Hanging branches, depression counseling of female college students: adjust the parent-child relationship is the beginning of healing

Summary: Visitors overprotective mother, emotional distress, interpersonal alienation, estrangement with his father, heart insecure, very confident. The advice to improve her confidence, make her feel a sense of power, so the mood has improved, the face of his father’s more confident. Rome was not built in a day, the child’s problem has been moderate depression and anxiety, there are serious questions hanging branches and career planning, in order to change the system that need to be consulted! We hope that parents and children can stick to!

Handsome husband always talk show with female customers

Liuying Ya: His interaction with female clients make you uncomfortable, angry, take a look at some cases. Epidemic closed for so long, he may also anxiety, stress, irritability, behavior out of line. Closed for so long, to lose the habit of lifestyle, people will be very suited, also jumped on a variety of channeling. This closure may also affect how you feel about things. Before dealing with the relationship problems, you need to get your own emotions. Now your emotions are so full, you can let yourself calm down, you can first understand their own emotions, where is the point, you want what? You can own calm down, try to think of his heart under to listen and feel. Your relationship beginning built on relatively level surface, his beauty and your condition. Do you have a very in-depth understanding of each other too, understand the goal of life to each other, where the objective of the work in it? You can try to understand the next. See if we can understand the reasons or the starting point of his behavior patterns. If you can determine the target, the target can influence guiding human behavior. Micro-channel public number (counselors Liuying Ya), micro-letter (psyajfz)
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Facial fat grafting is permanent? You need to fill a few times?

Facial fat grafting is permanent? You need to fill a few times? Speaking facial fat grafting is not permanent this topic, we must first to introduce a concept of fat survival after 3 to 6 months after surgery, when the transplanted tissue and fat surrounding form when blood supply is no longer absorbed to survive the stresses this part of the fat, the fat survival rate of 30% to 70% in various literature reports, so after facial fat grafting need to various parts of the absorption rate, then add 1 to 2 times after injection, and with to achieve satisfactory results (another fat rubber generally once to achieve a stable effect), in this sense, facial fat grafting is permanent. But the survival of transplanted fat as the body’s metabolism is changing, such as the United States who lose weight or increase in metabolic rate, such as staying up late smoking and alcoholism, adipose tissue is transplanted fat grafting will occur after the absorption of fat like other parts of the same metabolism, in this sense, they can not be called fat grafting is permanent, the key to maintaining the effect of fat after transplantation lies in the latter part of the maintenance in order to achieve the purpose of long-term satisfaction.

What sport is most afraid of high blood pressure? Doctors advice: pay attention to this motion 3:00

