser, which made the condition worse. The reason is similar to vitiligo. & nbsp. Treatment of vitiligo with glucocorticoids can achieve curative effect. At the same time when the leukoplakia improves or disappears, abnormal immune indicators in the blood also improve or return to normal, which also shows that vitiligo is related to the immune response. & nbsp. & nbsp.3, neuropsychiatric factors. Stressful mental events such as trauma or life stress are one of the important factors in the onset or aggravation of vitiligo. & nbsp. Most patients have trauma, excessive stress, and degeneration of nerve endings in the leukoplakia at the stage of onset or skin lesion development, which also supports the neurochemical theory. & nbsp. Approximately 29.65% of the patients had mental trauma, overuse of the brain, nervousness, low mood, or depression at the initial onset of the disease, or such factors led to the expansion, increase, or recurrence of the leukoplakia that had been stable. & nbsp. About a quarter of patients with vitiligo are accompanied by alopecia areata, which can occur before and after vitiligo or at the same time. & nbsp. Vitiligo is prone to rubbing or trauma. If scratching stimulation is given to normal skin near the white spot and at the remote site, the skin will turn white at that place, and the degeneration of nerve fibers can be seen under the microscope. The severity is related to the length of the disease. White spots distributed along nerve segments or dermatomes are common clinical reasons. & nbsp. & nbsp.4, Melanocytes destroy themselves. There are two aspects of the analysis of this theory: the skin epidermal melanocytes are hyperfunctional, which promotes their depletion and declines early; there may also be some intermediate products (such as phenol compounds) in the process of melanin synthesis, and highly active genes (such as positive Quinones) due to excessive production and accumulation, these substances have a toxic effect on normal or malignant melanocytes themselves. & nbsp. Under normal circumstances, melanocytes have their own protective mechanisms to remove these toxic substances. Toxic melanin precursor substances (phenol, quinone intermediate products and free radicals formed by some unstable products) cannot enter the cytoplasm and nucleus. Due to hereditary or congenital defects, the integrity of the melanocyte membrane is destroyed, and leakage of poison occurs, causing damage to the melanocytes. While black

Will folks treat sharp and wet earthwork?

Condyloma acuminatum is currently a clinically harmful sexually transmitted disease. The symptoms of infection are mostly papillary and cauliflower-like neoplasms distributed in the genitals and perianal parts. The infection symptoms of this disease give people’s health in daily life. It will cause great harm. If not treated in time will cause the symptoms to worsen, what are the small remedies for condyloma acuminatum?一. Brucea javanica preparation The single-flavored Brucea javanica or compound of Brucea javanica is often used to make oil, paste and ointment to directly apply the wart body to wither and fall off. There is a certain irritant, we must pay attention to grasp the weight and application of Brucea javanica. 2. Condyloma externally washed 30g of Polygonum cuspidatum, 30g of gentian grass, 30g of rhubarb, 20g of red peony root, 30g of pomegranate peel, 20g of alum, 20g of curcuma, 30g of comfrey, decoction into 2000ml slightly wet scrub the wart body for 15-20 minutes 2 times a day. 3. Fire needle Under local anesthesia, use a fire needle to puncture the top of the wart body to the base of the wart body, depending on the size of the wart body. Home remedies for condyloma acuminatum can only play an auxiliary role. If you want to cure genital warts thoroughly, you must choose a regular hospital as soon as possible, so as not to miss the good treatment opportunity and cause regrets. Nanjing Youjia Viral Wart Medical Research Institute uses the “2011101665723” invention patent TCM formula (available from the State Intellectual Property Office) to target various condyloma acuminata lesions, including the intracavity (such as: oral cavity, urethra, cervix, anus, etc.) ) The cure rate is high. The combination of the symptoms and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is the foundation of the motherland medicine, and it is also unmatched by Western medicine and Western medicine.

Brief analysis: What are the side effects of cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy and the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine?

Brief analysis: What are the side effects of cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy and the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine? Radiation therapy side effects: Radiotherapy kills normal cells as well as cancer cells. It will cause damage to the immune system of the patient, the tumor site is limited, and it is not effective for symptoms such as small lesions and clinical metastasis. Moreover, there are many cancer patients who are easy to get radioactive interstitial pneumonia fibrosis, which is no different from the snow. The rate of death of the patient. Side effects of chemical treatment: After chemotherapy, patients often have vomiting, weakness, nausea, do not want to eat, leukopenia and other phenomena. Some chemotherapeutic drugs have toxic side effects on the heart, which can damage myocardial cells. Patients suffer from symptoms such as palpitation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and even heart failure. For some people with low immunity, the disease will even worsen. Cancer cells will accelerate the proliferation after radiotherapy and chemotherapy: some scientists have previously proposed that the primary tumors in animals may inhibit the growth of other tumors, but once the primary tumors are cleared from the body, other suppressed tumors may grow crazy. In short, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can kill tumor cells, and also kill normal cells that are already very weak. From this perspective, radiotherapy and chemotherapy undoubtedly quench the thirst of drinking birds, making the already messy internal environment more messy. What are the advantages of TCM in treating cancer? 1 Holistic concept: Traditional Chinese medicine has always attached great importance to the overall concept, thinking that the tumor is a systemic disease and the surface is local (solid tumor). Therefore, the treatment of tumors should focus on holistic treatment from the whole body. 2 Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment: The emphasis on TCM treatment differs from person to person. It is advocated that syndrome differentiation is the mainstay, and it is believed that the same type of tumor is the same, but different people may have different symptoms and different pathogenesis in different stages, so they should be the same disease Different governance. 3 Fuzheng Quxie: Chinese medicine anti-cancer drugs are slower than Western medicine chemotherapeutic drugs, that is, they have a weaker ability to directly kill cancer cells. Its anti-cancer is not to directly kill cancer cells, but to improve the body’s immune function by regulating the whole body Indirect circuitous anti-cancer or kill cancer cells, that is, to correct evil. 4Small side effects: If the syndrome differentiation and treatment is accurate, the clinical symptoms are obviously improved, and if the dosage of the drug is appropriate, there are almost no obvious side effects. & nbsp. Two advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating tumors Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer can significantly improve the clinical symptoms and quality of life of patients, prolong the survival period, stabilize the disease or shrink the tumor to a certain extent. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment can also speed up postoperative recovery, reduce or prevent the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and enable patients to successfully complete the course of treatment. In addition, it also has the effect of attenuating, sensitizing and synergizing, preventing tumor recurrence or metastasis, and improving long-term efficacy.

