Children start teething, how dental care? Five cases treated separately

Baby teeth, and parents very happy, but the child later in front teeth, there will be a period of painful,
It may appear irritable, easily crying
Etc., and there will be more baby
A love of eating something, saliva and more, and even the phenomenon of loss of appetite
. While these are a normal phenomenon, but if
Parents learn some science nursing baby teeth means, we can help children reduce some teething discomfort, such as:
First, the performance of different baby care
When teething, parents can be different in different baby care performance:
1 baby bite
Eruption is about to have the baby or primary teeth eruption time, there will be
Gums itch, pain
Phenomenon, so some babies will bite their own hands, or the mother’s breast and all see things can come into contact with to release pressure.
For such situations, parents can use with
Wrapped in a clean towel soaked in cold water to live finger
, Placed in the mouth of the baby friction gums, after which the gutta-percha to the baby and bite refrigerated.
It should be noted, towels, tooth gel, etc. must be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
2 increased saliva
When baby teeth, saliva will increase, so chin and mouth skin frequent contact to saliva, will be itching, or pain, some children even the president of the rash.
Therefore, when the baby increased saliva, parents can use a soft cloth, dip heated gently wipe saliva, and can apply some white petrolatum, so that contact with saliva can be reduced to the baby’s skin.
3 irritability
Baby sprout since ejection deciduous gum, will cause pain, irritable occurs at this time, crying.
This time, parents can use teething rings, baby bite, you can
Divert their attention
And slowly the baby quiet.
4 poor appetite
When the teeth, because of the sucking action gum pain, the food will be rejected.
This time, parents can give their children prepare some
Cool food supplement
Meanwhile, if you use a bottle, the
Nipple hole transfer large
, I do not choking on the line.
You can also use a quilt or a spoon to drink milk, to ease the pain.
5 fever
Some babies during teething, there may be fever, usually fever, ear thermometer will rise about 0.12 degrees Celsius, axillary temperature increased about 0.01 degrees Celsius, the general may be related to love bite, like the bite of a finger or other unclean article, leading to gingival or oral mucosal sites mild inflammation.
If the baby temperature in
38.5 degrees Celsius
, Maintain good indoor ventilation, a warm bath, usually after a few hours, will be able to return to normal body temperature.
But if severe fever, or long duration, not the spirit of the baby is not eating, crying, then he would immediately go to the hospital.
Second, other auxiliary nursing
In addition to the above methods of care, there are two kinds of parents assisted dental care methods:
1 massage
Parents can gently massage the baby’s face, facial muscles relax, have a good effect.
2 brushing
When the baby after the eruption of the first tooth, if dirty teeth, you can use a clean gauze dipped in water to scrub.
It also noted that the tongue cleaning, preferably with a clean gauze dipped in water daily tongue cleaning.
Baby 8-12 months, parents can use a baby toothbrush to gently wipe the teeth twice a day. Not recommended to use toothpaste, preferably with water.
Third, the summary
Baby when the eruption of the first tooth, parents must make child care teeth.
Parents care for baby teeth, children can alleviate the pain of teeth, so it is important.
If your baby is teething, do you have any good treatment methods do? Welcome Message discuss with us, oh.
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Sudden drop in temperature, flu can lead to nephritis, the following symptoms, do not panic let go see a doctor

The cause of acute nephritis, upper respiratory tract infections accounted for more than 60%. Autumn and winter season, the temperature suddenly high suddenly low, big temperature difference between day, bacteria, viruses and active, people tend to lead to acute nephritis by the cold.
Expert interpretation, especially when cold influenza virus-induced immune dysfunction, immune cell phagocytosis not only bacteria, but the bacteria inclusive up the body of the bacteria with the antibody binds to an immune complex bacteria itself, as the bloodstream renal, glomerular subsequently deposited intrinsic to cells, eventually leading to nephritis.
What signal early nephritis
1 in patients with acute and chronic nephritis, and acute exacerbation often pharyngitis, tonsillitis, common cold related. Thus, when the above-described infectious diseases should be checked with urine.
2 is not particularly nephritis patients performance, but will appear in the early fatigue, weakness, back pain, eyelid, ankle edema, bubble urine, urine abnormal symptoms. Therefore, when these symptoms, should go to the hospital to check urine.
About 3 1/3 nephritis occurs in patients with high blood pressure, headache, insomnia, memory loss and so on. If you find young blood pressure, be sure to check the urine, especially in younger patients.
4 patients with early chronic renal insufficiency may only manifested as an increase in urine volume and nocturia. If healthy people do not drink a lot of water before going to bed, nocturia not more than once, if you have recently found themselves urinate more than two times, it is best to the hospital to check the urine and kidney function.
5 patients with moderate to severe renal insufficiency often with anemia symptoms, such as dizziness, fatigue, pallor and other symptoms. Except as anemia in patients with blood diseases, should pay attention to whether the presence of chronic renal insufficiency.
6 Early uremic patients loss of appetite, nausea, skin itching and other symptoms often appear. Therefore, the above symptoms, especially hypertension, in patients with anemia sure to check kidney function.
If the body was found after a cold cold edema, back pain, fatigue symptoms should raise the alarm, do not Ying Kang medication or self-diagnosis, should go to hospital for treatment. Because of acute nephritis is a self-limiting disease, if early diagnosis of renal function under the guidance of doctors in most patients still gradually returned to normal. Treatment should not her own medication, because a lot of drugs will increase the burden on the kidneys, it may be worse.
If kidney disease and other related issues can be directly [private messages] Professor Mo Feifan

