Vaginal opening lump of meat it is genital warts

Genital warts caused by human papillomavirus infection of sexually transmitted diseases, high recurrent, may relapse several times, mainly to enhance the immune system to prevent recurrence based, but is not specific to genital warts or venereal regular hospital treatment, genital warts contagious relatively strong, should prompt attention.
Vagina wavelength red lump of meat, a minute beginning, scattered papillary warts, soft, on which small finger-like projections, or small pimples and sharp, slightly harder quality, isolated, scattered or in the form of clusters, pink or white, wet surface or bleeding. In addition, there are often concentrated between the particles pus, distributing rancid odor, scratching may be secondary purulent. The disease lesions gradually increased in the number, mutual integration into a chicken or cauliflower-like coronavirus, the top may have keratosis or infection fester.
If the vaginal opening long pimple women, self-examination of the above symptoms, we must try to go to a regular hospital for sexually transmitted diseases targeted examination in order to cure the disease at the best timing of treatment, reduce unnecessary harm.
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Where I national academic journal “Chinese Science” published research papers: To investigate a new method patent medicine prescription treatment of genital warts perianal giant

Bacteria, viruses, and the difference between the treatment of infections

If the inflammation is a viral infection, only you need to eat a Merrill Lynch on it, according to the dose of treatment can eat a fever, although no fever, you can eat Merrill Lynch, twice a day, morning and evening, take 2-3 days, this is to anti-inflammatory, you rest assured that eating Merrill Lynch alone will not reduce body temperature! But if the inflammation is caused by bacterial infection, you need a two-pronged, that is: Merrill Lynch antibiotics + = + anti-inflammatory sterilization! But how do you know common respiratory inflammation are: caused by bacteria or viruses? We need to look at: 1. Clinical manifestations: patients do not cough, sore neck lymph nodes according to a fever over 38 degrees, swollen tonsils with white pus, in line with basic information on the bias bacterial infection; otherwise it is more biased towards a viral infection. 2. The blood test: leukocytosis, increased neutrophils, C-reactive protein of greater than 50 increase, fever least 38 degrees, mostly bacterial infection; otherwise, leukocytosis or decrease, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, it is mostly a viral infection. Or 3. Clinical manifestations: sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, musculoskeletal pain, began to cough a few days later, these tend to be more viral infections, but only if the patient voice Juteng + sudden high fever, and the fever is not easy to recede, the more tend to bacterial infection. In short: Statistically, more virus infection, bacterial infection less. Viral infection do not require antibiotic treatment, only symptomatic treatment, such as: antitussives, antipyretics, mucolytics like; bacterial infection and drug treatment in addition to the antibiotic +.
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Why older women more difficult pregnancy: a key factor

We reproductive GPs always very sensitive to the age of the woman, but in this age is not just women’s physiological age (how many years of age), this age is the same for everyone, from birth to death, to the number of years is how old you are years old, all the same, so no individual differences, which have not heard of a year-old woman in a quasi-number addition of 365 days or less out of a certain number of days or number of days; however, in addition to the physiological age, there is a ovarian age, the ovaries age, and of course, closely related to physiological age, basically synchronous, however, it can have a huge individual differences, a 20-year-old woman is the biological age, but there can be 40 years of age the ovary (although this situation rare, but he is more and more). Follicle number (that is, the number of eggs, because eggs in the follicles live), the greater the number, the more light ovaries age, the fewer the number, the greater the age, the ovaries (ovarian step by step to develop this refers to the actual age of the ovary , bad (DOR) from the start of ovarian reserve and then premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) until the last of premature ovarian failure (POF), this process can be developed step by step, of course, also be the beginning POI or POF), early-onset means that the POI or POF women appeared before the age of 40. Physiological age determines egg quality, ovarian age, determines the number of eggs, this two together, is of childbearing age. Why physiological age and egg quality about it? The result is that with the increase of physiological age, the egg formation process (chemical name of this process is meiosis) the total probability of the problem is growing. This is because the egg cell cytoplasm to various life activities provide an energy thing is called mitochondria, which reduce the number and activity decreased, the good understanding of it, we all know everyday life, older than human energy young people much worse and older, the worse the energy, with increasing physiological age, reducing the number of such activity decreased mitochondrial changes more and more serious, and life activities egg meiosis is the most energy consumption or said most in need of energy, so you can understand: older age, decreased the number of mitochondria activity, and the formation of the egg is the energy required for meiotic not because of increasing age and declining demand, with the result that the greater the age, energy the greater the gap, meiotic frequent errors, leading to a non-integer number of eggs increase body prepared: before the age of 30, there is a less than two chromosomally normal egg egg egg 32 is 3.4 a normal egg is 37 9.8 eggs have a normal egg, 40 years old is 15.7 eggs have a normal, and by the age of 42 need 20 eggs may only have a normal egg. So, you will understand, even if your ovaries age, after you’ve physiological age is still 40 years old 20s ovaries age, however, the chance of a normal egg is at least 1/15 or less, even if conceive naturally, a month row an egg, bad luck, at least 15 months before they may run into a chromosomally normal eggs. Therefore, women, Christina please pay attention to your age, the physiological age gone.
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Health bred, starting from pre-pregnancy check

