From beginning to end – through veins # 1101 # in the repeat Haishu doctors

People welcome Sheng, foot disease in Shaoyang, Sheng and a manic, sick at hand Shaoyang. Sheng Ying two people, the sick in full sun, two Sheng and impatient, sick sun in hand, people met Sam Sung, at the foot Yangming disease, three-sheng and impatient, Yangming disease at hand. Sheng Ying four people, and large and the number, it is called overflow Yang, Yi-yang is outside the cell. Lesson people met twice inch vein of dry mouth, disease in Gallbladder by foot, twice as large but simultaneous agitation symptoms, the disease was in hand Shaoyang triple burner. People met twice inch of dry mouth and veins, the disease in the bladder full sun, dry twice but at the same time there are symptoms of restlessness, illness in the sun small intestine by hand. People met three times more than Cunkou veins pulse of dry, stomach illness at the foot Yangming, dryness three times but at the same time there are symptoms of restless, ill at hand Yangming large intestine through. Meet people contacts than inch dry mouth four times, and big and fast pulse, called overflow Yang, Yang Yi-yang because six poles, but can not intersect chi, so called outside the cell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu Press: I understand dry, it is moving mean simply “big” how to judge it. Cunkou large veins, referring to the more than pulse position. Compared two parts, not enough to explain the large state.

From beginning to end – through veins # 1101 # in the repeat Haishu doctors

People welcome Sheng, foot disease in Shaoyang, Sheng and a manic, sick at hand Shaoyang. Sheng Ying two people, the sick in full sun, two Sheng and impatient, sick sun in hand, people met Sam Sung, at the foot Yangming disease, three-sheng and impatient, Yangming disease at hand. Sheng Ying four people, and large and the number, it is called overflow Yang, Yi-yang is outside the cell. Lesson people met twice inch vein of dry mouth, disease in Gallbladder by foot, twice as large but simultaneous agitation symptoms, the disease was in hand Shaoyang triple burner. People met twice inch of dry mouth and veins, the disease in the bladder full sun, dry twice but at the same time there are symptoms of restlessness, illness in the sun small intestine by hand. People met three times more than Cunkou veins pulse of dry, stomach illness at the foot Yangming, dryness three times but at the same time there are symptoms of restless, ill at hand Yangming large intestine through. Meet people contacts than inch dry mouth four times, and big and fast pulse, called overflow Yang, Yang Yi-yang because six poles, but can not intersect chi, so called outside the cell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu Press: I understand dry, it is moving mean simply “big” how to judge it. Cunkou large veins, referring to the more than pulse position. Compared two parts, not enough to explain the large state.

Eczema-like breast cancer can cure it? There is immediate danger?

Users recently received a private letter: Hello I would like to ask the next eczema breast cancer can cure it? Is it serious?
In the rapid development of medical technology today, cancer is still a concern and we are very concerned about the issue, I believe we all know that with the advances in medical technology, or advanced cancer can not be restrained, which is the key cause of life in patients with compromised security.
Eczema-like breast cancer is a relatively common skin cancer, eczema-like breast cancer, but there is immediate danger? I believe we are not very understanding.
What is eczema-like breast cancer?
Eczema-like breast cancer, cancer of the breast to the skin manifestations of eczema characterized by a class of breast cancer. Mainly in the 40 to 60 year-old woman.
This type of low degree of malignancy of breast cancer, the disease progresses slowly, lymph node metastasis occurs late.
The clinical performance of unilateral nipple, areola and around itching, burning sensation, red state clearly showed patchy eczema-like appearance, surface crusting or oozing plurality keratosis scaling, severe formation of ulcers.
Eczema-like breast cancer can cure it?
Under normal circumstances would not directly affect the lives of patients, surgery is the treatment of Paget’s disease of breast very important treatment, unless there are absolute contraindications to surgery, or surgery should be considered first. As long as the disease prompt surgical treatment prognosis is good.
How to prevent?
Breast Paget’s disease is a special type of breast cancer, the cause is not entirely clear, so no exact methods of prevention. From the analysis of the epidemiological investigation, prevention of breast cancer may consider the following aspects:
1, to establish a good lifestyle, adjusting the pace of life, to feel comfortable.
2, doing physical exercise, and actively participate in social activities, avoid and reduce stress factors, to maintain peace of mind.
3, to develop good eating habits.
4, aggressive treatment of breast disease.
5, do not mess with exogenous estrogen.
6, not long-term excessive alcohol consumption.
Breast Paget’s disease is a chronic progressive course, first appeared abnormal sensation of the nipple, areola and then involved. It nipple itching, pain patients, particularly in the treatment of skin disease by more than two weeks of treatment was papillary lesions should be vigilant, to see a doctor for further diagnosis of Breast Surgery. He advised women friends to understand some of the scientific knowledge of breast disease, breast self-examination to master the method used to develop a regular breast self-examination, and actively participate in breast cancer screening.