Genital warts treatment you can Daitao intercourse

Genital warts occur in 18 to 45-year-old young men and women who are sexually active population. Because of sexually active features, leading to a high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. According to clinical experience has shown that if people do not sex is generally not infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts.
After infection on genital warts, patients not only worried about the treatment of the disease, still worry rehabilitation period, because people attribute characteristics, no long-term sex life will affect the quality of life. Patients with primary diagnosis to a lot of people ask the question: When genital warts treatment can Daitao the same room it? We will be very serious answer: not the same room, mainly due to the following:
1, to avoid cross-infection
Because genital warts are skin sexually transmitted diseases, infections tend to be both partners, but also a partner in one disease, but another person’s health situation, this is perhaps partner with a third person has dirty sexual contact infection. Therefore, the husband and wife couples, one of whom diagnosed genital warts, would ban same room, to avoid cross-infection to each other, resulting in a healthy partner is also sick.
2, more effective treatment
Outpatient work we have repeatedly told “No intercourse” and other considerations for any one patient will, for the basic rehabilitation of patients will also actively cooperate. Whether it is a party sick, sick or both sides at the same time, must prohibit same room, otherwise easily lead to treatment is slow, increase the site of infection and other consequences.
3, develop bad habits
If patients with poor self-control, it is difficult to resist the temptation, there is no strict abstinence, not only easy two points 1 and 2 above occurs, the more serious will develop bad habits, not knowing sick with the treatment, the constraint could not help myself. As a disease difficult to cure, and secondly, even if cured, this bad habit in later life is still very dangerous, or could happen again on the dirty sexual contact with an infected disease.

Good or bad skin who call the shots?

Who is the master of the skin? This question silly, of course you would say without hesitation: me. In fact, you just support the skin, rather than its owner. Its owner a lot, that is to say, the skin controlled by many factors, genetic factors, acquired environmental factors, human factors maintenance, as well as your mood good or bad, and so on, more or less impact on your skin, to determine whether you look beautiful.
The quality of your skin first mother have the final say, because inheritance is the most important factor in determining the quality of the skin. This is my personal experience, but also research scientists. My skin is very good, it is no exaggeration to say that: 34 years of age, 26-year-old skin, water of tender, has no wrinkles. Say maintain it, are also the most basic maintenance done all these years, there is no extra care, but the skin is so good, my friends teeth often call me “old goblin,” I have been particularly proud to claim we have a Who skin super good mother does. My mother’s skin very well, rosy complexion, without any skin problems, and healing is particularly high. Now Mom seventies, sixties look is the look. So I look like thirties twenties, not a bit surprised.
Mystery skin between mother and daughter is also similar to US scientists revealed. In an interesting experiment on genetic skin, the skin of the American medical experts specially selected 10 pairs of similar appearance, and her daughter between the ages of 15 to 90 years old to study, first scanning their face by face synthesis technology and 3D computer models for analysis and found her facial skin laxity and wrinkle pattern is very similar with the mother, particularly inner corner of the eye and wrinkles around the eyes, the degree of similarity is more astonishing, this very similar to the relaxation and aging mode, after 30-year-old daughter is more obvious.
At the same time, also found in a study on genetic, including acne, oily skin, dry skin and wrinkles will be affected by the mother’s genes, thus genetically to the next generation. That is, these skin problems you are currently facing, probably related to heredity. In the coming years, some of the characteristics of the skin of the mother’s face will also appear on your face. This is not to scare you.
Skin problems genetically influenced mainly include:
A. Expression pattern, including plain-shaped pattern between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds and other eye pattern.
B. Facial skin relaxed state, the first position loose skin easily.
C. Spots, especially freckles.
D. Dry or oily skin, large pores.
In addition to genetic factors, the second largest factor affecting the skin is good or bad is a personal lifestyle, personal habits, the impact on the basic necessities of life have a large degree of skin. Man and a rest time a night owl, a keen sporty girl and a lazy girl lazy to exercise, their skin color and body is certainly different.
The third major factor is the living environment, every girl is a natural blade of grass, grown in different places, it looks different. Living in warm and humid climate in the woman’s skin is certainly much better than women living in harsh high desert environment. This would not have said.
And then the day after tomorrow is the maintenance of brain cells R & D personnel is not wasted, money spent on women’s cosmetics are not white, to paraphrase a popular saying their time Where is visible, too, to spend money where, where it is also visible on the mind. Of course, people’s health, mental state, will be written on the face, since the owner of the skin so much, to want to be a beautiful girl, which you can not afford to offend the master.

Diabetes, osteoporosis

China currently has about 114.4 million diabetics in the world, and showed rapid growth trend, its various chronic complications (such as diabetic macrovascular disease, kidney disease, neuropathy and lower extremity vascular disease, etc.) can lead to cardiovascular disease death, kidney failure and amputations, has become a major killer of harm to the health of our residents. Although diabetes and osteoporosis are two different kinds of chronic metabolic diseases, but diabetes due to high blood sugar, hormone abnormalities, insulin deficiency and diabetes microvascular disease and other factors, it will further damage the bone tissue microstructure, induce or aggravate osteoporosis, resulting in fracture risk of diabetes increases, it is worth attention.
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“Pig” leading position, who would exchange blows?