Many believe that getting high blood pressure in patients with hypertension can not exercise. In fact, patients with hypertension can be moving, as long as the movement the way scientific and reasonable. Someone asked what sport is most afraid of high blood pressure? Exercise in patients with hypertension need to pay attention to what?
What sport is most afraid of high blood pressure?
1) intense anaerobic exercise
Hypertension fear intense anaerobic exercise.
The so-called anaerobic exercise that muscle to carry out high-speed strenuous exercise in the case of “hypoxia” is. For example, muscle training, sprint, pull-ups and other body movement requires a lot of energy in an instant, both anaerobic exercise. Why hypertensive patients are most afraid of anaerobic exercise. This is because in doing anaerobic exercise, people need to hold your breath, desperately force, and this time the blood pressure will rise rapidly.
Doing so will suddenly bring a great burden to the blood vessels, so blood pressure in hypertensive patients will rise to a dangerous level in doing anaerobic exercise, while patients with arteriosclerosis in doing anaerobic exercise may be due to blood clots with blood flow and then move clogged blood vessels, suffering from myocardial infarction or stroke. In short, high-intensity anaerobic exercise for a long time no good for the health of patients with hypertension, it may aggravate the condition, or even result in cardiovascular events.
2) when the high-intensity exercise control of blood pressure is not
Many patients with hypertension because of various reasons, can not insist on taking antihypertensive drugs, which easily lead to high blood pressure unaware they have, resulting in still strenuous exercise in hypertension, this is very easy to put myself in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events sudden danger. Therefore, high blood pressure need to remind friends, frequently monitor their own blood pressure is normal, while upholding the norms blood pressure medication is very important. If you do not do this, perform high-intensity exercise is very dangerous.
Exercise in patients with hypertension need to pay attention to what?
(1) Select aerobics
Why are recommended for patients with hypertension do aerobic exercise, which is of course a reason. The so-called aerobic exercise, as its name suggests, refers to the movement carried out in the case of an adequate supply of oxygen. We in the activities of the body, by breathing oxygen will be inhaled. Jogging, Walking, yoga, tai chi, cycling and other sports are aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is an activity while breathing while exercise can not lead to a sudden increase in blood pressure. Regular aerobic exercise for long-term help to lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension.
Select the appropriate exercise time
Many people like to get up early morning exercise, morning exercise in patients with hypertension but the best time is after 10:00, because the morning 6:00 to 10:00 is the peak of blood pressure, as well as myocardial infarction, stroke time high, it is recommended that high blood pressure patients then movement after 10am. In addition, it is recommended in patients with hypertension evening exercise time is 7:00 later, in half an hour after dinner and then exercise after an hour.
Not fasting movement
Patients with high blood pressure do not fasting movement, because in the case of fasting, there is no source of nutrition, it causes the body to reduce energy, tired, and exercise is very consuming power. Therefore, fasting is not recommended for patients with hypertension motion.
In summary, patients with hypertension can also exercise the specific type of movement to choose according to personal circumstances. Appropriate exercise can be effective in stabilizing their blood pressure in hypertensive patients is recommended to listen to medical advice, choose their own movement. Or to dialectical view of according to their physical condition and blood pressure control in patients to choose their own labor and sport, and for auxiliary control of blood pressure is beneficial, do not copy motion and strength of others, do not be scared to disease sports, regular monitoring of blood pressure fluctuations before and after exercise, timely adjustments, keep warm when cooler weather to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
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Oyster sauce both seasoned and nutritious, but can not just use, remember these three points for health

With the improvement of living standards, previously only condiment often used in large restaurants, hotels Western and Cantonese cuisine – oyster now in every household. Oyster sauce can play not only provide fresh, and high nutritional value, no matter what so many people like to add some vegetables in oyster sauce inside to enhance the flavor of dishes. It can be used to provide fresh oyster addition, also cold, cooking. Then, use oyster sauce needs to pay attention to what?
What is the oyster? What are the nutritional value there?
Oyster fact not fat, but oysters steamed, or boiled and concentrated juice directly hydrolysis of oyster meat, then add some raw sugar, salt, starch or modified starch, combined with other ingredients and food additives made condiment, not only to save the unique flavors of fresh oysters, fresh oysters and no fishy smell, is a nutritious, delicious seasoning sauce. Oyster sauce rich in trace elements and amino acids, can be used to complement a variety of amino acids and trace elements, mainly rich in zinc, zinc deficiency is dietary choice for people seasoning. Oyster sauce rich in taurine, taurine can promote infant brain and mental development, prevent cardiovascular disease. Oyster general population can eat, especially for those of zinc deficiency and growth and development of children.
It should be noted that the use of oyster 3:00
Not a lot of use oyster sauce
Oyster sauce just to mention a few spices, put a little appropriate to mention both fresh and does not affect the taste of food itself, put more but not good. In addition, now seasonings variety, a lot of people taste heavy, like the oyster sauce and other spices mixed with meal and misplacing. In fact, oyster sauce and a variety of seasonings mixed together, will reduce the oyster flavor, but also damage the taste of the food itself.
(2) the dish put oyster sauce, salt should be less
Oyster sauce is made from oyster become, itself contains a lot of salt. Then, go down to the dish, then put a lot of salt, salty food will be very, very difficult entrance, the body is not good. In particular, China prevailing dietary salt intake, should pay special attention to this.
Not directly into the cold in oyster sauce
Although oyster sauce was tasty, but directly into the dish does not fully release its flavor. For example, we do lettuce with oyster sauce, oyster sauce should be put into the heated wok, then put hot food when Stir flavor. In other oyster sauce salad is also in this way. So as to release the flavor of the oyster sauce.
Oyster sauce is good, after all, just seasoning, do not take more, do more misplacing meal. But also to remind you that a lot of people like to put spices placed next to the stove, but the stove because of the higher temperature, resulting in oyster sauce is heated to become like water, greatly affect the taste of the oyster sauce, oyster sauce, so do not be put next to the stove.
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Every day, “eat drink 22 wine, a cigarette after a meal,” the man, and finally what will happen?