Women as old as the best thing to see here

Women as old as most where to look
Of course, the face, the face is a man as old as the most intuitive performance, and not just look old face wrinkles, as well as depression, less pronounced characteristics of the old faces are what it
Wrinkles, his face will be a variety of wrinkles, when we climbed the first wrinkles of his face, no doubt, you have to join the ranks of the anti-wrinkle family. The most obvious wrinkles from top to bottom is mainly forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, tear trough, nasolabial folds, marionette lines
Marionette lines.
: Also refers forehead wrinkles. Some are born, mostly stripes, arising acquired forehead wrinkles and facial expressions relationship is relatively large, do not always deliberately forehead lift, eyelid for people with muscle weakness must be promptly corrected, otherwise it will increase the wrinkles.
Frown lines
: More common expression lines to prevent frown lines, should maintain a happy mood, do not frown smug, do not often frown, frown lines or prone.
Crow’s feet
: That is eye wrinkles, prevent wrinkles, do not often laugh, get rid of blind eyes to see things or lying down reading a book, often Rouyan bad habits. Daily, apply some eye cream can prevent the production of crow’s feet.
Tear trough
: Due to the lower edge of the diaphragm orbital soft tissue atrophy, sagging generated. Tears ditch the common eye skin is thinner person will be relatively more pronounced.
Nasolabial folds
: Nasolabial folds produced mostly facial expressions too rich or relaxation leads to skin aging. Once nasolabial folds produce, have a significant impact on the image of the face, giving the impression of aging.
Marionette lines
: Also known as marionette lines. Often appear deep in the altercation outside the arc depression, caused by aging feel even more strongly. Formed under the face muscles, such as gravity and genetics combined effects of several factors.
, Facial depression
. Such as sunken cheeks, sunken forehead, temples depression, will make his face look no spirit, no feeling of vitality. Also often overlooked as an important part of

Eye socket. Orbital depression, people will look very old feeling, a lot of people will shrink fat orbital position began after entering the age of thirty
Gradually causing sunken eye
Facial looks become haggard, old. Sunken eyes of many people
Mainly due to less natural subcutaneous fat, eyelid surgery, and too much fat and other causes of aging. Slim figure, larger overuse and people are more prone to eye.
, Sagging face.
If the whole face contour feeling bad, it will be very significant old, such as full face drooping, double chin, sagging Apple muscle displacement, and even some deeper nasolabial folds, lips and facial wrinkles deepen sagging are all about.
Bags under the eyes
Also very significant feature of the old one, in fact, there are a lot of people to remove bags under the eyes of young people, because they lower eyelid lower eyelid tissue aging, such as skin, orbicularis muscle relaxation, orbital fat herniation caused hypertrophy. The main problem caused by bulging bags under the eyes, is an old ugly look, but also gives a sense of malaise of the spirit.
Eyebrow drooping
This is a part of many people will be ignored, can lead to sagging eyebrow triangle eyes, drooping facial features give people a very serious sense of old.
Upper eyelid skin laxity
May cause eye firming no sense, eyelid lines disappear, or put a little eye, eyelid multi-layered pleated and so on.
Of course, a person look old features more than just these, but we are more common, in fact, large pores, skin yellowing poor performance is the face of aging, as well as neck wrinkles, is also an important performance significantly older. Be sure to wrinkle as early as possible, one day earlier one day earlier wrinkle young.

“Kidney” and “renal” are two different things: sick to early treatment, no disease Freeze up

Kidney does not mean kidney disease, hope that we can correctly understand these two concepts of kidney and renal disease, timely treatment can occur when the above symptoms of kidney disease, so early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, reduce the incidence of renal failure, kidney must not be arbitrary. At the same time the so-called deficiency symptoms of kidney disease do not crowd, I do not always suspect they have kidney disease and unnecessary mental burden. Daily life to maintain good habits, so as not to cause a chain reaction!