Pork this year really was a fire, as prices soared like a rocket ride. I do not know little friends still remember, but the Year of the Pig, oh, is not very occasion this year. Let this not even afford to eat pork Pig impressive. A time when the end of the year, signs of a little pork prices finally fall, or else really eat pork “too hard!”
As part of our lives in common pork ingredients leading position in the pig end of the Year of the Pig, let’s say those things and it is related with the Little Pig!
1. pork nutrition side write large files
Eat pork, and other meat to eat, like, the most important nature is to obtain high-quality protein friends. Take pork loin In part, wherein the fat content of about 7%, while there are about 20% protein, is a very healthy food. But if it is streaky three of pork, it is another matter. Fans pork and more, in fact, pork fat and eat up incense has a direct relationship. So remember that healthy eating pork meat is preferred.
In addition to protein, pork also rich in iron, zinc and other minerals; meat meal is also an important source of vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12. Pig iron is heme iron absorption rate, the prevention of anemia is very good, it would be a advantage pork (other meat too ha ha ha).
Draw focus:
The recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents, per capita poultry meat a day should eat 40-75g, almost a piece of meat the size and thickness of the palm of his own. Note that all poultry meat Oh, do not just pork.
Pig nutrition side finished, look at what the pigs “surrounding” the best eating?
1. processed meat products – carcinogenic risk!
WHO IARC under the processed meat as category I carcinogen, specifically refers to meat after salting, smoking or other processes made, sausage, hot dogs, ham, bacon, meat and so on, it is advised not to eat.
Draw focus:
We do not talk about “cancer” pale, where the “Class I” carcinogen only that sufficient evidence does not indicate the level of carcinogenic risk. Occasional or emergency greedy about eating is no problem, do not get too nervous little friends oh.
2. lard – high in saturated fatty acid content!
We usually eat lard relative to vegetable oil for saturated fatty acid content is relatively high, while unsaturated fatty acid content is low. So try to eat lard, to avoid excessive intake of saturated fatty acids. Some people think lard incense, especially its soft spot, then you occasionally eat a food is no problem, as long as a good grasp of the amount on ok friends.
3. pig’s brain – high cholesterol, do not go under the guise of brain craving!
Porcine brain cholesterol content is extremely high, higher than an order of magnitude than the average food, like to eat brain flower friends must pay attention to this. Although dietary cholesterol to affect blood cholesterol far below the influence of endogenous synthesis of cholesterol in the body, and occasionally control the amount of food is not a problem. But if you are already a dyslipidemia, and also eat the best for the last.
Draw focus:
As for network transmission can eat porcine brain This “form fill-shaped” argument is without any scientific theory, can not take it as an excuse to eat pig brains.
4. Eat trotters can beauty, this is a beautiful “misunderstanding”
While the trotters are rich in collagen, but misconceptions eat what make Han can not have. Collagen to break down in the body into amino acids will be absorbed, as can re-synthesis of collagen might not, it’s not to our will. So, eat trotters beauty do not fly. Plus collagen protein result is “poor health”, the body of relatively low utilization yo.
Well, today chatter so much of it. Year of the Pig drawing to a close, really looking forward to a fall in pork prices could fall again, more close to the people, today’s prices do come down a lot than before, down about 30%. After all, someone’s New Year have to eat two two meat ah, or else we may not really want to rely on a walk in the Year of the Pig.
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National Senior Health Management
Senior nutrition catering division
Senior body control management division
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What is a virus?

Viruses are small particles, measured in nanometers, simple structure, parasitic strictly to replicate for a class of non-microbial cells propagated. Viruses are smaller than bacteria, no cell structure, only the proliferation of microbes in a cell. Of proteins and nucleic acids. Most use an electron microscope to observe.
The virus can proliferate, genetics and evolution, which has the most basic features of life. Its main features are: ① body is extremely small, general can pass the bacteria filter, so the original virus called “viral” and must be observed under the electron microscope. ② no cell configuration, the main component is only two kinds of nucleic acids and proteins, so called “biological molecule.” ③ each virus containing only one kind of nucleic acid is RNA instead of DNA. ④ neither enzyme production, no protein and nucleic acid synthesis enzymes, can use ready-metabolism of living cells within a host’s own synthesis of nucleic acids and protein components. ⑤ nucleic acids and proteins to assemble “elements” to achieve its blooms. ⑥ under in vitro conditions, able to inanimate biological macromolecules state exists, and its long-term viability infection. ⑦ not sensitive to common antibiotics, but sensitive to interferon. Some viruses also ⑧ a nucleic acid integrated into the genome of the host, and induce latent infection.
Like all living with the virus, genetic variation, the ability to evolve and is a very small volume, the structure is extremely simple forms of life, there is a high degree of parasitic virus, entirely dependent on the host cell’s energy and metabolic systems, access to life activities materials and energy required, leaving the host cell, it is just a large chemical molecules, stop activity, the protein crystal can be made, as a non-living body, it will encounter a host cell by adsorption proceeds, replication, assembly, sub-release Generation virus showed the typical features of a living body, so the virus is between a biological and abiotic original living body.
From the point of view of genetic material, it can be divided into viral DNA viruses, RNA viruses, viral proteins (e.g., prions). From the viral structure, it can be divided into viral and subviral true viruses, including viroids, virusoids, prions. From the point of view of host type, the virus can be divided into bacteriophage (bacteria and viruses), plant viruses (such as tobacco mosaic virus), animal viruses (such as avian influenza virus, smallpox virus, etc.). From the nature point of view, the virus can be divided into mild virus, potent virus (rabies virus).
Spheroidal morphology virus, baculovirus, brick-shaped viruses, coronaviruses, filoviruses, chain viruses, enveloped spherical viruses, viruses having a spherical head, comprising a body sealed in insect viruses.
Most viruses diameter of 100 nm (20 to 200 nanometers), viral large diameter of 300 to 450 nanometers, smaller diameter of only 18 to 22 virus nanometers.
Virus is mainly composed of genetic material and proteins inside the shell composition. Since the virus is a type of non-cellular organism, it can not be a single individual virus referred to as “single cell”, thus creating virus particles or virions. Virus particles sometimes called viral particles or virions, specifically refers to the mature, structural integrity and a single infectious virus. Nucleic acid is in its center, it referred to as core or genomic, surrounds the core protein, capsid formation. Is the major capsid antigen and the scaffold component virions, nucleic acids have a protective effect. Capsid is composed of many discernible in the electron microscope morphological subunits – posed capsid particle. Collectively known as the capsid core and core-shell. Some more complex viruses (usually animal viruses, such as influenza virus), the outer shell further core layer comprising a lipid bilayer membrane protein or glycoprotein covered with this layer of the film is called envelope. Lipid envelope derived from host cell membrane. There are also long on some envelope spike and other appendages. Envelope and the presence and nature of host specific and invasive functions of the virus. One class of insect viruses polyhedrosis virus, which nucleocapsid protein crystals are coated to form a polygonal inclusion bodies.
Virus replication process is called replication cycle. Which can be divided into five successive phases: adsorption, invasion, proliferation, maturation (assembly), cleaved (released).