Some suggestions for children’s eating habits

Parents should consciously cultivate their children’s habit of eating regularly, encourage independent eating, regardless of whether the child can use the spoon to eat well, and give the child a spoon to eat as much as possible. Parents take a spoon to assist feeding. Let the children have more sense of participation and autonomy. It can also make children interested in eating and increase their confidence. Parents also need to be more tolerant. Even if the child gets food everywhere, even if he grabs it by hand, he should encourage the child to eat independently. The eating pattern gradually develops the habit of three meals and two points, that is, three main meals and two additional meals (mainly milk and fruits). There should be an interval of 4-5 hours between meals, and an interval of 1.5-2 hours between meals and meals. The amount of meals should not be too large, so as not to affect the amount of meals. Avoid too many snacks, too frequent, children also need to experience a sense of satiety and hunger, do not give snacks frequently because they worry that the child is hungry. Especially before the next dinner, it is likely to affect the children’s willingness and interest to eat dinner. To ensure a certain amount of milk, meat, vegetables every day to ensure a balanced nutrition. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. In 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use nutrition guide-“My Plate” (MyPlate), “My Plate” (MyPlate) by “four Grid plate, five types of food “. MyPlate is suitable for healthy people over 2 years old. The MyPlate guide proposes that a child ’s daily diet should consist of four main components—green for vegetables, yellow for cereals, red for fruits, and purple for protein, plus a small blue dish for dairy products. (As shown below) Therefore, the daily diet composition of children should be: 30% vegetables, 20% fruits, 30% cereals, 20% protein, and milk products equivalent to a cup of milk, which can be milk or It’s yogurt and cheese. & nbsp. Vegetables and fruits together should account for half of the daily food; the other half is cereals + protein foods; protein is preferably fish and poultry, or vegetable protein, such as soy products and nuts; grains should have coarse grains, potatoes Eat less polished rice noodles; & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. At this stage, parents should not focus on how much the child eats, but should decide how much the child eats according to the child’s own wishes. If you eat less, you can add a little more time for the next meal, or you can collectively advance the time for dinner together. What needs to be avoided is that the children give other foods before meals because they eat less. In addition, parents should also pay attention to avoid using food as a punishment or reward for children. Parents should pay more attention to the relatively fixed habits of three meals and two meals. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. After one year of age, the weight growth rate of children obviously slows down. Parents often worry because their children’s weight does not increase significantly in a month or two, and they will desperately feed their children. In fact, in the outpatient clinic, there are often parents who are worried that their children will not gain weight for a long time. When they look at their weight curves, most of them are normal. Objectively look at the child’s growth curve to assess nutritional status, not self-perception. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Pre-school children’s multiple attention is not easy to concentrate, easy to be affected by the environment, playing with toys, watching TV, and playing games are not conducive to children’s attention to food and the development of correct eating habits. Pay attention to avoid. As far as possible, provide a fixed dining seat, complete the meal within the specified time, it is generally recommended to complete within 30 minutes. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. should eat on the dining table with other family members, and should not be fed at a separate time and place. Even if the child is unwilling to eat any food, try to let the child sit at the table for at least 5 minutes. The demonstration effect of other members can help the child develop good eating habits. & nbsp. To actively reduce and quit the bad habits of night milk and milk sleep (in fact, it is easier and more recommended to quit night milk during the prime time of the child’s 4-6 months of sleep). & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Pay attention to the safety of children’s diet, avoid whole beans and nut food, so as to avoid the accident of choking into the trachea. nut

What to do if a child vomits?

Some time ago, I saw some small patients with vomiting, some of them were caused by improper feeding, and some were because of the cold and dampness of the stomach or the cold. Infant vomiting is common, but many parents do not know how to nurse. In addition, some parents will worry about the problem of feeding medicine. You can read “Mother takes medicine to give to children”, “How to give medicine to children?” “In fact, some of them can also be combined with a foot bath or a bath. Some parents worry that children cannot take Chinese medicine. Here is a question for everyone: “Can children drink Chinese medicine?” “. Vomiting is a symptom of food supplements such as breast milk feeding from the stomach through the mouth, and is a spleen and stomach disease. Something called “vomiting”, something called “vomiting” silently, and something called “dry vomiting”. Vomiting and vomiting generally occur at the same time, it is difficult to completely separate, so they are called “vomiting” together. But vomiting should also be distinguished from the “galactorrhea” and “baby milk” caused by the lack of feeding. Generally, galactorrhea is caused by the child feeding too much or eating too much, too full, and because the body is not straightened, the left and right sides are inclined, the milk is naturally easy to overflow with the side; and the milk refers to the milk & nbsp. . They are all caused by misfeeding and improper maintenance. For example, “Infant and Child’s Question” says: “Infant and Child’s Question” Where a child is breastfeeding, it is not suitable to be full, if it is full, it overflows, so it causes vomiting, milk in the stomach, like a container, and a cup Nothing in the giant bowl can be tolerated, the sudden rain will overflow the swamp, and the wine storm will be turned over, which is inevitable. The belly is still too small to hold too many things. If you force too many things, it will naturally overflow. Therefore, parents must pay attention to breastfeeding, have moderation and change their eating habits. After breastfeeding, hold the child on the shoulder and gently pat the back to let out the accumulated gas and let the milk fed out flow out, there will be no more Spit milk, it will get better slowly. Regarding baby care, you can read my “The Parenting Law Left by Ancestors”. There are many reasons for vomiting caused by illness, such as stomach injury caused by milk, stomach vomiting by external evil, stomach heat vomiting, spleen and stomach deficiency, stomach yin deficiency, liver qi infringement of stomach, fright, etc. Most of the reasons are cold, heat, accumulation, and stagnation , The specific dialectical needs to look at the prescription of people, such as Huoxiang Zhengqi San, Baohe Wan, etc. If vomiting caused by other diseases, such as high fever, sudden abdominal pain, abdominal distension, etc., is caused by acute fever, acute abdomen, etc., it must be considered separately. There is also vomiting caused by “congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis”, which is ineffective and requires surgery. It is important to talk about the vomiting and vomiting caused by the frightened children. Such people are also very common, especially parents need to pay attention. Because many functions of children are not complete yet, the spirit is timid. If the parental education method is wrong, or the stranger is frightened, the child becomes less timid and hears some sounds, and then he is afraid or falls and falls & nbsp., It is easy to cause panic. “Fear is chaos, fear is anger”, timid liver reversal, qi does not drain, violate the spleen and stomach, stomach qi reversal, it is easy to cause vomiting. The vomiting of a child after being frightened is generally characterized by vomiting and salivating, his face pale and white, upset, restless sleep, or frightened crying, especially because of the vomiting that occurs when he is frightened when eating, and when he eats, he is unconscious The ground will vomit. In this case, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, what can you do as a parent? Psychotherapy is also very important. For example, a child may be afraid of animals, so he can be taken to the zoo to explain the characteristics of the animals, and even some animals can be touched to relieve the fear; if they are stimulated by watching a horror movie or TV, then avoid watching similar movies TV, waiting for children to be more sensible, naturally not afraid; in outdoor activities, parents should pay attention to children, do not run while eating while playing. If through the improvement of children’s psychological adaptability, and gradually overcome the fear of fear, many children with convulsions can be controlled or cured without drugs. If parents can’t find any reason, provide some simple methods. If there are other old folk methods, please provide reference. At the same time, be sure to contact the regular hospital to check in details. Warm water. Children with frequent vomiting can use their hands to press the Neiguan, Zhongwan, Zusanli points, or lightly press the middle points. Push the spleen points 300 to 500 times. The picture comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted. So, how to prevent and care for children who are prone to vomiting? prevention