Genital warts cryotherapy can be okay

Liquid nitrogen (-196 deg.] C) Cryotherapy is skilled in the modern therapeutics a new technology is the application of cryogenic refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen generating a depth, acting local lesions, it necrosis, a method to achieve therapeutic purposes . Treatment of genital warts is also true, necrotizing lesions mechanisms are:
1. intracellular ice crystal formation causes freeze the cells by mechanical injury and death.
2. frozen tissue moisture freezes, cell dehydration, electrolyte concentration, cell poisoning death.
3. The low-temperature cells mainly classified into a denatured lipoprotein complexes, leading to membrane rupture.
4. The local blood circulation disorder caused by low temperature is necrotic tissue, one of the reasons.
For genital warts, the use of cryotherapy can not be fully cured. So, cryotherapy is generally suitable for what happens then? Let us follow the wart virus Nanjing gifted Ka Tian Jun, director of the Institute of Medicine’s take a look:
First, the simple removal of the wart
If you just want to control the progression of the disease, cryotherapy is possible, will have proliferative lesions occur rid of the wart. But this temporary solution, residual genital warts caused by the HPV virus, the disease easily repeated attack.
Second, pregnant women, genital warts
As the infection during pregnancy genital warts treatment prohibited drugs, to avoid affecting the healthy development of the fetus. General clinical recommended to remove warts by freezing, physically, to avoid aggravating hyperplasia. End of cesarean section to be returned to the body, and then to cure the national invention patent number 2011101665723 Chinese medicine prescriptions. Warts during pregnancy not birth, birth may be infected babies respiratory tract during delivery, causing the baby’s throat papillomatosis.

While summer oil control, do not forget to pay

Entered the summer, the heat of the sun will make the heart of every beauty girl timid, sunscreen cosmetic problem has become a concern of the moment. Xiatian Lie days after exposure, sunburn skin is very easy to grow, rise in temperature, but also make the pores expand, work began to accelerate the speed of sebaceous glands, a large number of oil secretion clogged pores. The above problems are easy to patronize normal skin, combination skin, oily skin and oily skin especially at this time, the skin will appear Maoyou, makeup flowers, shiny and other issues.
Speaking of summer skin problems, most women will control oil, sun in the forefront, while ignoring the replenishment. They feel replenishment should be a winter thing, it is not true, according to the survey, 80% of the water shortages have oily skin, but exuberant amount of oil will cover up the fact that dry skin. If you only oil control, oil and not add water balance system within the body will naturally start to continuously secrete more oil to supplement the huge loss of oil, into a vicious circle, “the more control the more oil”. Moreover, the oil production process will consume a large amount of moisture in the skin, the skin in a dry state, face a “both oil and chip off” phenomenon. So, while the oil control must pay.
So, exactly what to do, both to pay and oil control it?
1. The two-pronged approach
(1) to the oil for only parts of the T word. T-site oil glands more oil secretion, the grease is “hit.” To focusing on the forehead, nose and chin area on both sides of cleaning.
(2) pay only for parts of the cheeks. Cheeks parts of the oil glands rarely, if ever, so to be on the cheeks pay. The specific method is: the morning and evening every day toner moisturizing lotion applied after a thin coating over the whole face, plus the amount of reused parts cheeks.
2. Save oil plus water replenishment mask +
(1) selection of non-oil products. Buy a lotion or gel-like refreshing type of personal care products, be sure to pay attention to choose their own skin qualities, at the same time to shine, but also quickly add large amounts of moisture to the skin and do receive a “fresh, moist, not greasy.” Effect.
(2) strengthen moisturizing mask replenishment. Each week, apply 1 to 2 times a moisturizing mask, the skin can allow moisture to penetrate the underlying factor, and quickly spread, nourish those cells and tissues, “waiting for water,” the.
(3) direct access to water in vivo. Drink eight glasses of water a day, be careful not to drink a few large glass, as not fully absorbed, to be in multiple drink slowly.

How do breast implants fine design?