Spleen and kidney that are you understand it?

We often talk about urinary urgency caused by the kidney, spleen and stomach actual root cause in the background, “the birth of the kidney, spleen acquired as the source of” one step closer to elucidate the function of the kidneys is to rely on nutrients to supplement the spleen and stomach. Therefore, spleen and kidney is the first fundamental law.
How the recent emergence of a patient to urinate frequently, urinate 5-6 times a night, a little not wait any longer, even enuresis, urinary finished after an even stay in his pants. This is where is the problem? Three hospitals run a lot, read a lot of well-known experts, all kinds of equipment are checked no big disease, prostatic hyperplasia slightly. I felt the spirit of tired, always want to sleep late, often have the feeling of wait any longer urine during the day urination, lower extremity edema often mild, wet scrotum. Diagnosis: Tongue white slip, slow weak pulse, spleen deficiency syndrome. Due to lack of bladder gasification negative lead to kidney disease. Treatment: the “Water Shenshi, yang qi” based. Medication: to Zhang, “Golden Chamber” Wulingsan Modified: Poria, Atractylodes, cassia twig, Polyporus, Alisma, cinnamon, treating diabetes, Sang cuttlebone, a week effective, smooth urination. Continue taking plus aconite, roasted ginger, cloves Warming stomach, reducing the number of nocturia two weeks after the same side continue to take four weeks to return to normal nocturia, increased eating, emotions become especially good.

Friends of postprandial blood glucose often excessive sugar, I do not know how to pick good medicine? This article tells you the answer

For patients with diabetes, good blood glucose control, prevent and delay the complications of diabetes treatment is the goal, but sometimes Although patients attaches great importance to monitoring of blood glucose, also insisted on the use of hypoglycemic drugs, but blood glucose control will still not ideal, either high fasting blood glucose, or high blood sugar after a meal. For high blood sugar after a meal, you can choose which drugs good? Let’s find out.
Mainly used to control postprandial blood glucose pharmaceutical
1. meglitinides
It includes repaglinide, nateglinide and mitiglinide. The non-sulfonylurea drugs insulin secretagogues, insulin secretion is mainly through the sky effect, the main features of “fast opening and fast closing”, i.e. rapid onset, short duration, and therefore little impact on pancreatic cells , will not increase the burden on islet cells, small risk of hypoglycemia, islet cell function can still be suitable for diabetics. The oral medicines three times a day, usually orally 15 minutes before meals, administration time can be adjusted at 0-30 minutes before a meal.
2. α- glucosidase inhibitors
It includes acarbose, voglibose and miglitol. Mainly through the inhibition of intestinal α- glucosidase activity, delay the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby delaying and reducing postprandial blood glucose. The drugs need to pay attention to chew at the same time before taking a few meals rather than before or after meals orally. At the same time taking the drug in combination with other antidiabetic drugs hypoglycemia, glucose should be directly given orally or intravenously to relieve oral biscuits, bread, sugar and other food invalid.
3. The short-acting sulfonylureas
There are glipizide, gliquidone, etc., which is characterized by rapid onset of action, short duration of action. Usually it takes three times a day oral administration, taking 30 minutes before a meal. Gliquidone especially for patients with diabetic nephropathy.
4. The short-acting insulin
Usually short-acting insulin after subcutaneous injection 10-20 minutes onset, peak effect 1-3 hours after administration, duration of 3-5 hours. Due to the short duration, it is mainly used to control postprandial blood glucose. The main short-acting insulin analogs include insulin lispro and insulin aspart, as well as short-acting regular insulin, biosynthetic human insulin, use should be noted that generally no insulin and insulin secretagogues such as gliquidone or a combination of glipizide, while unopened insulin should be stored Refrigerate after opening drawers can be put cool place.
How to choose postprandial hyperglycemia hypoglycemic agents?
If the original does not take hypoglycemic agent is metformin or use, consider the addition of any of the above antidiabetic drugs postprandial blood glucose control; sulfonylurea drugs used if the original, then the selection of inappropriate re meglitinides short-acting or sulfonylurea the postprandial blood glucose control can be combined with α- glucosidase inhibitor such as acarbose. If the original use of premixed insulin, you can consider a meglitinide α- glucosidase inhibitor control or postprandial hyperglycemia. The initial combination therapy should start small dose, to avoid hypoglycemia.
Finally, we need to be reminded that all indications are hypoglycemic drugs in the diet and exercise are still poorly controlled blood sugar when used, so if the diet is not good, the meal is not appropriate sports, postprandial blood glucose will also rise high, and therefore should be the first choice of antidiabetic drugs strictly control the postprandial proper diet and exercise.

Talk about something that medical science!