It is not advisable to learn to walk too early, it is important to pay attention to these!

Many parents are now talking about letting their children win at the starting line, and even learning to walk is required to be as early as possible. I often receive inquiries from parents, “My daughter has been 10 months old, and she can’t walk, will it be too late” “My grandson is one year old, walking is not stable, I have to come to the hospital for examination What about it? “In fact, children have certain rules for sitting, climbing, and walking, not as soon as possible. Generally speaking, children learn to sit when they are 6-7 months old, start to climb from August to September, and start walking from 12 to 16 months. Each baby’s development is slightly different, and the time may be too early or too late , But if the baby doesn’t have time to learn to walk, don’t let the seedlings grow. The baby’s lower limbs are still relatively fragile. Standing and walking too early puts too much load on the legs. Especially now that many babies are heavier and have more pressure on the legs, they may cause bone deformation and cause flat feet and other foot problems. In the early days of walking, the baby is usually unstable. In order not to fall, the two feet will naturally separate, forming a figure eight foot, forming an incorrect gait. In addition to letting children walk prematurely, what other mistakes do parents often make during the toddler period? 1. Rely on the walker & nbsp. Walker, everyone must be familiar with it. For parents, the walker allows parents not to stare at their babies all the time, or to bend over and support, which largely liberates parents. But the walker not only does not help the child to learn to walk, but has many hazards, such as affecting the gait, it is easy to cause X-legs or O-legs, which is not conducive to exercise balance ability. During the child’s toddler period, parents can choose a walker instead of a toddler. 2. Learn to walk without learning to crawl. The growth of children has certain rules. Crawling can exercise the muscles of the baby’s hands, feet and waist, and promote the coordination of hands and feet. Going straight without learning to crawl is bad for your baby’s balance and muscle growth. 3. To wear the wrong shoes for toddlers To choose the right pair of shoes for toddlers is very important for the baby’s arch development. In the early stages of toddlers, you can walk barefoot regularly to stimulate the nerves on the soles of the feet and help the arches develop. When wearing shoes, it is best to choose Velcro shoes, which can not only be adjusted according to the baby’s foot shape, but also convenient for the baby to put on and take off. The anti-slip of the shoes is also very important, after all, the baby is not stable enough to fall easily. In addition, the toe cap should be raised slightly to prevent the baby’s center of gravity from falling too far during walking. The toe cap is best treated with reinforcement to protect the baby’s toes. The heel part also needs solid support, forming a good wrap around the ankle to prevent heel inversion. Doctor Yao Jinghui, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University (Guangdong Orthopedics Hospital, Guangdong Orthopedics Research Institute), hopes to help everyone’s health!

Can exercise eliminate lung nodules? Doctor: There is only one type, 3 cases are best for surgery

During the writing of science popularization, I found that there were more “pulmonary nodules” around me. Many people will be consulted after a physical examination. What is a pulmonary nodule? How to eliminate lung nodules? Will it develop into lung cancer? Need surgery? Indeed, with the development of chest CT and other imaging and the gradual popularization of health examinations, more and more lung nodules are found, but many patients do not understand the lung nodules, most of them are considered early manifestations of lung cancer And panic. Although it is undeniable that a small number of lung nodules are lung cancer or will develop into lung cancer, most of the lung nodules are not serious, and not all lung nodules need to be treated immediately after being discovered. How to eliminate lung nodules through exercise? Pulmonary nodules are round or irregular shaped lesions with a lung diameter less than or equal to 3 cm. There are many causes of lung nodules, not all lung nodules can be eliminated by exercise. But there is one type of lung nodules that can theoretically shrink and disappear after improving the body’s immunity. That is, inflammatory nodules caused by bacterial, fungal, or tuberculosis infections. Why is it theoretical? Because each person’s constitution is different, and there is currently no clear evidence-based medical evidence on whether exercise can eliminate inflammatory nodules, and there are no standards for exercise methods and exercise time. In addition, inflammatory nodules are mostly caused by pathogenic microbial infections, which adds a lot of uncertainty, it is difficult to say that the infection will not increase during exercise. Therefore, the discovery of lung nodules first requires close follow-up observation. During the follow-up period, exercise can be performed at the same time. It is of course better to shrink and disappear. How to deal with lung nodules? Three kinds of cases are recommended. There are single and multiple nodules in the number of lung nodules, small nodules and large nodules in size, and they are divided into solid nodules and partial solid nodules according to the density of imaging. Nodules and ground-glass nodules, so it cannot be said that all nodules can be followed up for observation, and not all nodules need immediate surgical treatment. In general, most lung nodules can be observed first, and high-risk lung nodules need to be selected without hesitation under the guidance of a doctor. The following three nodules are recommended to consider the surgical plan: 1. Diameter ≥15mm or Imaging manifests malignant signs such as lobes, burrs, pleural stretch, bronchiole and vesicle signs, eccentric thick-walled hollow nodules with a diameter of 8mm-15mm, if through a multidisciplinary consultation in the hospital or If further examination reveals that it is malignant or highly suspected malignant and the patient’s physical condition is suitable for surgery, surgical resection is the first choice. 2. Partial solid nodules with a diameter> 8mm need to undergo multi-disciplinary consultation or further diagnosis in the hospital before deciding whether to remove them immediately or review them after 3 months. Increase, when considering the possibility of malignancy, surgical resection is recommended. 3. For pure ground glass-like nodules> 5 mm in diameter, it is recommended to continue CT testing for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. If the nodules are found to be growing, surgical resection is also recommended. In short, when a lung nodule is found during a physical examination, it does not mean that there is lung cancer. First, do n’t panic. About 90% of them do not need to be treated. The true malignancy rate is still very low. Of course, the discovery of lung nodules can not be completely negligent. We cannot completely hope that exercise can eliminate lung nodules. Go to the hospital and follow the advice of a professional doctor. Either follow-up observation or surgical treatment is the best treatment. Of course, the specific need for surgery needs to be decided under the guidance of an experienced specialist in a regular hospital. At the same time, on this World No Tobacco Day, we also call for prevention and treatment of lung nodules, we need to pay attention to quit smoking, and stay away from second-hand smoke! Because smoking, especially long-term smoking is a risk factor for pulmonary nodules. In addition to active exercise, this is a special reminder to everyone. References: “Guidelines for the Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Nodules in China” (2016) (Part of the picture source network in the text, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright In case, please contact me, I will delete.)