A relatively good question, but a more realistic problems. Observation of modern adult “lifestyle”, there is indeed some “threat to healthy habits,” such as smoking, drinking and sedentary habits, these habits will reduce the body’s “health factor” inadvertently, adhere to the the longer the time, the greater will be the damage naturally. Specifically when it comes to the most common “drinking” and “smoking” two “detrimental rather than beneficial habit,” What are the implications for the body? What happens to the end? It tends to health, as should how? This article takes you to find out.
Daily drinking, smoking after a meal, what happens to your body?
First, drink a day, every day smoking will reduce the body’s “health index” to increase the risk of many diseases of the respiratory system problems as hypertension, diabetes, lung disease and so on.
Second, a little exaggeration to say that the long-term “drinking + smoking” reduces healthy life, affecting the normal quality of life. ,
Third, long-term smoking and drinking will affect many details of life, such as drinking can lead to “mess things up” smoking can affect fresh breath, weak self-control of people will these things affect the feelings between friends and due to give bring some “irreversible impact” on their own.
All in all, smoking and alcohol consumption, both in terms of which side of the body is not accustomed to the benefits, you may in the short term and not because they suffer from a disease, but that does not mean they do not affect your health. Smoking and drinking does not necessarily make you suffer from cancer, but they will increase your risk of certain types of cancer. In other words, adhere to the longer, for the body buried “hidden hazard” also will be greater, the future may be because they are suffering from a disease.
How do can reduce the damage?
Want to minimize damage to the body, only “immediately quit the unhealthy habit,” the most likely, quit sooner, the smaller will be the damage to the body.
Of course, many people may be difficult to directly quit these habits, it is recommended that you should “rational treatment”:
Smoking, quit early morning, I could not find the “right reason smokers”:
Smoking it, attribution “a hundred harm and can not find the right reasons” lifestyle. It will not only affect your fresh breath and will increase risk of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and so on, have a direct relationship with a variety of cancers.
If you feel that “smoking can help you pass the time,” then I suggest you choose “tea” or “movement”, if you think smoking is a “gregarious behavior,” then I recommend that you re-examine their own; if you feel smoking is a man of “symbolic”, please take a look at what price their own smoked cigarettes; if you really can not quit smoking, please pay attention to their own “psychological problems.”
Treatment of drinking, “drink” I can understand:
Drinking issue, in terms of theory and harm from smoking, like, not recommended for whom; but from the social point of view, in some special occasions or situations may have to “drink” some, this is the one thing understandable.
But it must be clear: drink not good for the body, the so-called “health drink” belong to rumors, drinking more parts of the body will have a negative impact, the safest alcohol consumption is “0.” If you encounter some special reasons have to drink, please follow the “limited edition + drinking” rule, the fewer safe drinking, drinking process should pay attention to “eat properly”, the lower the degree of drinking wine, and other drinks refusal or drinks mixed drink, drink drink plenty of water.
Two “for the health of bad things,” but there are a lot of people will go to touch. How to act, how to treat? Like to this article help you correct attitude, not everyone is willing to be smoking and drinking bodily harm.
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Photodynamic treatment of genital warts What precautions