When it comes to medical science, most people understand that medical practitioners medical knowledge to deliver non-medical professional who, in fact, which to some extent has bias behind. So, what medical science should follow the ideas, and how to more effectively carry out it? At the same time there should be concerned about what elements should go, what errors should go to avoid it? To this end, I carefully research team medical staff, and after communication with relevant fellow exchange summed up the following contents and we share. Medical science is not simply introduce universal medical knowledge and knowledge of disease. 2019, the State Council promulgated the “Opinions on the implementation of health China Action” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinion”), the concept of health, scientific way of life have become the key words, combined with “opinions” content, clear medical science is the field of medicine knowledge, methods, mind and spirit for everyone to spread this central idea, designed to train all medical literacy, basic medical knowledge to learn, able to do self-health management, and self-help, if necessary. Medical science is not only expand the relevant content around the disease, so that we should be able to fully understand the concepts of life and health, establish a scientific concept of health, in order to make the right investments in the field of life and health through proper transfer of medical professionals, do not give those who under the guise of medical flicker of opportunity, effective against interference quack, misleading. Medicine is a multidisciplinary science, medical science should follow their natural science, which is the basis, or the more widely spread, the greater the harm; should also be easy to understand, and the need to balance timeliness; a medical-related issues in the information age out 48 to 72 hours is our most attention period, then it would be covered with other hot dilute, requiring a rapid response to achieve the best results science communication. Doctors and medical practitioners are the main medical science, the “Opinions” also pointed out that medical institutions at all levels in 2022 to medical personnel engaged in science work into the performance appraisal in the past, which only reflect the medical science is the responsibility of medical workers , but also encourage employees.
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Do not think that children sleep better, sleep too much “stay in bed” will be hazardous to the health of children

My child three years old this year, next year intends to let the children go to school in kindergarten, when I could be easier, and even go to work. In order for children to adapt in advance, recently invited the elderly, so with the care of the baby, such as go to school, I can go to work, let the elderly to take care of the baby.
The weather is cold, the baby are not willing to get up every morning, I’m thinking about to go to school, can not afford to give their children the habit. But elderly people say “go to sleep can be a long body, your baby will sleep a baby good health.”
I thought, it seems reasonable, but still early, big deal and then adjust the spring after the baby’s biological clock, so babies and adults can feel better, after all, a lot of times I do not think so early.
So every morning and stay in bed with the baby, generally more than 9:00 to get up, and sometimes wake up from the bed to play phone, watching the baby in it, sometimes even holding a cell phone to play.
Every time I see the baby play phone, elderly people say smart kids, then it will play a small mobile phone. But my husband always says, this is not good, affect the baby’s health.
It seems many parents, a lot of money to stay in bed a big deal, but for a child to sleep a little seems a good thing, after all, be able to sleep a long body. Not to mention now the weather is cold, many parents themselves are not willing to get up early, let alone a child?
Plus now relatively young parents themselves are more lazy lifestyle is also no law, so that naturally do not care so much. But you know sleep late or stay in bed, not a good thing for the baby, and even affect the baby’s physical development and health to a large extent.
Stay in bed and sleep late disadvantages:
A, time disorder
The most intuitive effect is caused by sleep late schedule disorder, the body clock is fixed, the baby’s biological clock too, but if you do not get up in the morning has to sleep, then sleep at night time will push back more slowly on It becomes late and sleeping late.
The results irregular work and rest of life is listless during the day and at night very spirit of this state a long time, you want to correct will be very difficult, even in the process of correction in, there will be many problems, which will be in the future for the baby to go to school not a small effect.
Second, induced gastrointestinal diseases
After the baby is not waking up late or get up, these cases are basically not eat in the morning. To know dinner is usually at night six or seven eat until around 7:00 in the morning to start eating breakfast.
But if do not eat breakfast or breakfast will be delayed to around 9:00, then the child will be hungry longer. And this long period of hunger, for the baby’s stomach harmful to our health and may even lead to chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer, indigestion and other diseases.
Third, the impact of physical and mental development
General wake up in the morning muscles in a relaxed state, this time if some exercise, the body can effectively promote muscle growth, as well as blood circulation.
If you can not afford to stay in bed, however, it would lead to muscle, joint laxity, and metabolic function will become very poor, so for a long time, there will be a great influence on the development of the child’s body, and even cause low back and knees, waist and knee weakness appears the situation.
And because the biological clock disorder will have a great impact on the baby body endocrine, endocrine disorders, affecting the normal development of your baby and intelligence.
Therefore, sleep late or stay in bed may seem a trivial matter, but in fact for the baby’s health as well as physical, mental development will have some adverse effects. If the play phone Lai in bed, watching TV, then, for the baby’s vision will have some adverse effects, so that parents must pay more attention.
About today’s topic, do you have any ideas? Welcome to leave comments, and we communicate with, oh.
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What caused the female cause of vitiligo

I believe we are not familiar, this skin disease is common in everyday life, but many people know little about the disease, coupled with some of its early symptoms are easily confused with other skin diseases, therefore, to accurately determine who is not suffering from a
Has become a prerequisite for medical treatment, and its importance is self-evident, then, lead to
Cause of disease
What? We together look.
Irregular life
. Schedule problem is not the law of daily life, but also the cause of vitiligo disease. Many women irregular schedule, resulting in a decline in physical fitness. Try not to night
stay up late
, Time to sleep, maintain adequate rest, avoid over exertion.
Second, cosmetics stimulation. With more female friends than male skin care products and cosmetics. Most skin care products and cosmetics are mostly still contain chemicals, these chemicals can cause skin
, Then induced vitiligo.
Third, endocrine disorders. Once the synthesis of melanin is affected by vitiligo white spot area may be increased or some new white spots.
Endocrine disorders
Often lead to vitiligo patients sicker. Therefore, women treatment of vitiligo, endocrine regulation is very important.
The above is about “what caused the cause of vitiligo women have” details, and hope to help the majority of female patients with vitiligo, so only identify the cause of vitiligo caused to
Symptomatic treatment
And better ensure the rehabilitation of vitiligo, avoiding wrong disease, leading to more severe disease.

Psoriasis is easy to be confused with the diseases?