What is the effect of long-term drinking of beer on health? The doctor analyzes in detail and tells you the answer

The summer weather is hot, and more and more people like to drink a beer at night to quench their thirst. Beer is known as “liquid bread” and is a drink commonly used in summer. The alcohol content of beer is low, many people think that drinking beer is not harmful to the body, and even some people drink a 500ml can of beer before dinner every day. So long-term drinking beer is harmful to the body? Is drinking beer harmful to your health? Regarding beer and health, the early view was that drinking beer is good for health. In 2005, the domestic journal “Clinical Medical Engineering” published a paper that modern beer is based on malt, rice, hops, beer yeast and brewing water. The products brewed in the equipment for several weeks do not add artificial chemical agents, pigments and preservatives. Therefore, beer is a high-quality liquid food, and drinking it in moderation is beneficial to health. But at present, the academic community believes that as long as it is drinking, whether it is beer, red wine or liquor, it will not bring us health. This was confirmed by a study in the international medical top journal “The Lancet” as early as 2018. Drinking alcohol is harmful to the body even if it is a bite. Although beer has a low alcohol level, it is still harmful. Drinking for a long time is even more harmful. The most healthy way is to not drink. So what are the hazards of drinking beer? What are the hazards of drinking beer for a long time? (1) Gastroenteritis beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which can increase the tension of carbon dioxide in the gastrointestinal tract and damage the gastric mucosa, causing symptoms such as upper abdominal discomfort, abdominal distension, and loss of appetite, causing gastritis and gastrointestinal ulcers. (2) Obese beer is rich in energy, and people often eat some high-calorie foods such as barbecue and fried chicken when drinking beer, so people who often drink beer will be easily obese and have “beer belly”. Due to obesity, the probability of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke also increases. Some studies have pointed out that even people who drink beer every day have a 50% higher risk of stroke than non-drinkers. (3) Liver injury The liver is the main organ that metabolizes alcohol, although the lower the alcohol level, the less damage to the liver. It sounds like the damage of beer is smaller than that of liquor, but the energy of beer is higher, and people will drink much more than liquor. It will cause fat accumulation, cause fatty liver, alcohol liver, etc., causing damage to the liver. Especially patients with hepatitis should quit drinking. (4) Gout beer contains more guanylic acid, which will produce purine after metabolism. The final product is uric acid, and people who drink beer will cooperate with supper, seafood and other high purine foods. Over time, it is easy to cause gout. (5) Carcinogenic alcohol is classified as a first-class carcinogen by WHO. Beer contains more nitrosamines than other beverages, and long-term drinkers are more likely to get oral cancer and esophageal cancer. In addition to the five health hazards mentioned above, people often say “wrong drinking”. Many people think that they will not be drunk because they drink beer, and drive after drinking, causing accidents and affecting their work and family. In fact, beer contains more carbon dioxide, and at the same alcohol content, it will make people drunk faster than liquor and red wine. Conclusion Although beer is delicious, but alcohol is harmful to the body and not beneficial. Summer hunger and thirst, healthy friends can drink some beer properly, control the amount of drinking, do not drink every day, for friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or liver disease, you can eat more fruits and drink plain water to quench your thirst. Cherish life and stay away from alcohol. References: 1. Alcoholuse and burden for 195 countries and territories, 1990-2016: systematicanalysis for the GlobalBurdenofDiseaseStudy2016 [J]. TheLancet, 20182. From day to day. The danger of excessive drinking of beer [J]. Rural Mechanization, 2000 (05): 46.3. Zhang Gan. Excessive drinking of beer, Harmlessness is endless [J]. Scientific Health, 2009 (5): 20-21. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, Please contact me, I will delete.)

Do pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors require surgery?

The classification of pancreatic tumors is complicated, and the treatment of different types of pancreatic tumors is also very different. What is the “ghost” of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors? The pancreas is an organ that has both endocrine and exocrine functions. The endocrine function is mainly to regulate our blood sugar, and the exocrine function is mainly to secrete to help us digest food. The endocrine is responsible for the islet cells on our pancreas. Our pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are mainly called islet cell tumors because of the change of our islet cell tumors. What is the difference between pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and the “pancreatic cancer” we are talking about? There is a big difference. We often say “pancreatic cancer” usually refers to canceration of the pancreatic ductal epithelium, that is, pancreatic ductal epithelial cancer, of course, there are other types of cancer, such as mucinous adenocarcinoma, acinar cell carcinoma, etc. Pancreatic cancer is often highly malignant, prone to metastasis, and often has a poor prognosis. Neuroendocrine tumors are very different. Although they are also a kind of “pancreatic cancer”, that is, pancreatic malignant tumors, most of them are very malignant. The biological behavior is mostly inert, and early surgery can be cured completely and not easy to recur. . Is that all our pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors need surgery? Not necessarily, for non-functional neuroendocrine tumors less than 1cm, we can also adopt a strategy of periodic review. Especially for those located in the head of the pancreas, surgical resection is often more invasive. Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors larger than 1 cm and less than 2 cm are currently controversial in the world. Some surgeons are more active and recommend active surgery, while some surgeons feel that pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors grow relatively slowly, and pancreatic surgery is relatively invasive. Larger, with more complications, Gu advocates conservative periodic review. Undoubtedly, elective surgery is recommended for those larger than 2cm or with symptoms. So do we need surgery for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors smaller than 2cm? My point is to advocate active surgery. why? My considerations are as follows: According to the analysis of literature data, the positive rate of lymph nodes in 1915 pNENs patients in the SEER database from 1988 to 2010 was 38%. From 1998 to 2011, the lymph node positive rate of non-functional pNENs in 2735 surgical patients of the National Cancer Database (NCDB) was as high as 51%. Even in neuroendocrine tumors less than 2 cm in diameter, 25% of patients will have lymph node metastasis, and even tumors less than 1 cm in diameter will have lymph node metastasis in 12% to 14%. This shows that pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors are very heterogeneous, and even if they are small, they may metastasize. Secondly, with the advancement of surgical technology, laparoscopic or da Vinci minimally invasive surgery is now very mature in the center of the large pancreas, the risk of surgery and perioperative period is relatively controllable, and recovery is relatively fast. Work has no effect. Therefore, for the sake of safety, especially for those friends who can not insist on regular review, it is recommended to be surgically removed as soon as possible to prevent future problems!