Some time ago, a department in admissions of patients, impresses me, this is quite rare. A 28 weeks pregnant, is pregnant seven months pregnant, burst right lower abdominal pain to hospital. Right lower abdominal pain, you may not know, but as a doctor, the first thing to consider is appendicitis, appendicitis examination there are signs, I think this patient probably should not live gynecology, general surgery should go live it. But the spirit as a doctor, is the first patient responsibility must adhere to, and then made a bedside emergency ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound which one to do, my dear, right ovary of a 10 cm large cyst, ovarian cyst torsion is considered, then in our families to do the surgery, surgery confirmed indeed ovarian cyst torsion, ovaries necrosis, resection of the right ovary. The maternal age only 20 years old, I asked her if she had done pre-pregnancy check, Oh! Not to mention pre-pregnancy check, never do an inspection. If she can do pre-pregnancy checks to detect ovarian cysts or other factors that affect pregnancy, in time, maybe it will not happen this way. Thus, the importance of pre-pregnancy check.

Breast cancer sentinel lymph node biopsy may be circumstances, Paul armpit!

Axillary lymph node dissection, especially combined with radiotherapy, some patients will ipsilateral arm edema discomfort. Patients often ask why I did not do a clean lymph node metastasis, why do not I give sentinel lymph node biopsy? For patients with axillary lymph node-negative sentinel lymph node biopsy is safe and effective alternative to axillary lymph node dissection, significantly reducing surgical complications, improve patient quality of life. Carry out sentinel lymph node biopsy requires certain conditions, in line with indications. 1. Sentinel lymph node biopsy requires multi-disciplinary team to evaluate surgical, imaging, pathology and other collaboration. Sentinel lymph node biopsy to carry out medical units should try to have the relevant technology and equipment conditions. 2. Patients must meet indications: early invasive breast cancer, clinical axillary node-negative, initial surgery patients, single lesion or multiple lesions center, male or female, of any age, intraductal carcinoma mastectomy, clinical axillary lymph node after neoadjuvant therapy negative, positive axillary nodes after neoadjuvant therapy clinical negative axillary lymph nodes. 3. controversial indications: prophylactic mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery cancer receiving the conduit, cT1N0年龄> 70 years, luminal A, there is associated with disease, pregnant patients, clinical examination and positive axillary lymph nodes by fine puncture suspicious positive, ipsilateral breast-conserving surgery relapsed / recurrent patients. 4. sentinel lymph node biopsy Contraindications: inflammatory breast cancer, clinical examination of axillary lymph node-positive and confirmed by the air-core needle, axillary lymph node-positive remained positive after neoadjuvant therapy.
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Banana, what little-known effect?