Any of a successful operation, are inseparable from the fine design before surgery, prosthetic breast augmentation surgery even more so! Many people think that breast augmentation surgery is a “rough” surgery, facial surgery not so fine, in fact, this understanding is biased, not professional and meticulous preoperative design, it is difficult to achieve customer satisfaction after surgery. The following examples illustrate about it!
A 33-year-old young mother breast-feeding after breast atrophy, always wanted to have the idea of ​​breast augmentation, breast augmentation group joined the line a lot, the group has recommended my friends, she also learned a lot of my stories and information, so we came I find surgery. She learned to communicate by preoperative belong to the conservative introverted character, she chose the armpit incision, that this incision is covert. She also wants to be soft after feel, therefore, it recommended that she chose glossy round prosthesis, preoperative try prosthesis model, learned she hopes to reach C cup breasts after surgery.
Customers height 168 / 58kg, through observation and measurement, found her on both sides of the thorax highly significant difference (left higher than right)! We need to be adjusted with different body sudden vacation.
We look for her breast width of three prosthesis. Both prosthesis pick and choose the right 325ccHP (11.4 / 4.6), the left 300ccM + (12 / 3.6), the degree of difference between the two sudden 1cm! While a 275ccM + (11.7 / 3.5) and 300ccM + prosthesis prominence difference of only 1mm! The prosthesis is a difference of volume 25cc, prosthetic prominence why the difference is so big? Because the prosthesis is a 325cc high process type (HP), it has a narrower chassis, so it’s prominence will be high! Let’s look at the breast base width 13.5cm, can accommodate width (11.4 / 12) of the prosthesis. That’s why she was selected for the 325 / 300cc two different sizes and shapes of the prosthesis! Professional and meticulous preoperative design is the first step every successful surgery!
Intraoperative immediate effect! More successful surgery requires a doctor’s technique, the surgery is endoscopically assisted approach armpit biplane done!
Look at the first day after surgery, she was soon to be released from the hospital! Look at her relaxed state, I believe she will soon return to their daily lives!

Kiwi What is the nutritional value and health benefits? Nutrition experts say

Kiwi because monkeys like to eat, hence the name kiwi; some say because of its peel covered hair, looks like a rhesus monkey named. Emerald green kiwi fruit flesh, Guoxin white, soft and juicy, moderately sweet and sour, fragrant and delicious, memorable, and the nutritional value and health benefits Did you know?
Kiwi What is the nutritional value?
Kiwi fruit is not only a good, but also good medicine. In medicine, Kiwi cold, sweet and sour, have the effect of fever, thirst, Tonglin, attending Fanre, diabetes, jaundice, hemorrhoids and so on. Hepatitis, indigestion, loss of appetite, burns, vomiting, there are certain preventive or adjuvant therapy.
According to analysis, the protein-containing kiwi fruit, sugar, acid, carotene, lutein, lutein, amino acids, inositol, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin P, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron.
It is worth mentioning that the kiwi contains a dozen amino acids, which contain ten times more vitamin C than citrus, apples and pears thirty times. Experts have pointed out, kiwi fruit is a variety of nutrients in the richest, most comprehensive fruit. Because of its high nutritional value, so the kiwi has a “fruit treasures” and “Crown Victoria C” in the world.
Kiwi mainly has the following effects:
1) Promote blood circulation: Kiwifruit contains a lot of arginine, can promote blood circulation.
2) used for weight loss: Kiwi Although rich in nutrients but low in calories. Its unique dietary fiber not only can promote digestion and absorption. It can also produce satiety. Therefore, the kiwi can be used for weight loss.
3) add folic acid to pregnant women: Kiwi is rich in folic acid, pregnant ladies can give folic acid supplements, and folic acid can prevent neural tube malformations embryonic development.
4) prevent constipation: Kiwifruit contains dietary fiber can help the stomach and intestines, remove toxins from the body, can prevent constipation, purify the body environment, to keep fit.
5) female beauty: Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and dietary fiber. Vitamin E can help scavenge free radicals and oxidation reduction photosensitive help aging, Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, the skin tender, together strengthen the antioxidant, the whitening of the skin against ultraviolet radiation and a lock there are aspects of living water protection and enhance the role.
6) the auxiliary treatment of cardiovascular diseases: kiwi fruit rich in arginine, could improve blood flow, preventing formation of thrombus, has some reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases adjuvant therapy (tips: kiwi not a substitute for therapy of any disease).
Who should not eat kiwi?
Kiwi While the benefits of a lot of people, but not for all ages. Kiwi cold, spleen and stomach, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, cold cold unfit for human consumption; young children should pay attention to allergic reactions (itchy mouth and throat, tongue swelling, severe difficulty in breathing and collapse), especially among children under five. Therefore, infants pay special attention to food, especially for the first time to eat kiwi children to be fed small amounts, even if one is not allergic do not feed too much.