Belonging to upgrade Photodynamic laser etched with an acidic solution of topical wart, wart corrosion but also corrosion while normal skin tissue, and then by irradiating light to achieve a partial absorption of the human body is very painful.
And some hospitals give patients according to 20 minutes, according to some hospitals give patients 40 minutes and there is no need to specify how many times the photos, the cost is relatively high, according to a true reflection of my patients with recurrent clinical hospital treatment, once in 2300, ranging from hospitals.
Photodynamic therapy Note:
1, before treatment should be to clean up the affected area, to keep underwear clean and dry.
2, prior to treatment, not a lot of water.
3, before the start of treatment occasional slight burning pain within 5 minutes, a normal reaction, 5-10 minutes later the pain to disappear.
4, after treatment, should be more water, urinating more, there will be a local individual patients with mild erosion, lesions should be kept clean and dry. If other adverse reactions should promptly consult a medical photodynamic therapy.
5, during treatment prohibit sex life, sexual partners should be treated simultaneously.
6, follow doctor’s orders for treatment, once weekly treatment, continuous treatment for three weeks to maintain regular follow.
7, pay attention to disinfection and isolation during treatment, underwear to wash frequently, avoid clothing with family shuffling, bathtub to use separately, to prevent transmission to their families.
8, during treatment should quit alcohol, pay attention to rest, avoid spicy food, maintain a good mood.
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Where I national academic journal “Chinese Science” published research papers: To investigate a new method patent medicine prescription treatment of genital warts perianal giant

Children flooded neck, my grandmother actually use talcum powder! Do not make the mistake of this

Sweet mother recently found Britney’s neck near the red circle, then put a mouth with the family, her mother looked at Britney’s neck, he said to be flooded neck, use talcum powder painting.
Sweet mother skeptical of talcum powder coated for a while, but found the place flooded her baby’s neck is not only good, but also appeared damaged, the phenomenon of water seepage, Britney seems to be very uncomfortable, often crying.
This sweet mother quickly took Britney to the hospital, the doctor informed after mom with sweet talcum powder painting method is not correct, talcum powder encounter sweat becomes sticky, but prone to clogging pores.
After that, the doctor told the correct treatment and prescribe medication, after a period of nursing, plus let the baby move a bit more every day, eat less, flooded neck situation will slowly better.
Flooded neck in medicine known as “intertrigo”, “bad fold” refers to the neck part, litter crunch, red rash appears inner thighs, groin and other skin folds, and even the phenomenon of broken skin, severe but also because of purulent bacterial infections of the skin, pain.
First, why would drown neck?
1, my mother fed the baby too well or better absorption capacity, more fat meat baby’s neck, etc. will be more, darker skin crease, easy to sweat or moisture. Plus a large amount of activity baby, coherent picture of the skin will often rub each other, local heat can not be distributed, it is easy to cause local congestion, damaged or even fold rotten.
2, the smaller month baby easily sweat, milk, saliva and the like remaining in skin folds, while the baby skin is very delicate, these contaminants easily cause inflammation of the skin irritation.
In addition, the probability of occurrence of obesity baby’s neck flooded large.
Second, how to care for the baby flooded neck?
1, keep dry, pay attention to hygiene. Keep dry is the first principle, usually there are situations such as saliva, milk must be promptly blotted dry.
Do not give the baby wipe it with talcum powder.
We use a clean, soft scarf dip gently wash your baby’s skin dry, avoid using wipe approach.
2, hot weather, more than a bath. Multi-baby and parent-child activities to do, such as multi-tummy to play, so make the neck and more breathable.
3, to maintain proper indoor temperature and humidity, do not pass through many clothes, children reduce sweating. Try to avoid the children to wear clothes with high collar, this will repeatedly increase the friction.
4, in the affected area apply some emollient oils may be isolated from moisture retaining drying. Such as clean tea oil, sesame oil, if the home-made tea and the like, and then installed using a clean glass preferably after heating.
5, still life care can not ease, you can use some of the weak effect of hormone creams such as Yiluo Song, assert that Zhuo, Zhuoer etc. under the guidance of doctors. If there is ulceration of the situation first with 1% povidone-iodine may be smearing the affected area, and then with the use of hundreds of multi-state, erythromycin ointment, chlortetracycline eye ointment to prevent infection.
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Health kiss you?