Banana, what little-known effect?
[Musa] for the base of the original plant Gan banana fruit.
[Synonym] sub banana, banana fruit.
[Tropism of taste sweet, cold. Rupi, stomach.
[Effect] heat, intestines, detoxification, pain relief.
1. After bleeding hemorrhoids and then: two bananas, not peeled, stewed, eaten with skin. ( “Lingnan herbs recorded”)
2. Toothache: two bananas, fried bowl of hot sauce, gargle. ( “Experience Party”)
Eating too much can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.
[Modern research]
Serotonin contained in pulp can reduce gastric acid, bananas can in turn mitigate irritation of the gastric mucosa, it has a protective effect on gastric ulcer induced by a number of drugs. Daily ingestion 10mg serotonin on gastrointestinal function and accessibility, but excessive ingestion, can lead to problems. Ripe banana pulp aqueous methanol extract inhibit fungal, bacterial action.
Clinical found that diabetic patients after intake of bananas in sugar, urine sugar other than eating sugar is low. Bananas ratio of fructose to glucose ratio of 1: 1, the natural composition, for the treatment of celiac sprue is appropriate, also applies to toxic indigestion. Banana quality-run soft, suitable for the elderly, habitual constipation, hypertension, coronary heart disease often eat.
1. “Materia Medica of the original”: “thirst quencher hangover lungs, spleen Hua Chang Qing, who eat spleen fire therein, can anti-diarrhea dysentery.”
2. “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Guangdong and Guangxi and other places close leprosy drug hot and humid, people dyed leprosy, owned residence, people can not place shall banana woody seed in the courtyard, a year later, it is the poison to make into the tree. dare residence.

Chen double breast hyperplasia of breast lumps knot pain, accompanied by infertility, Li Zhongyu solved

Chen, female, 32 years old, Jiaozuo who received treatment in March 2007. Complaint: double knot breast lumps, pain, premenstrual exacerbation, after relief, accompanied by infertility, has more than seven years, has many medical treatment, Western medicine treatment ineffective, very pessimistic. Accompanied Yaotuisuanruan, depression, irritability, when there is heat exchanges, forward and backward by mistake, dark color, less, partial body fat, looking haggard, more than two-quadrant palpable breast lumps irregular, ill , slightly harder quality and tough, extrusion obvious pain, pink tongue, thin white, pulse string. Tip ultrasound breast hyperplasia. Card is Rubi, liver kidney, Chong does not transfer any. The proposed rule Chong and Ren liver qi stagnation, kidney and spleen, conditioning. Xiaoyaosan side, erxiantang: Angelica 15g, white peony root 30g, Yun Ling 10g, mint 6g, Bupleurum 10g, yellow dream 10g, Cortex Moutan 10g, Cyperus 10g, Atractylodes 10g, shellfish 10g, licorice 10g, Xian Mao 12g, Epimedium 12g, ginger, jujube two three. Daily one, decoction, orally. After half referral: breast pain relief, soft lumps of small, self Zhu Zheng better, the top Canadian safflower 10g, Motherwort 30g, dispensary 20, made of water hit the pills, each 6g, 3 times a day, about continuous use February multi-referral, Yaotuisuanruan, chills and fever, breast pain is no longer embolism, breast lumps dissipate, compared with the previous normal menstrual period, but the amount is still small. Rubi is more, there is still blood disorders, Then to be a party aftermath. Angelica 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Radix 10g, Rehmannia 10g, Cortex Moutan 10g, safflower 10g, 10g Codonopsis Atractylodes 10g, Poria 10g, Curculigo 10g, Epimedium 10g, Placenta Citrus 6g 10g, Citrus aurantium 6g, Licorice 6g. Medicine 20, the processing system to hit the water pills, each 6g, 3 times a day orally. A year later the Annunciation, Credit goes to Takako, is happy and harmonious.
Press: liver blood, dispersion, yin and yang. If the woman poor emotional, liver failure in section of liver failure in soft body shall depression induced liver, liver failure in the depression induced by the hepatic blood catharsis depression. Yu transverse g liver spleen, spleen fails, lack of biological sources, can cause liver blood deficiency. Kidney essence is the innate, congenital liver blood of a woman, “fine blood homologous”, “B homologous” it can also cause loss of kidney blood shortage. Liver Yu, Yu liver blood, liver deficiency, loss of kidney essence, can be caused by any red disorders, menstrual disorders, blood was Shangni the breast addiction junction block. Kidneys water, essence and the main punch metaplasia any class days; spleen is acquired, the main injection is to the blood system of any of red; liver blood dispersion, any good adjusting strokes, liver, spleen and kidney and so are any of red closely related. Bupleurum, strips of liver, liver depression ease to give the help Cyperus adjustable blood; TGP slightly cold, nourishing yin convergence, Softening priorities to give angelica, Dan safflower, motherwort the help, blood, blood, and blood, cooling, San Yu menstruation, nourishing liver body with the aid liver; wood Yu the soil failure, liver spleen easy to pass, so as to Atractylodes, Poria, licorice spleen shipped wet, to suppress not only the solid wood soil and that the biological active; in Curculigo, Epimedium and kidney essence, fundamentally strong innate and a solid; accompanied peppermint, skullcap Zuo Bupleurum Yu suppressed ease gas, through the heat of liver depression; Fritillaria accompanied, Huatanruanjianpian, addiction dissipating block; ginger, jujube primer was such that, in a spleen and, to a temperature oct diverging, the property to produce a cold dream Dan thin. So Tongzhi blood, liver, spleen and kidney coherent, supplementation and attack, liver have solutions, temper too complex, the business of blood to reconcile, smooth blood, Rubi from the consumer, and then to the late Taohongsiwutang blood, Blood Circulation, blood and menstruation to Sijunzitang qi and blood and spleen menstruation, Placenta, Curculigo, Epimedium Bushenyijing menstruation and, in Citrus, Citrus aurantium 194,985, qi, qi and menstruation, so blood wen, reinforcement and Shi, both specimens, the natural balance of yin and yang, Chong and Ren natural harmony, Zhu Zheng disappear, Rubi survived, blessed with a child, the doctor heard of it, it not happy indeed.