Body two places, “softer”, more long live life? To see how the doctor said

The human body from a variety of tissues, organs, blood vessels make up, have a soft place to have a hard place, such as bones, nails are hard, but like the hair, the skin is soft. If you want to say about the place of life, I think the most likely is the liver and blood vessels.
Blood vessels more flexible, longer life
Like blood vessels of varying thickness as pipes staggered in the human body, human organ systems for each continuous supply of blood and nutrients to the various organs to maintain normal function. But with age or under certain disease states, vascular sclerosis will gradually appear, and then gradually narrow the blood vessel wall, blood circulation is blocked, blood and nutrient delivery to various organs of the reduction will lead to ischemia and hypoxia, secondary organ incomplete, because the end result is a human organ failure and death. Hardening of the arteries faster, shorter life expectancy. So who better maintenance of blood vessels life will be longer, in other words, the softer the blood vessels, longer life.
Conservation vessels need to start from everyday life, in addition to quit alcohol limit, low-fat low-salt diet, adhere to exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables is also very important, studies suggest that eating at least five fruits or vegetables can reduce the progression of atherosclerosis wind . Recommended red grapes, purple grapes like fruits rich in flavonoids, can play a significant role in protecting blood vessels. At the same time, oat bran, beans and soy foods are rich in soluble fiber, can significantly lower cholesterol, also played vascular protective effect.
Liver softer, longer life
The liver is the largest metabolic organ, arguably the most tired body organs, because the human body’s intake of both foods, toxins or drugs, need to go through the hepatic synthesis of nutrients and metabolic waste, the most direct is essential albumin the liver uses the amino acid is synthesized from ingested. The liver is also vulnerable to virus attack, causing liver disease. Healthy liver should be soft, the body located in the right upper quadrant. The liver appears once hardened, people also far from death. So protect the liver, liver softer, longer life.
Conservation of the liver, special attention is not drinking, then there are careful not to overdose when taking drugs to prevent liver damage.
In addition to natural aging, eating habits of life is the most influential factor on vascular and liver. Bad eating habits of life can make blood vessels and premature hardening of the liver, affect life expectancy. So we have advocated to develop good eating habits of life, stay healthy.

First discovered high blood pressure 140 and 90, do what check? Doctors lessons learned and you

According to the diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization, hypertension, blood pressure threshold is 140 / 90mmHg, whether it is pressed or the pressure more than 140 more than 90, can be diagnosed with high blood pressure. According to epidemiological research shows that about 95% of hypertension are of primary hypertension, only about 5% of secondary hypertension.
High blood pressure which harm the body?
Target organ damage are the most common hazards of high blood pressure, high blood pressure have a long-term heart, brain, kidneys, blood vessels and other damage, it has defined the blood pressure levels of morbidity and mortality risks associated with cardiovascular disease there is a close causal relationship. Blood pressure from 115 / 75mmHg to 185 / 115mmHg, 20mmHg increase in systolic blood pressure or diastolic blood pressure increased by 10mmHg, heart, risk of cerebrovascular complications grow exponentially.
Essential hypertension need to check what to do?
If this is the first time found that high blood pressure, due to the usual not know the specific time of onset and duration of disease, and whether associated with target organ damage, it may be necessary to check will be relatively large, and can check the following:
1. Physical Examination
Non-invasive physical examination on the body, easy to operate, help to find clues secondary hypertension and target organ damage cases, it can be a priority inspection items. Physical examination including: correct measurement of blood pressure and heart rate; measuring the body mass index, waist circumference and hip circumference; observe other symptoms and signs with or without secondary factors; auscultation of the carotid artery, thoracic aorta, abdominal artery and femoral artery without noise; comprehensive cardiopulmonary check; check abdomen for enlarged kidneys or lumps; check limbs arterial pulse neurological signs and the like.
2. blood tests
Blood tests including liver and kidney function, blood lipids, enzymes, blood glucose and electrolytes, the purpose of inspection is to assess whether the patient has renal target organ damage, whether diabetes and hyperlipidemia, myocardial damage and whether there are potassium, sodium levels how can the selection of antihypertensive drugs, the rational development of comprehensive treatment program to help.
3.24 hours ABPM
There are types of hypertension dipper and non-dipper and dipper anti etc. Different types of hypertensive blood pressure peak is not the same day, in order to choose a more suitable antihypertensive drug administration time, it is proposed to do 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring to understand the day fluctuations in blood pressure.
4. ECG or Holter
Blood pressure greater harm to the heart, can cause myocardial ischemia, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, it is recommended that the line ECG to observe whether arrhythmias.
5. echocardiography
ECG rhythm to observe the beating heart, and echocardiography can observe cardiac structure. Due to long-term hypertension can cardiac hypertrophy, cardiac enlargement, or even valvular regurgitation can seriously reduce cardiac output, it is recommended that at the same time echocardiography to assess heart health.
6. vascular ultrasound
The carotid artery, coronary and other major arteries if there are hardened plaque to develop an appropriate treatment. Check whether the retinal artery lesions may reflect the small blood vessels eye conditions.
General principle of treatment of hypertension for the control of blood pressure, protect the target organ function, so check should evaluate these target organs whether the lesion appeared for the purpose of inspection in addition to the examination, it can also be a blood, urine, blood homocysteic acid, urine protein measurement, CT and even coronary angiography, and may be selected according to economic conditions.