People who smoke for a long time suddenly get lung cancer if they quit smoking suddenly? Doctor detailed analysis tells you the answer

There is a warning on every pack of cigarettes, “Smoking is harmful to health”, but smokers ignore it. Have you ever had such an experience, persuading young friends around you to quit smoking, they said: “Now work and life are stressful, smoking can relieve stress …”, persuaded retired elderly to quit smoking, they tell you: Soon a colleague had a smoking age of more than 30 years, and just a few years after quitting smoking, he soon got lung cancer. He just left last month … Older smokers get lung cancer as they quit. ” Is it true that the more you quit, the more you get lung cancer? As I said, I will talk to you about smoking cessation and lung cancer. What are the causes of lung cancer? Lung cancer is also known as primary bronchial cancer or primary bronchial lung cancer in medicine. The peak incidence is 55-65 years old. Generally, men are more than women. The prevalence of men is twice that of women. The death rate also ranks first among all cancers. The clinical symptoms are mainly cough, sputum, hemoptysis and weight loss. 86% of patients died within 5 years after diagnosis, and only 15% of patients had limited lesions at diagnosis. The 5-year survival rate of these people can reach 50%. The etiology and pathogenesis of lung cancer have not yet been clarified, but a large amount of research evidence has found that it is related to the following factors. The first is smoking, which is the most common cause of lung cancer. 85% of lung cancer patients have a history of smoking, and those with a history of smoking for 20 to 30 years have a significantly increased risk of lung cancer. Compared with non-smokers, smokers have an average risk of developing lung cancer 10 times, and heavy smokers can be as high as 10 to 15 times. Those who have quit smoking have a lower risk of lung cancer than those who continue to smoke, but still have a 9-fold higher risk than those who have never smoked. With the extension of smoking cessation time, the risk of lung cancer gradually decreases. There is a clear relationship between smoking and lung cancer. The younger the age of smoking, the longer the smoking time and the greater the amount of smoking, the higher the morbidity and mortality of lung cancer. It should be noted that second-hand smoke (also known as passive smoking) is also one of the causes of lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer increases between 20% and 30% after non-smokers and smokers live together for many years. Smoking increased and increased. In addition to smoking, lung cancer is also associated with occupational carcinogens, air pollution, ionizing radiation, genetics and genetic changes. How to prevent lung cancer after quitting smoking? As mentioned earlier, the incidence of lung cancer in people with a history of smoking is higher than that in never-smokers. Therefore, friends who have quit smoking should not be taken lightly, especially male friends who have a history of smoking over 55 years old. Regular physical examination is recommended. It is recommended to do a low-dose lung CT once a year. Don’t wait for cough, hemoptysis, chest pain and other discomfort to go. It may be too late to show symptoms. Why do some people get lung cancer within a few years of quitting smoking? The human body is made up of cells, and lung tissue is no exception. It usually takes a long process for the cells to become cancerous and grow into lung nodules, which may take several years. Some people quit smoking probably because they have already felt a slight discomfort before quitting, thinking that it will be better after quitting smoking. Some people even quit smoking because of the diagnosis. In other words, those who have developed lung cancer shortly after quitting smoking are likely to have had a slight cancerous change in their lungs before quitting smoking. After quitting smoking, they think everything is fine and do not pay attention to medical examinations. It’s too late. Please also refrain from the fallacy that quitting smoking is more likely to cause lung cancer because of one or two cases around you. You should believe in science and big data. In conclusion, 90% of lung cancer is related to smoking. If there is no smoke, lung cancer will be a rare cancer! “Chinese Social Medicine” once published a paper pointing out: China is the largest country of lung cancer, which is inseparable from the amazing number of 350 million smokers who are firmly in the world, and the smoking cessation campaign is very popular in Europe and America. The rate decreased from 52.1% males and 34.2% females in 1965 to 34.8% and 29.5% in 1983, respectively. Therefore, the attack rate of lung cancer in recent years has been greatly reduced! Therefore, for the health of you and your loved ones, please always put down the smoke in your hands. What you pick up is the health and happiness of yourself and your family. Quitting smoking can effectively reduce the incidence of lung cancer is a fact discovered by scientific research. Do n’t deny science because of the circumstances around you. It is better to cooperate with regular physical examination. (Some of the pictures in the article are from the source network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to thank the author of the picture if you find

Rumor: Parents smoking outside will not affect the health of their children? Three situations are easy to ignore