Labia minora measured genital warts, had surgery twice, or relapse, how to cure ah?

Many patients with genital warts reflect their condition always cure, but also spent a lot of time and money have also tried many treatments, have not been able to cure genital warts. So, why has the surgical treatment of genital warts recurrence of it?
Surgical treatment of genital warts can only remove the symptoms surface, can not clear the potential of the virus, as long as the potential virus removal unclean condition will certainly be back and forth, the key is to remove genital warts treatment wart potential viruses rather than simply remove surface .
To treat genital warts not only to get rid of the wart, is more important it is to remove subclinical virus, the latent virus, can really recovery. The root causes of health levy jrsyer recurrence of genital warts is not low immunity, such as not smoking and drinking, but did not clear the HPV infection.
In this case, the selection method is more appropriate medicine, TCM treatment of genital warts and more to reasonable prescription decoction brewed “po + bubble wash”, national patent Chinese medicine prescription as a typical representative, not only the course of treatment without any pain, further wart and can eradicate the virus, to cure without recurrence purpose.

The examination room Diary: endometrial thickening

40+ year-old female, the majority of menstrual flow, severe anemia, patient treatment has been emphasizing what checks are normal, that is, I do not know why menstrual volume, took out a stack B super, in fact, have suggested that each B-endometrial thickening, We recommend hysteroscopic surgery. See hysteroscopic endometrial polyps neoplasm with several blood clots, endometrial row neoplasm excision portion removed. Month after menstruation was significantly reduced hemoglobin returned to normal. Multiple endometrial polyps sometimes difficult to diagnose B-but, only prompted endometrial thickening, hysteroscopy can only look into the endometrium, to make a clear diagnosis. So if there is more than menstrual flow, irregular bleeding and other symptoms, or if necessary, the need for timely hysteroscopy.

Antipyretics, fever can not eat

Antipyretics common antipyretics: acetaminophen (chemical name) Tylenol (children’s medicines trade name) ibuprofen Merrill Lynch (trade name medicines for children, is also a component of ibuprofen) or two or more drugs: 1) fever for more than 38.5 38 or more, it is recommended, because the fever is not a very comfortable thing, right? 2) low-grade fever body temperature from 37.3 to 37.9, you can also use these antipyretics, because some people even low-grade fever, musculoskeletal pain or will feel a headache, after all, humans are not the same workshop with the robot out of a production line, even with Mercedes-Benz out of a production line, but also there will be leakage of the situation, let alone human beings, great individual differences in each person, who can not use antipyretics up 37.5? People uncomfortable, you can use. 3) If the child is 6 years old, have high thermal history of seizures, febrile seizures or even more than once before, it is recommended not to continue burning body temperature is too high, the body temperature to reach 38 degrees, I personally recommend to spend antipyretics (fever with 38 degrees short medicine is no harm), and even 37.9 can be started, is not recommended to let the body temperature over 38 degrees long. (Here we must point out: fever medicine can not prevent febrile seizures incidence and recurrence rate of 38 degrees purpose use of antipyretics, it is to make the patient more comfortable, because antipyretic analgesic effect!) 4) not have a fever, body temperature 36-37.2, no fever when, if you headache, toothache, covered uncomfortable, musculoskeletal pain, even, just after excessive exercise, or without a good warm-up before exercise, do not stretch after exercise, caused musculoskeletal pain, low back muscle pain, etc., under these circumstances, can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain anti-inflammatory, because when the temperature is normal, these two drugs have analgesic effect, but not addictive, addictive the drug is morphine, you worry that ordinary people can not get this level of pain medication. Therefore, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, when fever fever eat can play an anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, can also be taken when the temperature is normal, the effect is anti-inflammatory pain, rather than using his fever effect.
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Genital warts, two months, three times a laser, three times a relapse, how do