For patients, a number of diseases tend to be confused, in fact, in order to achieve better
Treatment of psoriasis
The effect, first thing to know is how to distinguish these diseases, so as not to distinguish the wrong disease, psoriasis so easy to confuse with what?
1. seborrheic dermatitis,
Not very sharp edges, the base infiltration lighter, thinner and less scaly, yellowish greasy, no film scraping phenomenon dander and
2. pityriasis rosea, occur in the trunk and proximal extremities, the ribs are arranged along the major axis direction of the striae and the majority of small oblong patches, small and thin scales, most patients after a few weeks to heal, subsided recurrence, onset often a female after prior spots gradually increased. The disease is generally believed that the
Viral infection
3. parapsoriasis, less common, the surface
Scales thin
, Slight inflammation around, no film phenomenon and spotting, without any symptoms.
4. discoid lupus erythematosus, occur in the face, especially the cheeks and nose butterfly back is distributed, erythema, telangiectasia state clearly visible on the surface, which is adherent scales scales and erythema close adhesion, peeling scales visible under expansion of the hair follicles, scaly horny bottom surface has a lot spiny protrusions, duration of the course of time visible damage to the central atrophy,
Depression pigment
change. Difficult to cure, usually with traditional Chinese medicine effective.
5. chronic eczema, often manifested as erythema overlying scales, especially those occurring in the lower leg. but
Chronic eczema
Often accompanied by intense itching, skin lesions bilaterally symmetrical extent of psoriasis is relatively heavy infiltration, the surface of scaly thin scaly or not, the substrate is not silvery white, red, can have severe seepage, skin lesion thick.
6. tinea capitis, more common, there are diseased part peeling, erythema, itching symptoms, there are mainly
Fungal infections
Cause, there is a certain contagious. Psoriasis is not contagious, not fungal infection. This case can be identified by detecting the fungi.
These types of psoriasis symptoms and diseases are relatively similar.

Scrotum cause of vitiligo what?

Our health has brought a very big threat, but also a serious impact on our lives and this is even dating work,
For the cause of vitiligo to know more about for vitiligo
Great help, then lead
What is it? We take a look at it.
1, of neuropsychiatric factors. Many
Vitiligo patients
They are subject to various
Environmental stimuli
After the onset of mood swings,
Easily cause irritation and other adverse physiological body, disorders of biochemical reactions, induce or exacerbate the disease progresses. Others believe that vitiligo is a psychosomatic illness.
2, autoimmune factors. Many experts believe that vitiligo is an autoimmune
Autoimmune diseases
And may be associated with thyroid disease.
Self-destruct factor
4, tyrosine, copper ions relative lack
5, microcirculation. due to
Microcirculation blocked
So that nutrients can not be delivered to the skin site. Melanocytes to normal growth and development, so that the skin bleaching, appear vitiligo lesions.
These are above the scrotum cause of vitiligo which now have some understanding of the reasons for vitiligo it. If suffering from vitiligo, then we must be job-related and timely treatment, to avoid any aggravation of the disease appear.

Doctors advise: heavy smokers, who have raised at 3, it may be warning signs of lung cancer

As the saying goes, “cigarette after a meal is better than life,” For many of my friends smoke, puffing a cigarette after a meal before a meal about it, there really is a great pleasure. As everyone knows, smoking and sometimes cool, but in reality harm ourselves and others. Tobacco is listed as a carcinogen national level, smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, two-thirds of global lung cancer deaths caused by smoking at home or workplace exposure to secondhand smoke also increases the risk of lung cancer. Shocking data suggest that long-term heavy smoking and lung cancer has a close relationship. Smokers, if the body is a “three raised” should be alert to possible lung cancer, following the author to explain in detail:
What is the “three bumps”?
(1) lymph nodes projection, i.e. lymphadenopathy
Lymph system, we have the body, usually is not superficial lymph nodes, such as cervical lymph nodes and axillary lymph nodes, usually in the presence of incentives circumstances, there may be increased lymph nodes, inflammation is most likely a little more , there may be cancer metastasis to the lymph nodes, leading to lymph nodes. Metastatic cancer in lymph node metastasis is a region of the patient’s symptoms and the size of view. If the lymph node metastasis of oppression to the recurrent laryngeal nerve, hoarseness symptoms may occur. If the lymph nodes airway compression may cause dyspnea associated symptoms, to be determined according to the situation of the lymph nodes.
(2) projections pulmonary nodules, i.e. pulmonary nodules
Nodules, it is a small projection surface or internal body tissues. Pulmonary nodules, nodules in the lungs is growing, and it is currently one of the most prone nodules. Many people get suffering from pulmonary nodules, after the development of lung cancer. But note that the lung nodule is not equivalent to lung cancer, lung cancer just as an early indication of a hint, patients do not have to worry too much, you can regularly check the follow-up.
(3) a raised finger, i.e. clubbing
Clubbing, by definition, fingers or toes occur hypertrophy end, the end mast like comparing wooden club. Clubbing showed the first symptoms of lung cancer early, in favor of early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer early no obvious symptoms of this disease. Foreign reports, the vast majority of patients with lung cancer early clubbing, and most disappear after lung cancer surgery. Long-term heavy smoking friends, also refer to the physical symptoms of self-examination.
In short, smoking is harmful to themselves and others healthy, it is recommended to quit smoking as soon as possible. For long-term heavy smoking at high risk of lung cancer, periodic low-dose chest CT screening may be effective screening for early lung cancer. If the body is a “bump lymph nodes, lung nodules protruding finger raised” This three projections, should attract attention, timely medical examination.