A new couple moved downstairs from my house, there is a 2 year old baby girl. Every time I dumped garbage, I was often able to smell the pungent smoke at the entrance of the corridor. Later I found out that it was the male owner who had the habit of smoking. Later, I became familiar with it, so I chatted with the hostess, and unintentionally talked about the problem of Bao’s smoking. “Sister Yuanyuan, my husband smokes a pack of cigarettes every day. I am afraid that it will affect the health of the child, so I let him smoke outdoors. You said, this will not affect the baby.” “Actually, There are quite a few parents who think of you, but this is not necessarily the case. “I shook my head. Smoking outdoors will still make children have the danger of passive smoking? 1. The dangers of passive smoking for children. In fact, many of our parents are already familiar with the dangers of passive smoking. Adults smoke, which affects the healthy development of our children. But you know, what harm does a child passively smoke? 1 The nasal cavity of the baby in the respiratory tract is narrow. If the parents smoke, the smoke will be congested and swollen under the stimulation of the smoke. If our baby has a stuffy nose, then he will breathe more with his mouth, then it will be easier to get air directly from his mouth into the trachea and lungs. At this time, if someone smokes, the dirty air will directly enter the child’s lungs, so it is easy for the child to suffer from pneumonia and bronchitis.文 | 媛 crystal At the same time, when our baby has these diseases, the condition is also more serious and the recovery is slower. Some babies with allergic constitutions will develop bronchial asthma if they grow up in a passive smoking environment for a long time, causing lifelong illness. 2 Digestive Disorder The harm of the second child’s passive smoking is that it causes disturbance of the digestive tract. Children who smoke passively, are prone to anorexia, nausea, and even vomiting, intestinal colic, and so on, will eventually cause child malnutrition. 3 Intelligence affects children’s passive smoking will also affect their intelligence development. Are you confused? In fact, our baby’s brain develops rapidly, and the amount of oxygen consumed by brain tissue is about half of the total body oxygen consumption. But in the smoke air, the oxygen content is small, then it is easy to cause damage to the child’s brain tissue, which will affect the development of intelligence. As we have learned above, the hazards of children in a passive smoking environment, then some parents will say that every time I smoke, I walk out of the room to the outside, so that it will not affect the child’s healthy development, but is this really the case? Second, outdoor smoking will not passively smoke? I regret to tell you that even if our parents smoke outdoors, the health of the child may still be affected. German research has confirmed that even if an adult smokes outdoors in the garden, balcony, etc., it may still affect the child. The study was published by the University of Greifswald, and they conducted a three-year survey of the School of Epidemiology and Social Medicine at the school. They studied 2,660 families of infants and children under 4 years of age, of which 48% There is at least one smoker. The results of the study show that in smoking families, 57% of children have found nicotine metabolic residues in tobacco, cotinine, and 22.7% of urine, even reaching a high of more than 40 nanograms per milliliter Higher levels of Cocktiny. The study also found that 231 adult parents among children who smoked second-hand smoke claimed that they had been smoking outdoors. Researchers believe that outdoor smoking may also affect children’s health including: 1 The child itself, our baby often likes to stick to the parent, so even if the parent smokes outdoors, the child will not be completely prevented from being affected by the smoke. 2 The second reason for smoking in the car is that our parents smoke in the car, but these contaminated smoke will remain in the car, and it will be easy to inhale the lungs when the baby next rides. 3 Walking and smoking The third is outdoor walking and smoking, which is easy for parents to ignore. When walking outdoors, most parents will take their children very close, so when you take a walk while smoking, it is easy for your child to inhale the smoke. Therefore, in summary, our parents still have to quit smoking, because even if they smoke outdoors, because of three conditions, the child will still inhale the polluted smoke, affecting the healthy development. 3. Summary Yuanyuan teacher reminds you: 1 The passive smoking of children is very harmful, there are 3 major points, parents should understand and quit smoking. 2 Even if the parents smoke outdoors, they may still cause their children to smoke passively, affecting their health, especially in three situations. Home

What is the relationship between isotretinoin dosage and acne recurrence?

Current acne vulgaris includes changes in androgen-induced sebum production, abnormal growth and differentiation of epidermal cells leading to hyperkeratosis of hair follicle sebaceous ducts, abnormal growth of P. acnes and subsequent autoimmune reactions. This autoimmune response appears to be mediated by the release of toll-like receptors 2 and 4 and proinflammatory mediators (interleukins IL-1a, IL-8 and tumor necrosis factor-a). These lead to neutrophil recruitment, lysosomal enzyme release and subsequent destruction of the hair follicle epithelium. In addition, human β-defensins 1 and -2 are up-regulated. The recurrence of acne vulgaris is still a problem, but new research has found that this has a small relationship with the cumulative dose, and is related to the length of the sebaceous gland suppression time. Important factors for relapse include: • stopping isotretinoin before acne is completely cleared; • the severity of acne; • excessive seborrhea after completing isotretinoin; • smoking; • young age (under 14 years) ; • Older (women over 25 years old); • Polycystic ovary syndrome. Another reason for the apparent relapse is a change in the patient ’s perception of acne, and the patient begins to rely on isotretinoin psychologically. Rather than the daily or cumulative dose of isotretinoin. Since isotretinoin was registered in the United States in 1982, it has completely changed the treatment of acne vulgaris. Early dose range studies showed that within the dose range of 0.1-1.0 mg / kg per day, the improvement rate and total clearance rate of acne were the same as 0.1 mg / kg per day and 1.0 mg / kg per day. However, subsequent studies have shown that patients taking isotretinoin at 0.1 mg / kg / d after 16 weeks of use have a greater chance of relapse within 1-2 years than patients taking 1.0 mg / kg / d. The dosage of isotretinoin has been determined to be 0.5-1.0 mg / kg per day for 16-20 weeks, and the cumulative dose is 120-140 mg / kg. Recently, a study showed that compared with placebo, 5mg isotretinoin per day can be very effective in removing persistent acne in adults with minimal side effects. The disadvantage of further increasing the dose is the common acne outbreak, which may be related to the degree of sebaceous gland cell apoptosis. Big. In the clinic, we often recommend that patients use isotretinoin until acne is cleared, and then 3-4 months of treatment: This may mean that some patients only need 6 months of facial acne treatment, while the trunk is obviously The acne needs more than 18 months of treatment. It is now recognized that high-dose isotretinoin not only induces sebaceous cells, but also induces apoptosis of sebaceous stem cells. Even after discontinuation of the drug, this will lead to an extension of the inhibition time of sebaceous gland activity. A small dose of 0.1 mg / kg per day cannot induce the same degree of sebaceous stem cell apoptosis. With lower doses sebaceous gland recovery occurs faster. This means that under the same treatment time, 0.1mg / kg per day for 16 consecutive weeks can effectively inhibit the sebaceous glands than 1.0mg / kg per day. To achieve the same length of sebaceous gland suppression, you may need to continue with 0.1mg / kg isotretinoin per day for 4-6 months instead of 1mg / kg per day. The length of time for sebaceous gland suppression better explains the increase in recurrence at lower daily doses over the same period of time compared to the cumulative dose. However, a larger dose of isotretinoin does mean that isotretinoin can be discontinued earlier. Therefore, we suggest that a lower daily dose of isotretinoin can be used for a long time. 10-20 mg per day for 3-12 months, depending on the severity of acne and the characteristics of the patient. Adult patients can achieve good long-term seborrheic control, as low as a dose of 20 mg isotretinoin twice a week. A recently completed 42-week study of isotretinoin 5 mg per day versus placebo in persistent adult acne showed that low-dose isotretinoin was very effective in this patient group with few adverse reactions.

How to prevent hair loss?