On the issue of the treatment of genital warts treatment, the laser is very common, is characterized by quick, at the time of treatment, the wart to fall off, for genital wart anus have more effect. However, a drawback of the laser is also obvious: HPV virus can not be removed, the wound is susceptible to HPV virus recurrence rate.
Genital warts is a viral infection, the virus in their skin and mucous membranes due to the laser beam is too focused on the underlying reason why only remove the wart virus and can not be removed. This disease is so easily relapse, the smoke generated in the laser contains a HPV virus is easily inhaled into the lungs of the patient and medical staff, causing iatrogenic infections, wound sentimental easy recurrence rate.
Treatment of genital warts Either way as long as the recurrence of the warts grow back out it shows that this method of treatment for your genital warts did not work, doctors micro jrsyer even if you repeatedly use the same still will relapse, so in case to the case of relapse you should seek medical advice promptly if such treatment methods change.
Currently, treatment of genital warts Chinese national Patent No. 2011101665723 typified prescription, no surgery, no laser, no infusion. For foreign patients, as long as conditions allow remote treatment, medication mailed to guide treatment until recovery. If you are cervix, vaginal, anal, oral warts patient to the hospital must do the treatment.

Bird’s nest nourishing beauty really is to share it?

Bird’s nest since ancient times is considered tonic, although many people did not kiss tasted, but my heart has always been the recognition of the bird’s nest in. In recent years, red and purple palace drama is often nests figure appeared. Members of a large harem owners, small owners are particularly pet bird’s nest, and if all is because after drinking a bird’s nest, the face was more beautiful, such as Sin, Empress Dowager of it!
However, goose, to stroll around the market, which is not cheap, but the price of bird’s nest, pockets instantly make your baby feel a bit deflated! The key is that the high expensive bird’s nest really have such a magical effect it? First retaining good purse, reading the article say!
A bird’s nest is where the sacred?
Bird’s Nest, during the breeding season male swiftlet saliva and feathers from the nest building, prolific in Southeast Asia. So the market’s nest mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia, two countries. And bird’s nest bird’s nest processing Shihai should pick out the feathers and dust particles, difficult to imagine. One is to rely on imports, is a cumbersome process, rare, naturally expensive myself.
Second, speaking really, really nutritious bird’s nest Zeyang pinching?
The main nutrients are protein nests, bird’s nest dry weight protein content of about 50%. While the high protein content but the amino acid pattern of bird’s nest in essential amino acids – methionine content is very low,
This makes the bird’s nest protein of poor quality, can not fully provide the protein needed by the body in proportion, and therefore is not a bird’s nest protein quality protein, simply can not be compared with the protein in meat, eggs, belonging to the incomplete protein, simple and crude protein is said the poor students!
At this time, bird’s nest iron to say: I’m not to eat bird’s nest protein supplement, I was to functional ingredient in the bird’s nest, sialic acid and epidermal growth factor.
Third, that we take a look at the hearts of sialic acid and iron skin factor of it!
Effect of sialic acid in the publicity business a lot, such as: skin whitening, anti-aging, brain puzzle, improve immunity, it can be said to be omnipotent.
However, the truth is this goose Aunt:
Sialic acid in the bird’s nest is indeed the main biologically active substances, the content of 8-10%. Nest main sialic acid is N- acetylneuraminic acid. Animal experiments have shown that bird’s nest in the sialic acid can anti-virus, boost the immune contribute to the elimination of free radicals, promote a variety of effects such as nerve cell growth, but this is only the results of animal experiments, not just test dose is far greater than the amount of food the bird’s nest and animal studies can not be directly generalized to humans.
Tell you a little secret:
Sialic acid is not unique bird’s nest, animal foods such as milk, eggs, meat all contain sialic acid, low cost natural Needless to say.
As epidermal growth Well, then look:
In the bird’s nest did find active substances similar to epidermal growth factor, which also nest can promote skin repair, beauty adds a special “fly” basis.
How can there be so simple. Because the epidermal growth factor and can not be directly transported to our cells where it can be broken down into the digestive tract into amino acids and then absorbed into the bloodstream, there is unlikely to complete the form of the epidermal growth factor and, therefore, can not play the epidermal growth factor role. Therefore, the skin is not eating it to fly.
Draw focus:
It seems really do not iron their nest think so magical wand, but if you are not bad money, like to eat, then eat! But need to be reminded that the bird’s nest is generally recommended daily intake for adults is 3-5g, very expensive things, not bad money, it still works too hard to eat.
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Senior nutrition catering division
Senior body control management division
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Neurosis and personality