Kissing can not avoid contact with the person’s saliva, it is natural to “swap” the two sides of bacteria in the mouth that often exist. If no oral ulcers, body and health, resistance to foot, then the bacteria is not easy to do evil, oral bacteria can be “peaceful coexistence.” However, if the kiss was too intense, bitten lips or gums, a party of resistance and weak, then there would have been ”
Kissing disease
‘Cause mouth sores, sore throat, or even cause fatal blood back into the
. There are countless bacteria present in food through eating, oral will “absorb” bacteria, there is an opportunity, then it is spread. Young kissing too often, it is infected with “acute kissing disease.” “Kissing disease” severity, affected by the following factors:
1. malignant bacteria
: Such as acute viral infections of the virus.
2. The number of bacteria
: Oral health worse, the more the amount of oral bacteria, the higher the chance of disease.
3. The contact time
: The longer the kiss of time, the number of bacteria in the more interchangeable. Young people easily infected. ”
Acute kissing disease
“This is common in young adults infectious mononucleosis symptoms. This” kissing disease, “is an infection caused by a virus, transmitted through saliva droplets spread, which belongs to the acute toxicity of bacterial infectious diseases. If the person is generally contaminated, whether there is no oral ulcers, 24 hours after the kiss, the other party will get infected and the bacteria often onset in young people, young and not because no antibodies, but they kiss too often, vulnerable to infection.
Doctor’s advice: Kissing time should not be too long; if physical discomfort, such as cough, fever, respiratory tract infections, the best little kiss.

What situation will affect the results after liposuction it?

Some United States who finished surface reaction suction operation feel no effect, is not too little fat sucked out?
Do not rule out this is the case, and indeed some parts of the amount of liposuction is limited, such as the cheekbone area, will also affect the postoperative results!
Most importantly, facial liposuction requires a certain recovery period, after about a month in basic facial swelling period, the effect looks really bad. So it is very important to keep in mind, do not have serious negative emotions, pressure is also a day to adhere to wear masks to help face fit flesh, restore compact.
As for how long after full recovery, but also depends on the individual constitution, and some people recover more slowly, face suction effect may take a long time to appear, usually 3-6 months will have a better postoperative effects.

Top myopia disease spectrum in the most easily overlooked – night myopia

Myopic eye phenomenon that occurs when light is attenuated (especially at night), called “night myopia”, also include the “low lighting myopia” or “weak optical myopia”, usually in the recovery lighting or myopic state can leave the dark disappear. Night diopter myopia can be determined by measurement of the dark focus, which is the lower of myopia has 0.50D (50 degrees), the higher up 2.00D (200 degrees). Night myopia first noticed the phenomenon of astronomers, they see little stars at night difficult. Many people find that when night work, has been a correction of myopia, the diopter can deepen 1.00D. This phenomenon has successively been confirmed. World War II, due to the emergence of a night flight vision problems, side show its importance, which led to more people’s attention.

Laser surgery can cure genital warts do

The carbon dioxide laser is commonly used in clinical, local cauterization wart, treatment can generally do a wart off. However, since the laser beam is too centralized exigencies, burning slow wound healing, easy to leave a scar, a higher recurrence rate.
Want to improve the timing of the cure of genital warts, we must first pay attention to the treatment of this disease should ensure early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, only timely treatment in the early days, in order to have a better therapeutic effect, and choice of treatment is also important, not a single treatment, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a good therapeutic effect.
Nanjing gifted Ka viral warts Institute of Medicine (patent licensing unit) – “2011101665723” was the national patent medicine “, high cure rate, for the following reasons:
1, blocking viral DNA replication, the root causes of the loss of the wart and nutritional support.
2. Signed treatment, unhealed for a full refund (non invalid refund).
3, automatic becomes smaller, withered, fall off gradually.
4, improve body microcirculation, activate the body’s immune system, immune globulin, improve their immune function.
5, painless, non-toxic side effects, the prognosis does not leave scars.
6, such as the distance, could remote treatment.
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Where I national academic journal “Chinese Science” published research papers: To investigate a new method patent medicine prescription treatment of genital warts perianal giant

Face, chin fat accumulation can be resolved by liposuction do?