This century of hair loss has plagued people since ancient times. As early as the Han Dynasty, there was a saying “Wang Mang baldness, Shi Shiwu”. Even in the modern medical development, the hair follicles that have been necrotic can not be brought back to life, so hair loss Preventive work is particularly important. Take a quick look at the following points. You have noticed that there is no ~ 1. Stay up late: It is not difficult to find that hair loss is very common in people who stay up late for a long time. One of the physiological characteristics of a person is the circadian rhythm. Staying up late obviously disturbs the circadian rhythm and affects the normal operation of the endocrine system. At the same time, it affects the circulation, nerves and other systems to varying degrees. Due to the effects of hormone disorders, scalp hair follicles will appear Excessive secretion or shrinking, which leads to hair loss, so preventing hair loss and adjusting work schedule are the top priority. 2. Reasonable diet: High-fat diet is one of the causes of seborrheic alopecia; high-salt diet will change the osmotic pressure of scalp hair follicle cells inside and outside, accelerate cell aging, reduce cell activity, make hair follicles shrink; high-sugar diet will cause cell saccharification, The long-term saccharification reaction product AGE will accelerate the aging of hair follicle cells. Of course, the harm of an unreasonable diet is not only as simple as hair loss, so be sure to ensure a healthy diet. 3. Smoking cessation and alcohol cessation: Smoking will cause the scalp hair follicle blood vessels to contract, affect the blood supply of the hair follicle, and eventually cause the hair follicle to shrink and cause hair loss. Drinking alcohol hurts the liver, the main hair of the liver, lack of liver blood or stagnation of the liver blood leads to loss of support, resulting in hair loss, and all intermediate metabolites of alcohol have a toxic effect on hair follicles. 4. Scalp care: the appropriate shampoo frequency is 1-3 days / time; shampoo products should not use strong alkaline shampoo, people with strong oil secretion can choose salicylic acid shampoo; conditioner can be based on individual hair quality Choose, pay attention to the conditioner should also be cleaned, can not be left; hair dyeing and perm should be avoided as much as possible, if you must dye and perm, you need to use regular products, while reducing the frequency of dyeing and perm. When using a hair dryer, pay attention to keep a certain distance from the hair, not too close, and the drying time should not be too long. Be careful not to let the air conditioning wind blow directly to the head. Wearing a hat should not be too tight, nor too long. 5. About exercise: Exercise itself does not cause hair loss, but for people with a family history of hair loss, it is not recommended to do high-intensity anaerobic exercise for a long time. “You become bald and strong” may not be a joke. There are literatures showing that people with high-intensity anaerobic exercise for 3 consecutive months have about 1/5 higher DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels than the general population. It is not difficult to understand that high-intensity anaerobic exercise will accelerate the process of hair loss. The prevention of hair loss should be implemented as early as possible. Do n’t wait until hair loss has begun. Preventing hair loss is not a big project. It only requires everyone to pay more attention in daily life and pay attention to it.

Pregnant women’s constipation, the unspeakable secret, the pharmacist tells you the solution

& nbsp. A pregnant mother said: I often have no way to go to the toilet for 5 days after I get pregnant. The stool is like sheep shit, one by one, so it collapses. Is there any way? As long as the constipation mode is turned on during pregnancy, the toilet will make the pregnant woman miserable, gone, unable to pull out, not going, weird in my heart, then how to shout “shit” out! First, let’s take a look at what is constipation? Constipation refers to the performance of dry stools, reduced number of bowel movements, and laborious defecation. 1. Defecation greater than 1/4 requires effort and difficulty in defecation. 2. Defecation greater than 1/4 is hard or hard. 3. Defecation greater than 1/4 has a feeling of defecation. 4. Defecation greater than 1/4 There is a sense of anorectal obstruction. 5. Defecation greater than 1/4 requires manual defecation. 6. Defecation is less than 3 times per week. According to the Rome III standard for at least 12 weeks, the following 2 or more items may be discontinuous. 2. Common causes of constipation 1. The enlarged uterus in late pregnancy oppresses the colon, which slows down the movement of feces, resulting in abnormal bowel movements. 2. Reduced gastric acid secretion, decreased gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension, and weakened peristalsis. 3. Abdominal wall muscle tension is weakened, and the large intestine absorbs water. 4. Progesterone secretion increases, which slows intestinal peristalsis. 5. Pregnant women’s food is too delicate, lacking dietary fiber, and some have poor appetite. They like spicy foods that stimulate appetite, which also aggravates constipation. 6. Taking calcium supplements in the middle and late stages, some people are more sensitive or have too much calcium supplementation, causing calcium to combine with oxalic acid and other substances in the body, forming insoluble precipitates in the intestine, which slows down intestinal motility. 7. Failure to develop the habit of daily bowel movements, which leads to the further absorption of fecal water in the intestines, and the dry stools cause constipation. 8. Those who have threatened abortion need to stay in bed to protect the baby, reduce the amount of activity, and slow down the intestinal peristalsis. 3. Treatment Misunderstanding Many people will drink honey water, eat bananas, and even laxatives during constipation … but in fact, these methods have little effect on most people, and sometimes they will have adverse effects. The main component of honey is sugar, which is not helpful for the treatment of constipation, and is not a good choice for pregnant women who must control sugar intake. Unripe bananas taste astringent, mainly because there is more tannic acid in them. Tannic acid will reduce gastrointestinal peristalsis, eating more, not only has no effect, but may increase constipation in pregnant women and babies. Laxatives are even more prohibitive. For example, laxatives such as senna or strong intestinal agents, irritating laxatives can cause strong gastrointestinal motility, and some even cause uterine contractions, which may lead to miscarriage or premature delivery. Fourth, the correct way to look at here 1. Balanced nutrition, a reasonable diet, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber, such as prunes, dragon fruit, pears, sweet potatoes, etc. some coarse grains, reduce refined food and meat, such as Avoid unhealthy diets such as ham, bacon, and fried foods, and avoid salty and spicy foods. 2. Moderate exercise For pregnant women, one of the reasons for constipation is sedentary lead to lack of exercise, especially in the third trimester, when the movement is inconvenient. Accompanied by family members, go out to get in touch with nature, go out for a walk consciously, if the body allows, you can do yoga, mountain climbing, etc. Of course, housework is also a good choice. 3. If the correct medication is still constipated after diet and life adjustment, ask the doctor to help you rule out intestinal organic lesions, you can take lactulose treatment as directed by your doctor. Lactulose is a prebiotic, a safe laxative. It is hardly absorbed by our body after oral administration, but is decomposed by the intestinal flora in the colon, increasing the volume of feces, promoting intestinal peristalsis, and then achieving the effect of laxative . Both pregnant women and babies can be used. Do you have any thoughts on today’s topic? Welcome to leave a comment and communicate with us. Writing is not easy, please help me forward the message, Dr. Raindrop thank you! Disclaimer: My popular science, popular science content is my personal opinion, for reference only, and has nothing to do with my employer. If my science content is wrong, please leave a message to tell me, I am very willing to verify and correct. Part of the picture source network, if it involves your copyright, please contact me to delete.