4 causes of child teeth, some teeth because of disease, some not

Baby two years old this year, the body has been very good, at least rarely get sick, but recently found the baby teeth always sleep at night, it makes me more worried.
The next day checked the Internet and found a lot of Baoma say baby teeth because stomach worm, it is recommended to give the baby to eat some medicine to fight insects.
So I go directly to the pharmacy to buy some baby deworming medicine back to eat for several days I have been studies of baby poo, you want to see from the inside is not a bug, found none.
And the baby is still always molars recent night, which made me more anxious, and thought decided to take the baby to the hospital to see.
After the hospital, the doctor told me the baby belly is not a parasite, but the baby’s gastrointestinal function is not very good, need to pay more attention.
I asked the doctor, and the molar relationship? Affirmative answer given by a doctor, so I began to worry, and asked the doctor to eat insects to fight drugs on children health affect it? Fortunately, the doctor said no influence, but not be the case next time.
Now many children in Baoma is true when, because of their relative lack of relationship experience, a lot of things do not understand, I can only go online to check.
Although a lot of things on the network can not be said to be wrong, but different circumstances of different baby, not because of a few words on the network to rush the baby is out of the question to see what areas, if you give your baby casually medication, then it is It may make the problem even more serious.
What exactly is the reason the baby teeth?
One reason: digestive problems
Some babies may be due to gastrointestinal health problems lead to abnormal digestive system, the situation molars appear. There is a case of when the baby teeth before going to bed to eat more, more food in the stomach, stimulates the digestive tract, so that the brain in the excited state, which led to the baby to sleep at night time appearance.
Two reasons: intestinal parasites
If the baby’s intestinal parasites, then there will be the case when the teeth of sleep at night, mainly because roundworm always like to start activities after the child fell asleep.
And in the course of activities in the roundworm secrete a variety of toxins, these toxins cause irritation to the child’s stomach, accelerate the intestinal peristalsis, which in turn induce indigestion, stomach pain and disturbed sleep and so on.
And these toxins can lead to nerve excitability, so that your baby has teeth in sleep situation.
Three reasons: the spirit of over-excitement
If excessive slapstick baby before going to bed, leading to over-excitement or exhaustion, even frightened before going to bed, etc., which can lead to child during sleep the brain is still in the excited state, in this state, to induce the child to chew muscle movement, which appears molars phenomenon.
Four reasons: nutritional imbalance
Now many babies are fussy habits, such as eating vegetables do not like or do not like to eat meat, and so on. In this nutritional imbalance situation, it will lead to lack of trace elements in a child’s body, such as calcium, zinc, or vitamin deficiency, etc., which can lead to children sleeping involuntary contraction of the muscles of mastication, resulting in molars phenomenon.
In addition to these cases, if the child is in permanent teeth, or tusks, etc., in case there may be nights sleep molars appear. So do not think that children molars stomach parasites, if simply rely on these to determine the child’s physical condition, and even indiscriminate use of drugs, may have implications on children’s health cause more harm.

Insurance Bureau soul of this bargain hypoglycemic agents, a 4.36 yuan, in the end the story behind it?

November 28, 2019, 2019, national health insurance drug list officially announced, there are 70 drugs to join the ranks of Medicare reimbursement through negotiations to which the soul bargain Medical Insurance Bureau of hypoglycemic agents dapagliflozin, a 10mg pills 4.36 yuan, the lowest price to the world entered the national basic medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drug list (2020 edition) “B range.
Diabetes is a serious threat to people’s lives and health of chronic disease, nearly 30 years, the prevalence of diabetes in China grew rapidly, becoming the tumor, the third major threat to people’s health after cardiovascular disease and chronic disease. Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes only the blood sugar control standard of less than 1/3, at the same time, blood glucose, blood pressure, lipid proportion of patients while controlling compliance of only 5.6%. With glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and other poorly controlled, the risk of type 2 diabetes complications, the pace of development and harm, also increased significantly – Diabetes can cause eye, heart, brain, kidneys and other organs complicated by acute and chronic disease, and thus make the quality of life of patients and decrease a sharp rise in health costs. Therefore, the search including blood glucose, blood pressure, lipid-lowering, weight loss regimen macrovascular and microvascular complications of diabetes prevention and delay imminent. Based on this, SGLT2 (sodium – glucose cotransporter 2) inhibitors highlights the absolute advantage in clinical practice. Which dapagliflozin is not only the world’s first sodium – glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, is the first listing of our SGLT2 inhibitor (March 2017).
What dapagliflozin that? Why it is called “benchmarking drug” hypoglycemic agents?
Dapagliflozin, i.e. Na + – glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, is a novel hypoglycemic drugs. It is non-insulin dependent with the new mechanisms of action, with high selectivity by inhibiting sodium – glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) to reduce renal glucose reabsorption, the removal of excess glucose in the urine directly to lower blood sugar. In addition to the hypoglycemic effect can be achieved, the dapagliflozin can also bring additional weight loss blood pressure, blood fat, blood pressure uric acid, more recent studies have shown that cardiovascular and renal protective effect.
A number of studies show that dapagliflozin low risk of hypoglycemia, safety, no other significant adverse risks. FDA had issued a warning similar drugs canagliflozin will increase the risk of fractures, dapagliflozin is no risk of fracture. For urinary tract infections such drugs problem concerns before dapagliflozin of China listed studies have shown that patients with dapagliflozin monotherapy, without significantly increasing the incidence of adverse events. However, based on patients with diabetes itself prone to infection, it is recommended to drink more water, pay attention to hygiene to prevent.
How dapagliflozin clinical application?
China Manual states: dapagliflozin for type 2 diabetes, may monotherapy improved glycemic control on diet and exercise basis. Combination therapy, metformin alone poorly controlled, may be combined with dapagliflozin. Poorly controlled insulin when used alone, can dapagliflozin joint. 2019 ADA guidelines state that, SGLT2 inhibitors have cardiovascular benefits, there ASCVD or patients with HF, preferably. The guide also mentioned, DECLARE dapagliflozin studies have confirmed a significant reduction in the risk of hospitalization for heart failure and slow the progression of CKD. 2019ESC / EASD guidelines recommend: SGLT2i beyond metformin become T2DM with ASCVD or CV high-risk / very high-risk patients with first-line choice.
“China Diabetes prevention and treatment of kidney disease clinical guidelines 2019” recommended diabetic kidney disease after blood sugar is not up to metformin, preferably SGLT2i (A grade). “Patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease brain grading prevention guide Chinese adults with type 2 diabetes,” recommended in secondary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease brain (ASCCVD), the general blood sugar control target management is HbA1C 7 5% loose target HbA1C 8. 5%, or may be added with the preferred SGLT2 inhibitor (both evidence level A) when conditions.
Of course, the use of SGLT2 inhibitors to treat T2DM before fully understand the characteristics of these drugs in clinical application will take under the circumstances of each patient, balancing benefits and risks, follow the instructions correctly, ensure to patients with the greatest degree of treatment benefit!