In the clinical work often encountered in the United States who want a face-lift. Such customer generally divided into three types: one is large because the mandibular angle (bone wide), and secondly because masseter hypertrophy (muscular hypertrophy), the third is due to the lower fat accumulation (fatty mast). Lower jaw and cheek fat deposits tend to give a baby fat appearance. Liposuction is an effective way to solve this problem, the doctor will be based on the accumulation of fat in the range, the selective extraction of excess fat, improve the appearance of the following section and the lower jaw. If the case of the United States who seek too much fat in the skin accompanied by relaxation, at the same time can also be combined with radiofrequency liposuction, liposuction skin tightening at the same time, achieve the effect of V face.

A woman is not easy, beautiful mother more difficult

“Kangxi to the” file as a tried and tested variety show in the country is also very popular, both in order to pass the boring time, but also to gossip about Taiwan’s entertainment.
Which often photographed faces, though they are over 50, are the mother-class, but all with elegance and young face. There should be a lot of girls want their mother could be like them young and how wonderful.
In “actress dressing table,” a concentrated, small S ridicule how Baoma is kept on a person’s, presbyopia, no eyebrows, etc., but Baoma front of the camera is style remains the same – skin tightening, ruddy.
She said she annual consumption of cosmetics is probably around NT $ 200,000. It is money out of the heap this young and beautiful face. In the “Kangxi” super powerful Luo sister, after Luo Biling is in a successful makeup proud to say, the reason why her face so young do not know how much surgery move. And she shouted into the camera actress: “Which of you did not do micro whole?” It’s in her words out of his mouth seemingly have no one dared to refute, entertainment micro long integer is not open secret, not to mention star plastic is for the audience to enjoy to the full.
There are some people around us into old age, but from the inside to the outside maintenance of good people. They spent each year advanced cosmetic skin care products, health products above a lot of money.
But even so, but she can not hide the traces of years than their peers significantly smaller. Around the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth we have a wrinkle. Maybe she has already begun anti-wrinkle war – Botox, hyaluronic acid, but because the effect is short, high cost and give up halfway.
And some people, at least another 10 years younger, it is only to learn more about some of the medical cosmetic means:
Line carving a face lift
Engravings in recent years very, very welcomed by everyone, as a face lift anti-aging medicine way, abnormal outstanding advantages of line carving:
Younger immediate effect, out of the operating room immediately make people feel young;
Almost no swelling recovery period, line carving after only a few left eye of a needle, there will be no cuts edema affecting work life;
Better comfort, line carving surgery requires patience to accept the pain is much less than open surgery;
For mild sagging very friendly, you do not have to pay greater trauma, enhance anti-threshold greatly reduced.
Professor Zhang Zongxue line carving upgrade Case
Minimally invasive facelift
Line carving mild facial sagging works well, trauma is small, but the relative weight of some sagging or face more fat people, the effect is bad. Because of the limited power that can be applied to enhance the line carving wire.
For such people, or multiple line carving short duration, in terms of longer want to maintain people still need surgical incision to upgrade. Cuts, mostly in the frontal and temporal hairline, healing is very subtle, only clawed to see the hair root.
Minimally invasive surgery to enhance the wound is slightly larger than the line engraving, but the advantage is still quite prominent:
After effects last longer, up to 10 years;
10 years younger effect evaluation, surgery than do 10-year line engraving is much lower, more cost-effective;
To maintain in terms of human time line carving unsatisfactory, minimally invasive surgery the only way to upgrade is more appropriate;
Adapt to a wider population, whether it is mild sagging, baggy or poisoning, or also face obesity, minimally invasive face lift has a very good adaptability surgery to make adjustments to achieve the same anti-effect .
Professor Zhang learned facial fat filled with the face lift surgery combined effect
Facial fat filling
Aging is not just a human face sagging, but also the loss of fat, then you need to replenish when the recovery of the young face.
As long as the site is filled lies flat facial depression, facial natural curves and soft young face will return to your face.
Compared with the hyaluronic acid and other injection, better filler fat, but also the best facial filler, not one.
After fat injection lasting effect, almost a lifetime;
Excellent fat taken from his body, bio-compatibility;
Look forward to more cost-effective than repeated injections of hyaluronic acid;
Excessive profile and are the most natural hyaluronic acid can not be compared;
Feel real, there is no foreign body sensation.