Neurosis is relatively mild mental illness, the disease often with counseling or psychotherapy better than the effect of treatment with drugs, unlike other somewhat serious psychiatric point, the job must rely on medication. Neurosis is a general term for a large class of disease, also known as neurosis, the core symptom is anxiety. The nature of anxiety is a sense of uncertainty about the future, which is the innate human, after all, we are not prophets, no one can accurately predict the future. In general, neurosis not as hallucinations and delusions as schizophrenia, depression, although there will be a performance, but not severe enough to bring a knife and stabbed himself several times. But this disease is always superficial interfere with the normal life of the patient, makes my heart can not be calm. These diseases usually the patient’s own personality traits are linked. Neurological disorders are striving for perfection, so their hearts will always be some insecurity. Psychoanalysis Karen Horney wrote a book called “neurotic personality of our time”, which is described neurosis: “neurosis patients praise and love of others are over-reliance on others For example, if who did not accept their invitation or greeting a long time does not, he will find himself hurt and their hearts insecurity, for example, convinced that their own incompetence, stupidity, lack of charisma, or to cover up their own inferiority, performance Another exaggeration of the demands compensatory and one flamboyant stubborn preference. they also showed significant inhibition tendency to express a desire to suppress his or certain requirements, suppress their own thing in their favor, suppress their expression opinions published criticism or command others. they also tend to exhibit aggressive attitude against, belittle, attack, invasive of another. Finally, neurological disorders patients may exhibit some of the quirks of life, that is forced on sexual behavior suppression of sexual needs and sexual behavior. “neurosis there is a feature that is mostly related to the patient Subject-related social events. According to explain psychoanalysis, a man suffered social events is almost the most important reason for the prevalence of neurosis. Freud’s theory since its birth has been controversial. After all, who has not suffered some bad experience it, to say that this is the direct cause of neurotic illness also forced the point of it. But if the patient by properly solve these disturbing social events, the condition also will be improved, then we’ll just assume that what he said is right now.

How to avoid root resorption after orthodontic

Orthodontists who are concerned about the situation after orthodontic root resorption, a study showed South Korea, apical displacement (ARD) is a key factor in apical root resorption after orthodontic treatment (ARR) is.
For patients need to do a lot of apical displacement of incisors, it is recommended to carefully monitor apical root resorption.
The paper, published online August 20 in the “Angel orthodontists” (Angle Orthod) magazine.
The orthodontic treatment before and after the study, 135 adult maxillary and mandibular incisor periapical X-ray photographing and cephalometric.
Measuring absorbed on apical periapical films, X cephalometric before stacking and post-treatment to assess treatment incisor movement, can be displaced apical mathematical preprocessing long teeth, the inclination of the cutting edge changes and movement.
Linear mixed effects model analysis method to determine the risk factors of apical uptake, using normalization coefficient (SCS) studies to probe the contribution of root resorption relative risk factors.
The results are:
Apical showed the highest vertical shift normalization factor mandibular and maxillary incisors.
Horizontal shift display apical mandibular incisor normalization coefficient followed, but with the apical maxillary incisors absorbs significant correlation.
When the horizontal and vertical displacement are included in the apical mixed effects model, the self-ligating bracket and mandibular incisors apical uptake increased significantly correlated.
A joint study between Turkey and Australia showed that during the four weeks of orthodontic force adjustment, compared with sustainability, intermittent force significantly reduces the absorption of the root.
While applying an intermittent force of tooth movement is small, but avoid unnecessarily rotating.
This orthodontic patients susceptible to induced inflammatory root resorption is crucial, considering the crowd using force intermittent treatment options when developing programs.
The study enrolled patients in the treatment for an orthodontic maxillary first molar extraction in Example 25, 150 g of a continuous force to be applied to the buccal side of the maxillary first molars 15 weeks ago.
Contralateral first maxillary molars buccal applied intermittently same size force 15 weeks (28 days energizing stop 7 days).
First premolar extraction at the end of the experimental period, a volume of the dimple assess its root uptake after treatment, and measuring the degree of rotation of tooth movement.
The results are:
Continuously urging root resorption group was significantly higher than the volume of the root volume of the absorbent intermittently urging group (P <0.05), especially in the buccal, lingual (P <0.05) at (P <0.01) and the third root. Applying a continuous force to the teeth group occurs more tilt and rotation. The experiment fully explained: The key is to reduce apical root resorption of intermittent power superior to sustainability. So when we consider orthodontics, in addition to select medical institutions guaranteed, but also need to choose orthodontic experienced doctors, to avoid root resorption.