How to choose the right sunscreen?

& nbsp. & nbsp. Summer is coming, and sun protection is on the agenda again. In addition to causing sunburn to the skin, ultraviolet rays can also accelerate skin aging and even induce skin cancer, so sun protection is necessary. & nbsp. & nbsp.1. Classification of sunscreens & nbsp. & nbsp. Sunscreen In addition to umbrellas and hats, the most important weapon is sunscreen. According to the different principles of sunscreen, sunscreens are generally divided into two categories: physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. The principle of physical sunscreen is similar to the formation of a “wall” on the skin, directly reflecting the ultraviolet rays back, thereby avoiding the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. The principle of chemical sunscreens is similar to sponges, which can absorb ultraviolet rays and produce chemical reactions, which are converted into substances that are not harmful to the skin. & nbsp. & nbsp.2. How to choose the right sunscreen? & nbsp. For people with sensitive skin, physical cream is more suitable, because of its stable structure and single ingredient, it is not easy to irritate the skin. The disadvantage is that it will appear white on the face. For people who do not have skin sensitivity, they mainly look at two values: SPF value and PA value. SPF embodies the protection of medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB), the higher the value, the better the protection. PA refers to the protection of long-wave ultraviolet (UVA), generally indicated by a plus sign (+), the more the plus sign The better the protection. Experiments show that when used in sufficient amounts, the amount of UVB radiation absorbed by SPF 15, 30, and 50 sunscreen products is 93%, 97%, and 98%, respectively. For indoor workers, it is said that regular use of SPF15, PA + sunscreen is basically enough. If it is outdoors, it is recommended to use SPF30, PA ++ or a higher multiple of sunscreen. If you are outdoors or swimming for a long time, you must also choose a sunscreen with waterproof function.

If you like men to go forward, is it okay to find a man who is going forward?

Author: Liu Yingya 28 years old I began to love. The ex-girlfriend’s strength has prevented our relationship from going on. She always forced me to test this card and that card, and asked me to make progress and make progress. I don’t think she should choose me, but she must change me desperately. This is the encounter of a man with a good career. Men are steadfast and progressive. A woman who desperately transforms a man, and desperately asks a man to work hard to advance a woman. Is it enough to find a very motivated man? not necessarily. The reason why women desperately require men to move forward has the following possibilities. First, women are rushing to fight hard for men, not necessarily because they like men to be successful and progressive. It may be uncomfortable for men, so toss men hard. Secondly, it may be that she is depressed. She does not want the present. She does not want the present. She hopes that men will fight hard and jump up and down to bring her a different experience and dilute her depression. So she asked the man to work hard and toss. Third, it may be her anxiety, which makes her want to catch something and want to protect. Forcing a man to go forward, struggle, and struggle will make her hopeful and a place for her anxiety. Fourth, it may be her low self-worth. She wants to increase her sense of self-worth through the struggle, hard work and achievements of men. So she frustrated the man. The normal attitude of men in life. If a woman is desperately forcing a man to work hard, the woman may have a problem. Still need women to face themselves. Otherwise, it may not only disrupt the relationship, but also her own life. (The original article. The picture comes from the Internet, the copyright of the picture belongs to the author of the picture.) Is there any gain after reading? Follow me, teach you to use psychology to analyze the phenomenon and confusion of marriage and love, and help you understand love and marriage. Liu Yingya: Master of Psychology, National Class Two Psychological Counselor, Marriage and Bisexual Emotional Family Researcher, Personal Physical and Mental Growth Researcher, Lily Marriage and Love Network Emotion Instructor, Enterprise Staff Growth Consultant for more than ten years of psychological work, focusing on family marriage and love , Personal physical and spiritual growth. & nbsp. & nbsp. WeChat public account (psychological consultant Liu Yingya), the same name WeChat (psyajfz)

Intestinal fistula and the bottom line thinking of the treatment of abdominal infection

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the improvement of the bottom line thinking ability, “preparing everything from the bad, and strive for the best results!” In the treatment of intestinal fistula and abdominal infection, we must also improve our bottom line thinking ability, assess the severity of the disease, prevent possible factors that may lead to poor prognosis or even death, and strive to reverse the critical condition to strive for the ideal treatment effect. Everything should be prepared from the disadvantages to assess the severity of the disease: mainly from three aspects: the patient’s pathophysiological factors, pathogenic bacteria and the source of abdominal infection. Determine the factors that lead to poor prognosis and even death: including drug-resistant bacterial infections, abdominal hemorrhage, chronic critical illness, abdominal hypertension and even abdominal compartment syndrome, and organ failure. Strive for the best results. Therefore, in the treatment process, it requires the cooperation of surgery, ICU and other disciplines, including timely and effective infection source control, accurate and reasonable antibacterial drug treatment, and maintenance of organ functions including nutrition treatment. A series of measures to prevent the condition from entering the bad prognosis as much as possible, reverse the critical condition and strive for the ideal treatment effect, and finally overcome the intestinal fistula and abdominal infection and recover smoothly!

Will genital warts relapse after laser treatment?

Laser is a very common clinical method for the treatment of condyloma acuminatum. It is not unfamiliar to many patients with recurrence, because it is easy to choose such physical treatment methods at the first attack. Laser treatment can not eradicate the virus in the body, and it is easy to relapse. The more lasers, the greater the damage. The more than 5 relapses, the more likely it is to become cancerous or even remove the genitals. Other patients believe that sharp recurrence will be less than once, that is to say, it will be cured after several relapses. This is a big mistake. A sharp relapse is a relapse. It is not to say that the virus is reduced one by one. On the contrary, it may be even more serious and it is more difficult to treat. If the warts are repeatedly irradiated after repeated laser treatments, they should still recur, and you should treat them rationally. Change the hospital or doctor as soon as possible and choose other treatment methods to avoid falling into the wrong treatment. Repeated laser treatment, not only the cumulative cost is high, but also may cause local skin damage, causing serious harm to the patient’s body and mind. In the case of condyloma acuminatum, the warts seen by the naked eye occupy 20% of the total virus, and the remaining 80% of the virus is lurking in the mucous membrane of the skin. It is generally in a dormant state when it does not develop, but it is stimulated by external factors , It will reproduce and replicate.