Once infected with Helicobacter pylori, bear in mind “3 4 not to eat”, specifically what? Doctors say

Mention Helicobacter pylori, maybe a lot of people will be very strange, but referred to “stomach”, many of whom are no stranger to the octogenarian, next to diligently study the student group, many people may have abdominal discomfort , pain, belching, acid reflux and other digestive discomfort symptoms, resulting from chronic gastritis undoubtedly culprit bacteria – Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria is a spiral-shaped, micro-anaerobic growth conditions require very harsh bacteria, not only can lead to chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and gastric atrophy, can also cause cancer, so once infected with this fungus on, be sure to completely eradicate it. So we often say “eat 3 4 not” What does it mean?
3 specifically refers to eat what to eat?
1) Eat eradication of H. pylori drugs, as we usually refer to triple / quadruple therapy. I.e. proton pump inhibitor with clarithromycin and metronidazole, quadruple therapy on this basis with bismuth.
2) eat fresh fruits and vegetables: Many fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, especially broccoli, garlic, cabbage also contains substances can indirectly kill H. pylori, stimulate the stomach cells secrete mucus to form a barrier to protect gastric mucosa.
3) Eat cooked food: With the progress of society, widespread, more and more people like the people in contact with foreign diet – eat raw food, to eat fresh ingredients and authentic taste of the pursuit of enjoyment, this habit increasingly the more extensive, but raw food is the most beneficial to the presence of H. pylori infection greatly increased risk, it is recommended you eat cooked or reduce the source of transmission.
4 do not do anything specific?
1) do not eat well: do not eat on time, and sometimes do not eat breakfast, eat dinner sometimes, in full accordance with the wishes of diet and personal habits, hunger and a full meal damage the stomach function. Eating too fast, the food has not digested in the stomach, and totally dependent contraction of the stomach to grind food, increase the burden on the stomach. Like to eat hot and cold hot and sour, spicy foods, often so will damage the gastric mucosa. As the saying goes, “and from the mouth” and therefore manage the mouth is the first and most important step.
2) poor hygiene: transmission of H. pylori is mainly spread through the mouth, when you were eating together, shaking hands, kissing and other acts and people carry the bacteria most likely to be infected, so talk about health, before meals wash hands after less than a sanitation insecure dining restaurant, the family if someone carrying the bacteria should be disinfected tableware, alone.
3) smoking, alcohol consumption: smoking may result in insufficient blood supply to the stomach mucosa, thereby inhibiting mucus secretion, gastric mucosal injury. And drink it will directly damage the gastric mucosa, causing gastric mucosal edema, erosion, increase the risk of H. pylori infection.
4) do not love exercise: Everyone has their own resistance is often said that their immune system, and the level of immunity from your own physique, if you keep early hours, regular physical activity, feel good , positive attitude to life, then your immune system will be stronger, when the bacteria, virus attack these harmful substances you will be destroyed by their own immune cells, and therefore very important to develop good habits.

Why would postoperative aneurysm secondary to hydrocephalus, how to treat?

Small-year-old what Beijing is doing sales work, usually work pressure, many entertainment. After again after work, Xiao and his colleagues drink together, and when he got up to go to the bathroom when they feel the whole person dizzy, he thought that his drinking too much alcohol, but also cheer up a few steps, the results uncomfortable worse, directly spit.
After Tuwan, Xiao He felt severe headache, colleagues rushed to help him sit down, but Xiao He followed again vomiting, headaches and more serious colleagues found wrong, and quickly dialed
And brought him to the hospital.
After emergency admissions, emergency did head
, Brain arteries
Inspection, is found where small subarachnoid hemorrhage; cerebral artery
Display, the right cerebellar artery aneurysms. What to hospital after a small
Less than a minute’s time, his condition deteriorated sharply. It is a small hospital for aneurysm surgery craniotomy surgery, but after a small secondary to what has hydrocephalus, Xiao He also currently
Intracranial aneurysms
It can be said
Within the brain

Time bomb

, Acute onset,
Once the bleeding very serious consequences
Some patients will be dead before the hospital, some patients die in hospital, the remaining patients after active treatment can survive, but aneurysm rupture postoperative complications are also common.
Hydrocephalus is the most common postoperative complications of an aneurysm. Cerebrospinal fluid itself is very clear liquid, after bleeding cerebrospinal fluid affected, cerebrospinal fluid circulation system disorders occur immediately, thus forming a hydrocephalus.
After surgery secondary to hydrocephalus, in patients with acute will show increased intracranial pressure, severe headache, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, restlessness, hydrocephalus showed a chronic apathy, unresponsive, urinary incontinence, dementia , unsteady gait, etc., inspection head
Visible ventricular dilatation.
When feasible acute hydrocephalus ventricular drainage, chronic hydrocephalus mostly because of malabsorption due to widespread and effective treatment is ventricular peritoneal shunt, the shunt excess water discharged.