Women need to learn skills

Born in her country, the woman was well versed in the gem said: “Woman is made of water, mud men of”; when men are keen to use sharp rationality, power, war to dismember this world, women Like water being re-woven emotional, repair, Mi merger integration of this world. On the psychological level, the relationship between the demand for women and others usually characterized by emotional sharing, need to talk and understand; joint activities and places for male characteristics, the two sides look forward to the completion of specific things, its goal is to solve problems, to solve problems . This emotional and rational impact on the interaction of men and women, the inclusion will reveal its great charm. Woman lucidity of thought, expression through language or sound transmission to convey his ideas, need a man from time to time to take the hint. The heart of woman seabed needle, there are times when it is so that men puzzled some. If a man concerned about women, men need:
Tolerance and understanding: if a man can relate to convey the feeling of listening to a woman, she will feel loved and understood. Woman is listening and is understood more needs to be met, the more she can easily give a man needs.
Trust: When the woman of the man of thought and the ability to reveal the appreciation and trust, his first love basic needs to be met, such men have a sense of accomplishment and a sense of security, naturally from the heart to accept women.
Recognition: Men often do not realize that his negative attitude, will give a woman what kind of damage. Women need recognition. The more she loved him, the greater is the need for recognition, recognition of men make a woman feel his love. He did not recognize the feelings of a woman believed unsustainable.
Encourage: love one of the basic needs of man, is a woman of encouragement. Woman positive recognition and encouragement, can make a man to gain momentum and become a true self. He will return to their partners more love, more to achieve his ideals.
Disposable appreciate: the creation of social men and women to create their own. Men’s work is the cause, we need to be sure the community; woman’s work is appreciated the need for a man. From the man’s appreciation, the woman knew as a woman of charm, but also understand that social standards for women.
Dignity (face): The so-called Siyaomianzi a pain, often refers to men. Men pay attention to is actually “face.” Men would rather die than be without “dignity” to the dignity they can go hard.
Loyalty: women want to marry “good man,” because he can give women safe, loyal man would make a woman happy and stability.
Accept: Women love men to accept, does not try to change him, to make him feel accepted. Do not try to change him, she believes he has the ability to improve. Men who feel they have been accepted, he would be willing to listen to the other party needed to understand and deserve.
Emotional care: When men to women concerned about care, she will feel loved, cared how happy yes. The first is a basic need for a woman, so she will naturally be more trust in him. Care: men even in the face of setbacks can not say it, a lot of pressure in the heart, men are more in need of care, in fact, a man’s heart is very fragile, too many men to suppress their pain, but can not cry – to vent. He needs your care.
Consolation: a woman in need of comfort, consolation make her feel happy, have a sense of security, firmly convinced that a man’s love. Women need to prove that a partner is often made love to her, to comfort her satisfied.
Respect: most men are too proud animals, men value most, it is to be respected. Outside, others want to be respected, at home, his wife and children want to be respected. Feelings for the sake of her happiness, woman will feel the love and power.
In a man’s mind, she has a heavy component, a recognized sense of presence, a man thus meet the needs of her love, thus recognizing his value, we believe that the other party could have done everything for themselves, the first basic needs of man’s love to meet that woman establish their confidence, give clear proof, the final also encouraged the men, spared no effort to pay, this is a good pattern.
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