He had urinary stones, but also lovemaking it?

Weekly clinic stone patients is one of the most population, various sizes of stones, staghorn stones, small stones, kidney stones crystallization …… various different parts of the kidney, ureter stones, bladder stones …… different size, different positions of the stones, very different treatments. However, some patients often have this, after consultation finish condition, taking advantage of the office no one sneaks in, shut the door and whispered: Doctor, I got this stone, it also had that thing? “That thing?” I smile, inform the patient, not only before, but also too often, patients will be smiling, satisfied out of the consulting room.
How long have these patients, what kind of stone it? In patients with urinary tract stones, some stone patients without surgery, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is not necessary, only oral medication, exercise, drinking water, etc. can be discharged stones, the above stated patients is also these patients, such patients usually have the following characteristics: first, small stones, stones typically 6 mm or less in diameter, and more regular shape, circular or oval; Second is that these do not cause severe urinary tract stones obstruction, that did not cause severe kidney and ureter expansion of water; the last is yet stones cause severe pain and discomfort and other symptoms, if the stones caused renal colic, you need to first be pain and other symptomatic treatment. So this got stones, can also be had, even more than to married life, my lip is Xiao Ming doctors, brain-hole wide open it? Really is not, this is science-based, foreign busybodies, it really is true twenty-eight through rigorous study of the role of sex in the row of stone in science. In this study, patients suffering from less than 6mm distal ureteral calculi were randomly divided into three groups, through at least three times per week life first set, a second set of row of stone only oral medication, only the third group pain symptomatic treatment. The results showed that, after 2 weeks, stone discharge rate of the first group up to 83.9%, taking row of stones of the stone pharmaceutical discharge was 47.6%, while the third group stone discharge rate of the control group was 34.8%. Therefore, for small stones in the ureter, sex life can improve and speed up the stone expulsion rate increase row of stone, of the reasons, I do not need to repeat it. Had urinary stones partners, is still hesitant, you know, quick action bar.

The first in the world, we do not want to!

A first in the world, we do not want to! China issued new esophageal cancer each year more than 30 million people, accounting for more than half of the world, about 29 million deaths per year, is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths Chinese people. The incidence of mortality is a true world first! Today there are two patients to seek treatment, they are 50 years old, prime of life, a man and a woman, but recently there have been swallowing discomfort, a sense of obstruction, do the checks are prompted to esophageal cancer! There are several important reasons for esophageal cancer, is a nitrite in foods, it is important to carcinogens, and that is that we like to eat pickles, pickled products and dishes overnight habits! The second is to eat hot food, such as eating hot noodles and kung fu tea so will result in burns of the esophagus, esophageal cancer and becoming. The third is smoking and heavy drinking, these are likely to cause esophageal cancer! Esophageal cancer is a preventable cancer, we have seen an eight people, six have died of esophageal cancer, have seen a few brothers died of esophageal cancer, three generations have died of esophageal cancer! The first in the world, we really do not want to! Change our eating habits, do not eat pickles, do not smoke, we Chinese people can destroy esophageal cancer! Esophageal cancer can lead to serious patient unable to swallow, the patient finally starved to death, very poor! Early esophageal cancer to be a minimally invasive surgery to cure it! More than 40 years old to enter high risk of various cancers! Note that only physical examination in order from cancer! General physical examination can not guarantee our health! More than 40 years of age physical examination every two years under the premise of routine physical examination, chest ct and make a gastroscopy! Please pay attention to the conscience of the doctor’s advice! Enjoy a happy and healthy life! I click on the top concerns for more disease prevention knowledge. Welcome to comment, forwarding [Baoquan] [Baoquan] [Baoquan]