Ear reconstruction usually last long?

Ear reconstruction surgery is performed for trimming ear contour deficiencies, or lack external ear and so on. Ear ear reconstruction operation using the whole area of ​​skin after expansion – thin area increasing features, provides a good ear flap reconstruction, autologous cartilage, ear reconstruction by health aspect.
Ear reconstruction effect, OK?
Ear reconstruction do better therapeutic effect: to make reconstruction ear concha cavity having obvious morphological realistic, three-dimensional shape of the auricle. Ear reconstruction effect is worthy of recognition, but because of the difficulty of recycling relatively large ears, in order to protect the effect after surgery, the patient to choose a regular plastic bodies.
Ear reconstruction usually last long?
Postoperative duration is usually permanent, but also due to personal physical relationship, maintenance time is different. So postoperative care issues need attention are:
1. There may be a sense of sleepiness after surgery. After discharge, pay attention to rest; after not driving a vehicle or engage in aerial work. When sleeping, the pillow can be higher.
Not to mention carry heavy objects or do strenuous exercise within 2 after five days.
3. consult with doctors surgery, take medicine on time, this can reduce postoperative discomfort.
How do ear reconstruction care?
Total ear reconstruction surgery to strengthen the clean-up, to prevent wound infection or irritation problems. Since the total ear reconstruction surgery again create a completely normal appearance of the same with the contralateral ear, the actual results may be of a certain gap with the expected value of the patient, and will continue to do ear molding operation. What happens if you consult a doctor promptly.
1. ear reconstruction within 7 days after the surgical site to avoid cleaning the bathroom, to ensure clean surgical site.
2. ear reconstruction about 5-7 days stitches, strict compliance with medication and referral doctor ordered.
3. ear reconstruction avoid eating spicy food, such as pepper.
Noble Medical Beauty Center Medical Group’s noble exclusive medical beauty center, which Professor Yuwen Lin as the core, has a strong team of experts doctoral plastic.
Featured plastic items: plastic surgery center brings together again fails to repair, repair of facial plastic surgery, facial rejuvenation, body sculpture, minimally invasive surgery, skin management, privacy raising seven core business. In particular, failure in shaping reconstruction, ear reconstruction, nasal deformities, cleft lip aspects, scar, minimally invasive surgery, body shape, skin care and other projects, expert team and technological innovation have reached the international level of the front end.

The importance of antioxidant

The importance of the antioxidant in the human aging process, the photo-aging accounted for 80 percent of the reason, with only 20% of the natural aging, the aging issue is a lifelong pursuit. UV is already clear skin “murderer”, in addition to the daily good sunscreen, but in recent years, “antioxidant” has also become one of homework to do daily, then how important antioxidant in the end it. Lai can repair company had conducted a famous experiment was peeled apples if exposed to air, it was quickly turn yellow, the plant cells will be in the role of phenolic compounds phenol enzyme combines with oxygen in the air , a large amount of quinones. Quinones can nascent plant cells rapidly becomes brown, the peeled apple immediately immersed in cold water, sugar water or salt water, allowed to air separation, it is possible to prevent the oxidation of phenolic compounds in plant cells, keeping apples fresh. Then our skin also exist oxidation process, every day we are exposed to air, air pollutants, ultraviolet, and may be subject to trauma, various vices of modern life, smoking, a lot of sugar, bad habits, this will accelerate the process of oxidation of skin. The first step is whitening sunscreen, sunscreen is the first step in anti-oxidation, thus rendering the money as a sunscreen, use of antioxidant products, it is very important. Common ingredients antioxidant: vitamin c, vitamin e, glutathione, lipoic acid, ferulic acid, etc., block the formation of oxygen radicals from a different oxidation pathway. Xiu-li ce cream is the classic formulation of these ingredients, c represents the vitamin c, e represents the vitamin e, f is the ferulic acid, ferulic acid has been reported to help vitamin C and vitamin E to obtain at least 2 times the antioxidant effect. When our sun appear omissions, these antioxidants will help us to leak filled, and oxygen free radicals “die.” Long-standing use of these products can be a preventive measure, all the time to reduce the possibility of damage to skin cells as possible, thereby reducing inflammation factors, therefore there is no reason to melanin appear, fine lines will not be an early climb.
2020-02-29 19:17

B word soup bleeding hemorrhoids treatment

10 men and nine hemorrhoids hemorrhoids ten and 10 women, the clinic
Most patients with hemorrhoids usually go to the anorectal, he has done a lot of surgery, especially highlighting more powerful.
But some want to conservative treatment of patients, especially in patients with knowledge, will hope that through traditional Chinese medicine treatment.
There is a female patient, her family members have read Chinese people in my place, highlighting more powerful, but also bleeding, was recommended to the anorectal surgery, but patients fear surgery, hoping to conservative treatment to find me, I think of the B word soup , taking into account the patient liver qi stagnation, I also spend a Chaihu Xiaoyaosan addition and subtraction. Then again several times, the feedback effect is good, for the first time to eat a few packets of blood there is no patient feels amazing, I feel the ancients bully me. Later, after another read some patients with hemorrhoids, many are also changes from this recipe, such as prolapse, plus Buzhongyiqitang.
Hemorrhoids is an anorectal disease, many related diseases, in addition to common hemorrhoids, as well as anal fissure, anal abscess, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, polyps, anal crypt go far, surgery is the content of traditional Chinese medicine. Hemorrhoids the rectal mucosa and the anal canal tip subcutaneous venous plexus formed flexible expanded varicose anal or lower bolus subcutaneous connective tissue proliferation or thrombosis, there is mixed hemorrhoids hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids different. The most common manifestation is blood in the stool, prolapse, wet around the anus, itching, pain, and constipation.
This Yuxingcao
Many cases of hemorrhoids, share the B word soup can be considered subtraction with the card, application specific cases required under the circumstances or detoxification, cooling, dampness, Tongfu, blood circulation, dryness, fill in Shengxian.
Hemorrhoids are very common for patients with hemorrhoids,
Usually need some special attention:
Maintain a smooth stool, regular bowel movements a day, not long temporary toilet squatting efforts to select;
Attention to food hygiene, eat less spicy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, help defecation;
Keep the anus clean, warm water used to clean the anus, frequently changes the underwear, then soft paper to prevent abrasions;
Strengthening exercises to enhance physical fitness, promote systemic blood flow and increased intestinal motility.
Method guidance law, strengthen the anal levator ani exercise exercise;
Active treatment of hemorrhoids easily lead to hypertension, portal hypertension, diabetes and other systemic diseases, around the anus sore, carbuncle, intestinal parasites to timely examination and treatment to prevent secondary fistula, eczema and other diseases.

Coronary stenting nitric acid lipid drugs also serve it?

My clinic often see a lot of patients after coronary stent doctors still do a good job of hospital discharge for patients taking nitrate Xinkang lipid drugs, and even eat for many years, patients often ask me: Why do I have to do a good job taking the stand so many drugs? For this question: are my principles should refer to the results of coronary angiography and the patient’s own clinical characteristics, PCI surgery if done thoroughly and perfect, simple coronary artery disease patients achieve complete revascularization, nitrates fact lost its space continue to play an anti-ischemic efficacy of ischemic symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients is extremely limited, long-term use not only increase the economic burden on patients, as well as the side effects of the drug itself, so patients in achieving full and effective revascularization after long-term use is not necessary, do not use a maximum of more than three months. But for coronary multivessel disease and the clinical condition of patients with complex coronary stent does not solve all the problems, it is difficult to achieve all the vessels of revascularization. On the other hand, coronary artery stenosis leading to myocardial ischemia and left ventricular dysfunction and other factors is only one factor, microcirculation dysfunction, coronary spasm and myocardial hibernation caused by myocardial ischemia and hypoxia are also involved in the mechanism, in this case nitrates drugs still come in handy. So for coronary stents have done, I will carefully read the disc after angiography to determine whether long-term use of nitrates, my principles as to enable patients to take less medication!
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